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Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed

Occasionally, most homeowners prune overgrown trees in their backyards. Others maintain intricate landscaping projects. Finally, others chop a lot of wood to heat their homes during cold winter months. To do these jobs correctly, people need a few basic tools. The best machetes, for instance, work well. Even though traditional, axes and hoes also work to some degree. To work fast and get good results, however, the best power chainsaw will serve you the best.

Power chainsaws are portable handheld accessories that have improve how people work at home. Fitted with battery or gas-powered motors, that cut and prune efficiently. They are also easy to use and have low maintenance designs that serve users for long when cared for well. Remember, however, that not all products work the same. To get a reliable chainsaw with a professional-grade design, the 10 brands we have listed work the best. They are durable. They are also powerful and have versatile designs that you will enjoy using.

10. Redback E214C

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 1

Power chainsaws are popular household and commercial accessories that have improved how people work. To get a lightweight and convenient model that you will enjoy using every day, choose Redback E214C. Featuring a lightweight battery-powered design (40 volts), you can move it around easily whenever you are working. The powerful brushless motor that it uses, on the other hand, makes light work of most cutting jobs. You can use it to cut both dry and wet wood, for instance. It is also one of the best products for clearing small stumps from yards.

Do not let the simplicity of this power chainsaw to fool you. You get a powerful and feature-rich accessory with premium components. It chain and bar, for instance, are stable and durable. With an average speed of 33feet speed per second, its chain is one of the most powerful among battery-powered chainsaws. Forget about it sticking and or dipping in power whenever it is in use. You also get an automated chain and bar lubricator and a large 160ml oil tank that keep it running well for long.


  • Durable bar and chain
  • 33feet per second average speed
  • Large 160ml oil tank
  • Portable cordless design
  • Battery-powered design (40 volts)


  • None

9. Black & Decker LCS1240

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 2

Most of us like the Black and Decker brand. Since its inception over 106 years ago in Baltimore Maryland, it is currently a household name in the tools industry. The power chainsaws in its arsenal are also among the best with Black & Decker LCS1240 topping the list. Buy yours to get a lightweight saw with a low kickback bar (12-inches) and chain (Oregon).

Powered by an efficient 40-volt lithium battery, it has a light and portable design that people like. You do not have to worry about cables that often lower the experience of people. Chain and tension adjustments are fast and easy (tool-less). Finally, because this power chainsaw has an automated oiling system, it works efficiently for long. Forget about it overheating or jamming as some models often do.


  • Low kickback chain and bar
  • Automatic oiling system
  • 40-volt lithium battery
  • Durable Oregon chain
  • Portable design (lightweight)
  • Tool-free chain tensioning


  • Poor quality oil pump (jams often)

8. Black & Decker LCS1020

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 3

Even though slightly smaller than the Black & Decker LCS1240 chainsaw reviewed herein, Black & Decker LCS1020 is a powerhouse. Fitted with a low-kickback 10-inch bar, for instance, you can maneuver it easily without worrying about injury. The Oregon chain that it uses is also durable. It cuts through both dry and wet wood like butter.

All power chainsaws need a source of power to work. Unlike the inconvenient corded ones that some people have, this one uses a light 20-volt lithium battery. It handles light to medium-heavy duties well. It also has a portable design with an array of innovative features that improve its performance.

The tool free blade tensioning system that this power chainsaw has, for instance, is convenient. You can customize its performance easily. It also has a stable bale handle (wrap-around) for easier control. Finally, you get a larger in-built oil container with a clear window for monitoring its level.


  • Tool-free blade tensioning
  • Large oil reservoir (with clear window)
  • Stable bale handle (wrap-around)
  • Low-kickback 10-inch bar
  • Durable Oregon chain
  • 20-volt lithium battery


  • Faulty oiler

7. Sun Joe SWJ701E

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 4

Many people know Sun Joe because of the best lawn mowers that it has made over the years. However, it is also popular in the power chainsaws niche with its products ranked among the most popular. If you have a few dollars, for instance, Sun Joe SWJ701E is a good option. It is lightweight. You also get a powerful tool that cuts, trim, and hedges better than most expensive models. The secret lies in its quality design.

Have you wasted money on a low-powered chainsaw that has failed to meet your needs? You will like Sun Joe SWJ701E. Even though cheap, for instance, the self-lubricating 18-inch chain that it uses is one of the best. It is durable. Because of its powerful design, it also cuts most types of materials swiftly. You also get an ergonomic handle that boosts its maneuverability whenever you are working.

Sun Joe SWJ701E, unlike some power saw, is a safe accessory. Its blade, for instance, has a guard that protects you from slicing your fingers whenever you are working. It also has a low kickback brake that lowers the risk of accidental injuries further. You will like this saw.


  • Self-lubricating 18-inch chain
  • Low-kickback brake
  • Well-placed hand guard
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Loose chain

6. Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 5

When it comes to heavy-duty cutting and pruning jobs, nothing works as well as a gas-powered chainsaw. Even though loud, for instance, Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a dependable accessory. Powered by a 60.3cc two-stroke X-torque engine, for instance, its performance is impressive. You can use it to cut large branches or trees for long without worrying about it overheating. It also has a dependable low maintenance design that serves users for long.

The high torque self-lubricating chain (20-inches) that this chainsaw uses handles heavy-duty jobs well. Made of durable steel, it does not kink easily. Overheating and jamming are non-issues. Finally, the side mounted chain tensioner that it comes with is easy to use during maintenance. Husqvarna 460 Rancher also has a low kickback bar (20-inches) and a forged three-piece crankshaft that lasts long.

