Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras 2022

Photography is expression. A simple tech that has become an omnipresent force, a new art form informed by technology. A professional photography camera is just what you need to shoot amazing photos of various subjects such as wildlife, sports, or everyday scenes. If you are in the market for the best camera for professional photography, then the following options are among the finest ones for you.

Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras 2022 1

This is only for the camera body. Believe it or not, this camera came out a few years ago. The big deal about this camera is the HD Video recording. For years people’s camera phones could take good photos and record video but people with DSLR cameras couldn’t record video at all. You can do full 1080p video recordings.

Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras 2022 2

10. Canon EOS 60D


This camera model is one of the best photography cameras that you may consider purchasing for personal or professional use. Although it may have some similarities with some features and aesthetics of mid-level brands of professional DSLR cameras, you can find major upgrades in this particular model. For instance, this camera is built with a stunning LCD monitor that measures 3 inches. It also contains the Live View technology feature that lets you compose an image via the LCD screen with the same view you can find when you check an image on the viewfinder. What’s more, the screen is user-friendly, stress-free to navigate and resists smudges. With these astounding features and capabilities, the camera is indeed a good option when you want to make top-notch professional photos.

9. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Another remarkable DSLR camera that is worth buying is the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. It is a brilliant DSLR camera for professional photographers or photojournalists because of its intuitive features and impressive functions that add to its striking appeal. Indeed, this camera model is the perfect option for the pros because of its sophisticated capabilities. Nevertheless, its advanced features and digital innovations make it also suitable for amateur photographers who opt to take their skill to the next level.

8. Nikon D300S

You can be certain that the Nikon D300S is another solid camera for professionals while exceeding the expectations of amateurs who prefer something more advanced and feature-rich for a photography camera. At first glance, you can instantly see its superb construction that is build to last for years, as well as the brand’s dedication to providing the best ergonomics for greater ease in using the camera. Aside from aesthetic appeal and functionality of the Nikon D300S, it provides top-quality photos that will impress anyone who has an eye for detail. Lastly, you can vouch on the superior strength and excellent construction of the camera that add to the overall feel and beauty of this device.

7. Nikon D800

The D800 by Nikon may be one of the cheapest camera models by Nikon, yet it does not fall short of exceptional features that any professional or amateur photographers look for in a superb camera. The switches and buttons are positioned in familiar and comfortable positions, which add to the ease of use that most people look for in a camera for personal or professional photography purposes. In case you are more accustomed to entry-level or basic DSLR cameras, though, you may notice there are a few additional buttons in this model. However, you can adjust quickly in no time because this camera ensures you of a hassle-free experience in navigating the different options and features.

6. Canon EOS 7D

This elite style of professional photography camera is among the best ones that you can find when you are in search of high quality cameras with brilliant features and functions. It comes with a similar frame size as your regular 35mm photographic film, and there is a smaller sensor in this camera. Thus, you can expect a reduction in pixels, which may result to minor distortion in pictures or noise. Nevertheless, you can expect an outstanding picture quality with this camera, as it continues to do a great job in improving the outcome of photos you have taken.

5. Pentax K-5

This remarkable DSLR ensures you of the finest quality results without any hassles. Its design is built with outstanding features such as the sturdy frame made of stainless steel and magnesium alloy. Moreover, the camera has a protective covering that is quite useful in securing the device from harsh conditions such as cold weather, rain or wind. The Pentax K-5 is completely weather-proof, so you can bring it on your outdoor trips. With the user-friendly features and durability of the camera, you will never encounter any problem using it whether you are a pro or a beginner in the field of professional photography.

4. Nikon D7000

One of the most stunning features of this camera is its lightweight design, as it weighs only 5.2 pounds. It also has superb HD recording capabilities and a high resolution that beat the dust in any other camera models out there. The body also feels and looks sturdy as it is built with high quality magnesium alloy for the top and rear cover. The Nikon D7000 is certainly an exceptional device that you can use in tough conditions such as outdoor events. The body is build with impressive dust seals and weather-resistant features on its buttons and controls. The impressive 3-inch LCD display of the camera also allows you to make any image playback satisfactory and clear.

3. Nikon D3X

This camera model has remarkable features that most people look for in a professional DSLR camera such as the full frame FX CMOS-sensor, 24.5 megapixel, superb imaging controls and quick shooting capabilities. All of the different features are quite simple to master, so you will not encounter any problems with this professional digital camera. The camera’s exterior is also very impressive because of its sturdy materials and construction, as it comes with a magnesium-alloy build unlike those cheap plastic used on cheaper DSLRs.

2. Sony A99

The Sony A99 is an exceptional DSLR that is loaded with amazing features including wide-angle performance, 3-inch LCD screen display and image stabilization. It also boasts of its magnesium alloy construction for the body, and its brilliant 3-inch LCD screen lets you view images conveniently. Although the camera is quite compact, you will appreciate the fact that it is lightweight, as compared to other cameras in this particular category. If not for its relatively short battery life, this model would have made the top spot in this list.

1. Canon EOS-1D X

Canon has always been the leader when it comes to professional photography equipment. What’s best about this specific camera model is its sturdy feel and appearance, and you can count on its weather-proof features. The device also has an ingenious integrated cleaning system, which effectively removes any debris or dust inside the device. The controls and buttons are also water and dust-resistant, which add to the ease in using the camera no matter what the weather condition is.

Choose only the finest photography digital camera for your hobby or professional, and make sure you look into these excellent options that will surely meet your standards.

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