Top 10 Best Quality Dimmer Switches

What is Dimmer Switch?

A dimmer switch is a light switch or control that allows individual who control the light output of a incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent light. A dimmer switch, in other words, is a device that allows people to change the brightness of an electric light. Light dimmers can not only change the brightness of a light, they can assist users in turning off and on a light without by pushing a button or wirelessly.

There are numerous types of dimmer switches:

The first type of dimmer switch is a single-pole dimmer; these dimmers are designed to control lights from a single dimmer in one location. The second type of dimmer is a three-way or four-way dimmer. These dimmers are designed to control light from a single dimmer and one or more switches in another location. The third type of dimmer is a multi-location dimmer that allows users to control lights through multiple companion dimmers that allow control from four or more locations. The fourth type of dimmer is a plug-in dimmer that is designed to dim the bulbs in table and floor lamps.

Using a dimmer switch comes with a variety of benefits. The first benefit is that is helps save energy and lower the cost of electricity bills. When you dim a light, you save up to 10% on your energy bill and 98% of energy. Not only does this save energy and help you save money on your bills, it will help you save money because you will not be required to replace new bulbs as often. Another benefit of a dimmer is that you can control the lighting in your room. This is done easily through the push of a button or through a wireless remote. Aside from just being able to switch a light on or off, users are able to choose the amount of light they have in a room.

Dimmer switches can range in price. Some accessories and dimmer switches are low in cost, and some are of higher price range. Most dimmer switches range between 20-50 dollars. What you pay for dimmer switch you will save per year on your electricity/energy bill, so the investment is well worth it.

There are many light dimmers available to purchase; they are all different, have their own features, and are capable with different bulbs. The list below is a list of the top 10 best quality dimmer switches in 2022. These are high quality light dimmers that gives users some peace of mind when it comes to their lighting situation. These light dimmers allow users to choose their level of brightness in a room as well as to turn a light on or off.

Top 10 Best Quality Dimmer Switches in 2022 Reviews

10. PWM Dimming Controller

10. PWM Dimming Controller

PWM’s Dimming Controller is a light switch dimmer controller that is ideal for LED lights or Ribbon. This dimmer contains a 12 volt 8 AMP and does not use a high amount of energy and power. This dimmer is used for the purpose of dimming a light; users have the ability to use this dimmer is order to adjust the brightness of the light. This dimmer is easy to install and use; users can depend on this light dimmer to provide soft and stable light without flickering. Users can experience a variety of benefits such as saving energy, money, and reducing the amount of times they need to purchase replacement lamps.

09. Lutron Dimmer

9. Lutron Dimmer

Lutron’s TTCL-100H-WH Credenza Dimmer is a light dimmer that works with up to 100 watts of CFL and LED bulbs. It also works with up to 250 watts of incandescent and halogen bulbs. Those who use this dimmer will be able to adjust and choose the amount of lighting they want to have in a room at a given time. This dimmer comes in white, black, and brown does not require any wiring in order to set up. Aside from choosing the amount of light they want, as well as the dimness, users are also able to turn the light on and off using this dimmer.

08. Insteon SwitchLinc Insteon Dimmer

8. Insteon SwitchLinc Insteon Dimmer

Insteon’s SwitchLinc Insteon Dimmer is a light dimmer that provides users with a variety of benefits. One of the benefits this dimmer provides is that it helps users save money of bills; the dimmer does not require a lot of energy and power, and my dimming the lights, you use less power.

This dimmer can be controlled using a remote, sensors, and even your smartphone or tablet. One of the features of this dimmer is that is there users are able to programme on-level and the fade on/off speed. Users will be able to choose the level or light in a room while being energy efficient and able to save money at the same time!

07. Lutron Multi-Location In-Wall Dimmer

7. Lutron Multi-Location In-Wall Dimmer

This in-wall dimmer is a kit that comes with one wireless dimmer, a remote control, and a wall plate that does not require any screws to install. This light dinner works with up to 600 watts of incandescent and halogen lights and 150 watts of dimmable LED and CFL light.

