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Top 10 Best Places for Chicken Wings in USA in 2022

Chicken Wings is an internationally acclaimed delicacy. It is a healthy and cost effective alternative for beef and beef products. It is also easy to prepare in the home environment, delicious, and recommended for both children and adults. If you are a resident of the United States (US) or travel to the US often and want to enjoy a delicious bowl of Chicken Wings with family and or friends, here are our picks of the top 10 best places for Chicken Wings in USA in 2022 that you should consider visiting

10. East Village Grille – Tiger Wings

Do you like chicken wings? If you happen to be in Asheville, North Carolina, East Village Grille is a leader in the hospitality industry in the area, with its mouth-watering Tiger Wings being one of the most sought after delicacies in the region. Even though traditional, these breaded, deep fried and sauced chicken wings are succulent. They are also delicious, affordable, and therefore, are a perfect treat for enjoying with family and or colleagues for lunch, a special occasion, and or during your night out.

9. The Peanut – Buffalo Chicken Wings

Originally known as Speakeasy, The Peanut is not only the oldest bar and grill in Kansas City, but is also known and loved for the peppery, Buffalo sauce smothered chicken wings that it has served since 1933. These massive wings are delicious. They are also crunchy, filling, and go well with homemade sauces and servings such as blue cheese. If you dine out often and happen to be in Kansas City, Missouri for the holiday, you will enjoy a memorable experience in this one-of-a-kind chicken wing eatery.

8. Parrot’s Cay Tavern and Grill – Shark Wings

The famous Shark Wings served at Parrot Cay Grill and Tavern in North Dakota are delicious fried chicken wings dipped in the restaurants special shark sauce. This cross between barbecue and buffalo sauce is tasty and works well with the butter and vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce used while frying the chicken wings. This Parrot’s Cay special is among the best.

7. Sun Tung – Dry-Fried Chicken Wings

San Francisco’s San Tung restaurant is a nationally acclaimed eatery, famous for its dry-fried wings These protein rich wings are crispy, sauteed in spicy and delicious garlic sauce, and come served in wet and juicy gravy that many chicken wing lovers crave.

6. Blue Duck Company – General Tso Wings

Many people know and love Pennsylvania for it stunning sites and welcoming populace. However, did you know that it is also home to good quality eateries in the United States, with establishments such as Blue Duck in Home Avenue, Philadelphia being one of the best go-to places for delicious chicken wings? Apart from its unique sandwiches, cheese creations, and burgers, its no breaded crispy and spicy General Tso Wings are popular among locals and visitors. Whether you order with wasabi blue cheese or the restaurants sweet caramel and ginger sauce, you will have a memorable experience overall.

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5. Duff’s Famous Wings – Hot Wings

Duff’s Famous Wings is a family owned and operated restaurant in Amherst, New York that has served authentic Buffalo wings since its inception in 1969. Branded as the hottest and the best hot wings in United States, these golden fried Buffalo-style chicken wings and crispy and come marinated in spices and peppers that offer sauce-less perfection.

4. Crack Sauce Wings – Roo Bar, Denver, Colorado

If you travel often, the Roo Bar in Denver Colorado is one of the top 10 best places for Chicken Wings in USA in 2022 to visit. Clean and lively, this bar hosts hundreds of natives and visitors monthly, many of which cannot get over its fan-favorite Crack Sauce Wings treat. These wings are medium hot with honey and garlic. They are also crunchy, delicious, and prepared using a special recipe, which offers value for money. Whether you are with friends and or family, you will have a filling experience here.

3. Charlie’ Bar – Hot Wings

Boasting as one of the best eateries in New Jersey, Charlie’ Bar in Somers Point in home to delicious, tender, and saucy hot wings served with fresh celery and homemade blue cheese. Even though deep-fried, these wings are succulent and have smoky charred bits that improve crunch and flavor. If you like chicken and heat, Charlie’ Bar is a must-visit eatery.

2. J.Timothy’s – Dirty Wings

J.Timothy’s is a tavern in Plainville Connecticut best known for its Dirty Wings specialty. While this name sounds unappealing, these fried, sauce-marinated, and re-fried chicken wings are crunchy and seasoned using delicious sauces and flours.

1. Pok Pok – Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Wings

For chicken wing lovers, Pok Pok in Portland Oregon is the best place for eating chicken wings in the US in 2022. Founded by Andy Ricker in 2022, this one-of-a-kind Thai restaurant serves delicious Vietnamese chicken wings prepared using fresh and natural Amish chicken that is marinated in sweet fish sauce then caramelizes in garlic. You will like it here.


Andy Ricker, Denver, Missouri

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