Top 10 Best Portable Scanners Reviewed In 2021

Designed for students and business executive that scan many documents on a regular basis and are shopping for simple, clutter-free scanners that they can also use on the road, portable scanners are valuable accessories that come in handy in several ways. Their simple handheld design, for instance, are durable and relatively easy to use. The scanning technology offered is fast and power efficient, while their power efficient designs not only lower electricity costs, but also help individuals to stay productive when working in the field. If you have saved a few dollars to spend on a new model and want an original, high performance scanner that lasts, the 10 best include:

10. Visioneer RoadWarrior RW-LITE


Perfect for scanning business documents, nosiness cards, handwritten notes, and receipts, Visioneer RoadWarrior RW-LITE is a versatile, handheld, and portable scanner with an aesthetic plastic body that lasts long. It is cheap, perfect for use in indoor (offices) and outdoor environments, and has a novel sensor-based scanning technology that also creates searchable multi-page PDF files. Visioneer RoadWarrior RW-LITE is USB-powered, perfect for both personal and professional use, and comes with a safety-certified AC adapter that you can use to recharge when its battery’s power is low.

9. Vupoint Magic InstaScan PDS-ST420-VP


Light, portable, and with a convenient handheld design that you can use indoors and outdoors, Vupoint Magic InstaScan PDS-ST420-VP is a premium battery-powered portable scanner with a unique auto feed technology that orients a papers and or document accurate and initiates scanning process automatically to save you valuable time. Its print speed is impressive. The 900dpi optical resolution offered generates quality business-grade scans, while the built in microSD card that buyers get eliminates need for laptops, as is always the case using traditional desktop scanners. Whether you are looking to organize or archive your documents and or improve productivity at work, all you need is are four AA batteries and a bit of time to create high grade 8.5 inch long PDF and JPEG scans easily.

8. Brother DS-720D


By far one of the most advanced portable colored scanners in the market, Brother DS-720D offers a fast (8ppm black and white and 6ppm color) and impressive (1200 x 1200 dpi) scanning experience. It is portable, supports single and duplex scanning of documents, business card, and photographs; and has an on-the-go handheld design that does not require special skills to use. Once you have loaded a document and pressed scan, it will take care of the rest of the legwork automatically. Brother DS-720D is also affordable, ideal for school and work, and offers a valuable suite of scanning software that you can use to manage business cards and receipts, to name a few. You can also use them to create searchable PDF and scan to email or the cloud.

7. VuPoint Solutions PDS ST415 WM


Christened the Magic Wand by business executives, students, and office workers alike, VuPoint Solutions PDS ST415 WM is an easy to use portable scanner that generates quality and instantaneous scans without cluttering space. It is cost effective, has a contact image sensor that generates clear monochromatic and color images of magazine, documents, and photos, and has a high print resolution (300x300dpi default that increases to 600x 600dpi in high setting) that boosts the overall quality of scan gotten further. You also get a convenient standalone design with 16GB storage, a durable plastic body that lasts long, and an efficient battery-powered design that you can use in your home and or commercial office and in your dorm room.

6. Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i CLR


Featuring a powerful 600dpi sensor that also creates searchable multi page PDF files that you can share with friends and or colleagues online, Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i CLR is an affordable USB-powered portable scanner that works well with both Macintosh and Windows laptops. It is space efficient, designed to scan documents and images measuring 1-34-inches, and has a durable plastic design that does not scratch nor lose its functionality over time. It is also fast (7.5 seconds per colored document), creates editable Excel and Word files, and has a versatile design that also stitches two-page spreads into a single scanned document automatically.

5. TaoTronics Scanner


This portable scanned by TaoTronics is a handheld 900dpi model design to scan documents, images, receipts, pictures, and receipts directly to SD cards. For those that lack laptops, therefore, and or hate carrying bulky machine when working in the field, TaoTronics Scanner is a worthy alternative. It is durable, produces stunning PDF and JPEG files, and has a black theme that blends well in both office and home environments. Apart from its durability and ease of use, many people also like it for the advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that buyers get. With it, you can easily convert and edit documents without compromising their quality.

4. Doxie One


Durable, standalone, and featured in most top 10 best portable scanners in 2021 because of its convenient handheld design, Doxie One is a fun-to-use document scanner with a compact and long lasting design made of high density plastic. Its sensor scans both photos and documents fast (8 seconds). The 300dip scans that it generates are professional-grade, while its ability to scan both black and white and color, and save scans directly to memory cards makes it an ideal accessory for both office and home use. If money is a challenge, you do not have to break the bank to own this highly rated portable scanner. Set up and maintenance is simple, while the innovative Doxie application that it comes with enables you to create multi-page PDF files, searchable PDF files, and to synchronize computer scans.

3. Epson WorkForce DS-30


The Workforce D3-30, as most portable scanners reviewed herein is a well-made image and document scanner with an easy to use handheld design that works reliably via USB. It is durable, scans up to 8.5 x 14-inch business documents, credit cards, and business cards directly to the cloud, and has a travel-friendly Windows and Macintosh-compatible design that weighs only one pound. You also get impressive 600dpi resolution, auto size detection and text enhancement features that add value, and a doc management suite that you can use to create searchable and editable PDF and PDF/A scans.

2. VuPoint Solutions


VuPoint Solutions is a portable 32GB-capacity handheld document scanner with a portable Magic Wand design with a colored contact image sensor that produces both monochromatic and colored document and or image scans. It also has adjustable resolution (300×300 dpi-600×600 dpi), does not require computer connections to work, and generates compact yet clear JPEG files that you can share with colleagues and or friends on the Internet.

1. Brother DS-620 Mobile


Topping our list of the best portable scanners, Brother DS-620 Mobile is a lightweight (1-pound) and easy to use handheld scanner, with a fast (8ppm) and colored image sensor and an e PaperPort 12 SE software for Windows for managing scans. It is USB-powered, benefits Macintosh owners too, and retails for a few dollars in reputable online and brick and mortar outlets.

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