This light dimmer allows individuals to control their lighting from anywhere in the room; users to not have to walk to a light switch in order to turn on/off their lights and to dim their lights. This dimmer can be connected to a smart phone, Apple watch, Harmony Home Control remote, and other technology or device.

06. Lutron Preset Dimmer

6. Lutron Preset Dimmer

Lutron’s TG-600PH-WH Toggler Preset Dimmer light dimmer comes in both ivory and white to match different interior décor and colour. This dimmer matches traditional toggle style switch which means this dimmer is easy to instal and use; this dimmer takes approximately 15 minutes to set up, as it is much like a standard switch.

This toggle-style switch helps users return to their desired levels of light and can dim lights to save energy and power as well as decrease the amount of times you need to replace a bulk. By dimming your light to just 50% using this dimmer, you will be able to save 40% of electricity and extend the light bulb’s life 10 times longer.

05. Lutron PICO Wallplate Bracket

5. Lutron PICO Wallplate Bracket

If you’re looking to create an additional point of control or mount a wireless in-wall dimmer, Lutron’s PICO-WBX-ADAPT Wallplate Bracket is a great item that will help you reach the desired level of brightness in your home. This bracket is the piece of equipment that allows you to mount PICO light dimmers to your walls.

04. Leviton SureSlide Dimmer

4. Leviton SureSlide Dimmer

This dimmer, which works with up to 150 watts of LED and CFL and 600 watts of incandescent, is a dimmer that provides different levels of light based on the buyer’s settings and personal preferences. This light dimmer comes in a variety of colours; these colours include black, brown, white, ivory, and light and almond. This ensures that this light dimmer will match all rooms based on décor. One of the features of this dimmer is that it has an integrated full-range slide control that allows for precise and easy operation.

03. Lutron Multi-Location Digital Dimmer

3. Lutron Multi-Location Digital Dimmer

This Lutron digital dimmer is a light dimmer that is ideal for single-pole, 3-way, or multi-location dimming applications. This dimmer is compatible with up to 150 watts of CFL and LED lighting and 600 watts of incandescent and halogen lighting; this dimmer also works with mixed loads of bulbs.

One of the most impressive features of this light dimmer is that you can dim your light for up to 10 total locations with companion dimmers. Users are able to dim their lights based on their personal preference to save money and energy. This dimmer comes in a variety of eye appealing colours to add personality and match your room such as sea glass, ivory, white, black, merlot, and plum.

02. GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control

2. GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control

GE12722 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control is a light-dimming on/off switch that gives users the ability to wirelessly control the on/off functions of the lighting in their house. This on and off switch provides Z-Wave wireless and manual control as well as a LED indicator light that allows users to easily find the location of the switch in a case where the lights are off or dark within a room.

This switch can be installed using existing wires and requires in-wall installation. This switch can be used to control fluorescent over head lighting and saves users from walking to a light switch in order to turn off or on a light.

01. Etekcity Wireless Outlet Switch

1. Etekcity Wireless Outlet Switch

Etekcity’s Wireless Outlet Switch is an outlet switch that is controlled through a remote control; this switch is used for household appliances. Those who use this switch are able to turn their hard-to-reach appliances and devices on and off with just the push of a button.

Not only does this allow users to easily turn off and on appliances and devices, it allows users to reduce energy use and save money on their electricity bills. This switch contains a strong RF signal that works through doors and walls; it can operate for up to 100 feet in the light of sight.


If you’re someone who doesn’t like getting off the couch or out of bed to turn a light off or on or are someone who wants to be able to have some control over their lighting, a light dimmer is a great product to purchase and own. Instead of getting up to turn on or off a light, you will be able to do it easily with just the push of a button or through remote control or mobile device. You will not have to walk through a dark room trying to find the switch to turn the light on, because light dimmers gives you control without having to go to a wall switch to get the job done.

The above list of light dimmers are high-quality light dimmers that give purchases control of their lighting situation; the dimmers are compatible with incandescent, LED, and halogen lights which do not limit users on what they can and can’t dim. The above dimmers are easy to instal and use and are reliable in terms of creating a certain lighting in your home. People looking to purchase a high-quality light dimmer can rely on the list above, and their reviews, to help make a decision.

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