Top 10 Best Plastic Cutting Boards in 2022 Reviews

Every home or professional chef knows the benefits of a quality cutting board. A good cutting board should be made of eco-friendly materials and feature a highly functional cutting surface. Such cutting boards can add a personal touch to your kitchen and allow you to cook in style. The following are reviews of some of the best cutting boards and which you should consider when looking for the Best Plastic Cutting Boards.

10. MIU Flexible-Cutting Board-Best Plastic Cutting Boards


The product comes in a pack of 5 flexible cutting boards measuring 15”x11”. They are color coded to prevent any cross contamination of foods. You will get them as blue, yellow, red, white, and green. The boards curl easily for easier transfer of foods to pans or even bowls. They are also safe in dishwashers and easier to store.

9. Microban Anti-microbial Cutting Board Lime Green


Microban Cutting Board by Uniware is a perfect cutting board for any health conscious person. The cutting board is a dish washer safe , which actually features a firm and a soft grip with a handle. The cutting board is reversible and you can, therefore, use it on both sides. It is also nonabsorbent and nonporous. Its rubber grips prevent slipping on the countertops. This cutting board will not dull your knives or juice collecting groove. Furthermore, the manufacture makes it with a material that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and stains, mildew and molds. It measures 11.5”x8” and green in color.

8. Antimicrobial Cutting Board Set sterilization


By purchasing this cutting board, you will reduce the time you spend on sanitizing your cutting board. It contains natural antibacterial compounds free from “endocrine disruptors” and other harmful chemicals. The cutting board comes in several colors like blue for seafood, green for fruits and vegetables and orange for meat. By purchasing the several types you will avoid cross contaminating your family meals. The board is suitable when preparing your baby’s meal or meals for any other person with lower immunity. They have grooves around the edges to prevent juice losses.

7. Vikalis Premium Silicone Cutting Board


This board has a stunning quality. It’s made of the highest quality and the purest silicon in the market. It is thick and also beautiful. Any time you use Vikalis Premium Silicone Cutting Board to prepare your meals you will realize many other benefits.

6. Dishwasher Safe Cutting Board Set With Non- Slip Feet and Deep Drip Juice Groove


Unlike some other cutting boards on the market, the cutting board will never warp or degrade in a dishwasher. It is very light and durable since it’s made to last a lifetime. It’s available in 3 different sizes suitable when cutting meat, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, it won’t dull your knives and its rubber feet on either side helps it from sliding.

5. 3 Pieces Plastic Cutting-Board Set-Best Plastic Cutting Boards


This cutting board has a textured surface which helps in gripping food and therefore your food will hardly slip when cutting. Furthermore, it has a deep groove on the outer rim which prevents juice from spilling off. The board’s red ends have thermal plastic rubber which helps grip the bench surface to prevent the sliding or movements.

4. Casabella Silicone Cutting Board Set of 4


This board’s color specific graphics help prevent cross contamination when preparing foods. It has an hourglass shape and it’s made of flexible material which makes the transfer of chopped food items easier. In addition, its no skidding backing maintains it in place. Every chopping board measures 16”x12.25”.

3. New Star Food-service 42627 Flexible Cutting Board


This product comes in a pack of 6 flexible plastic boards measuring 15”x12”. The manufacturer color codes them with different food type. Therefore they come in green, red, blue, white and brown color. The color coding protects countertops and also prevents any cross contamination of foods. The boards curl easily to allow transfer of foods to pans or bowls. They are safe in the dishwasher and also easier to store.

2. Stanton Trading 12 by 18 by Inch Cutting Board


The cutting board is manufactured from a high-density polyethylene which is nonabsorbent and safe for the professional knives. It’s dishwasher safe and also approved by NSF. It measures 12”x18”x “. This is also the one in the top 10 Best Plastic Cutting Boards.

1. Cutting Board Set 2 Dishwasher Safe Poly Plastic Kitchen Boards

Best Plastic Cutting Boards

The manufacturer makes this board with stainless steel. It has gray soft tapered handles which ensure comfort. The product is totally free from chemicals and adhesives.

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