Gas powered chainsaws have a bad reputation of polluting the environment. This is not the case with Husqvarna 460 Rancher. Even though louder than most battery-powered design, its CARB compliant design is safe for day-to-day use. It also burns fuel efficiently to lower environmental pollution whenever you are working.


  • Low kickback bar (20-inches)
  • Self-lubricating chain (20-inches)
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • CARB compliant design
  • Forged three-piece crankshaft
  • 60.3cc two-stroke X-torque engine


  • Loud
  • Somewhat heavy

5. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 6

Are you shopping for an efficient day-to-day chainsaw that you can use comfortably at home? WORX WG304.1 is an advanced 4HP model with a dependable emission-free design. Powered by a 15-amp electrical motor, it is quiet. It also has a powerful design that handles light to medium cutting and pruning jobs well.

In addition to its powerful motor, many people like the durable chain that this chainsaw uses. Fitted with a patented auto tensioning system, it does not slip as some low-grade models often do. It is also durable, oils automatically, and works well with the 18-inch bar that it comes with to maximize the experience of users. With one, thus, you will work fast and efficiently with minimal effort.

Are you tired of using the heavy chainsaw in your possession? With this model, you get a lightweight accessory that you will enjoy using for long. It also has a well-balanced body that you can maneuver effortlessly whilst working. Finally, the advanced chain brake technology that it uses maximizes the safety of users.


  • 15-amp electrical motor
  • Powerful system (4HP)
  • 18-inch low kickback bar
  • Patented auto tensioning system
  • 2-year warranty (limited)
  • Fully assembled design
  • Advanced chain brake technology


  • Parts unavailable

4. Earthwise CS30016

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 7

Earthwise CS30016 is a durable power chainsaw with a reliable 12-amp motor. Perfect for day-to-day use, it is a fun device. It is light, for instance, you do not have to worry about back and or joint pains after use. The 16-inch chain that it uses, on the other hand, is ever sharp and has a tool-less tension system that works well. You do not have to worry about it slacking and or falling off as you work. Finally, the 12-inch low kickback bar that you improves the stability of this chainsaw.

To cut and prune well, the chainsaw that you use should be as efficient as possible. You should also buy a model that you can use effortlessly devoid of your skill level. Earthwise CS30016 is one such product. Its low profile design is very easy to use. You do not have to struggle to manoeuvre it, as some models often require. The automated oiling system also keeps its chain working at its peak by lowering friction.

With Earthwise CS30016, you do not sacrifice safety in any way. The safe blade tip that it has, for instance, lowers the risk of injuries. Each chainsaw also comes with a free blade cover (plastic) that comes in handy during storage.


  • Low kickback 12-inch bar
  • Portable low profile design
  • Durable 16-inch chain
  • Comfortable handle
  • Plastic blade cover
  • Automated oiling system
  • Safe blade tip


  • Loose fitting cog

3. Remington 41AZ52AG983

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 8

Remington has many quality ironing boxes and ironing boards that people love. Its stars, however, is its line of power chainsaws. If you are shopping for a new model, Remington 41AZ52AG983 will serve you well. Its lightweight design is perfect for limbing and trimming. You can also use it to split woods for fireplaces without lowering its value over time.

Even though power is not one of its major strengths, its efficiency is. It is all about working smart, not hard. The 14-inch bar and chain that it uses, for instance, have low kickback designs that users like. With one, thus, you will work efficiently for long, albeit at a slower pace. The 8-amp electrical motor that it uses is also durable and recommended for heavy duty cutting or pruning.

To keep its blade working efficiently for long, Remington 41AZ52AG983 uses an efficient push button oiler. This system does not waste oil nor fail as often as some automated models do. Off the box, you also get a full-assembled chainsaw with an external chain tensioner that works well.


  • Fully assembled chainsaw
  • Efficient push button oiler
  • 14-inch bar and chain
  • Lightweight design
  • 8-amp electrical motor


  • Chain loosens occasionally

2. WORX WG303.1

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 9

WORX WG303.1 is a powerful 3.5-horsepower electric chainsaw with a 14.5 amp motor. If you have a wooded yard that you prune often or wood that you split often, it is an ideal product to have at home. Attainable fully assembled, this chainsaw comes ready to use. It is also durable and has premium parts that boost its value.

The chain that it uses, for instance, is a durable 16-inch model that handles abuse well. It is powerful. It also has an ergonomic design with ever-sharp teeth that cut both dry and wet wood well. Finally, you get auto chain lubrication and an auto chain tensioner. These make sure that this chainsaw is working optimally at all times.


  • Durable 16-inch chain
  • Auto chain tensioner
  • Auto chain lubrication
  • Low kickback bar (16-inches)
  • Comfortable handle
  • 14.5 amp motor (3.5HP)


  • Oversized chain adjuster knob
  • Uses a lot of oil

1. Remington RM1025SPS

Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws Reviewed 10

According to our review, Remington RM1025SPS pole saw combo is currently the best power chainsaw for personal and commercial use. It is an affordable accessory. If money is an issue, consider buying one. It also has a detachable 2-in-1 design with a heavy-duty chain and bar (10-inches each).

Designed to handle the toughest of cutting jobs effortlessly, Remington RM1025SPS is a durable accessory. Instead of gas, it uses an efficient 8-amp electric motor that never disappoints. You will enjoy using one daily.


  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Efficient 8-amp electric motor
  • Detachable 2-in-1 design
  • Heavy-duty chain and bar
  • Detachable pole


  • Faulty safety trigger


Power chainsaws play an integral part in homes. To get a quality one for pruning, trimming, or cutting, the 10 brands that we have listed work the best. They are durable. They are also powerful and have feature-rich designs that meet the needs of most people.

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