Top 10 Best Quality IPad Pro 9.7 inch Glass Screen Protectors

In this our 21st century, communication has gone on to another sphere. Before we were limited by the devices we could use, the people we could asses and more so the information we could acquire.

But the iPad by apple provides you with a slim, sleek device that in your hand have the power to talk to anyone on the face of the earth, access all the information you want, take pictures, make a movie, post the movie online, access entertainment and so much more. But despite all this, the device is fragile considering that one of it sides is made of only glass. Protection the in this case is crucial to avoid buying a new one or replacing the old one.

Through experience and exposure, it has become imperative that as soon as you buy you iPad you must get a glass screen protector for it. With comes the range and variety available. It makes the adage better prevention than cure a more likely endeavour.

Most owners have made some common mistakes when using their iPad that a screen protector can help them avoid;

  • Pouring liquids especially the infamous coffee on to the screen.
  • The iPad slipping from your bag or your hands and landing on a hard surface.
  • Flinging your iPad across the room intentionally or by accident.
  • Throwing your bag into a body of water with your IPad in it.
  • Placing a heavy object on the screen of your iPad.
  • The following is a list of noteworthy iPad glass screen protectors of 2022;

10. Anker Ultra Clear Screen Protector

10. Anker Ultra Clear Screen Protector

To have an industry high 4H hardness is a testament on Anker’s resolve for quality. The screen protects against scratches through its premium Japanese PET film as well. It has 96% transparency with anti-smudge maintaining your screen original HD quality. It has a high sensitivity due to the good quality material used. It is easy to install the protector through its bubble free instruction manual provided among a host of other accessories.

09. PLESON iPad Air/iPad Air 2/iPad Pro 9.7” Tempered Glass Screen Protector

9. PLESON iPad Air/iPad Air 2/iPad Pro 9.7” Tempered Glass Screen Protector

With a 99.9% transparency, easy installation, ease of use, and High quality Japanese peculiar processed glass, the PLESON offers iPad users unmatched satisfaction. The laser cut glass with 9H hardness, 2.5D edges offers high response, transparency, protection, scratch resistance, shatter proof quality and touchscreen functionality. To add it, it offers easy install stickers featuring Oleophobic coating, hydrophobic and electro coated surface that prevents particle, sweat, and water and oil residue. Offering an easy to use guide, cleaning kit and lifetime warranty making it your number one defence choice.

08. NEWELL Premium HD Glass Screen Protector.

8. NEWELL Premium HD Glass Screen Protector.

The NEWELL tempered Premium HD glass screen protector offers industry high 9H hardness that protects your screen from all manner of falls, accidents and incidences. The screen is also kept smudge free and fingerprint free thanks to the Oleophobic coating. Plus you get a bubble free, easy to install and perfect fit iPad screen protector. It provides AIR display resolution quality with a high degree of transparency as well.

07. intelliGlass HD Apple Glass Screen Protector

7. intelliGlass HD Apple Glass Screen Protector

The intelliGlass iPad AIR or PRO 9.7” screen protector from intelliARMOR offers armadillo like protection for your devices screen. Crafted with tempered glass and outer layer of Oleophobic material to provide a maximum cover for all related incidences. It prevents shock, scratches, oil, grease and fingerprints. With a 99.9% screen transparency, clarity and functionality it prevents you from wasting hundreds of dollars with screen repairs and replacements. Premium protection is also guaranteed through its bubble free installation.

06. ILLumiShield HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

6. ILLumiShield HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

The 2 pack screen protector is like none other with its statement feature being its Lifetime warranty. With a Clear Tech protective coat of Oleophobic material that protects your screen from grime, water, fingerprints and smudges. A 99.9% transparency provide HD quality for sharpness, details, clarity and improved user experience. 9H hardness and 0.33” ultra-thinness provides the user protection without the baggage and ensuring screen response is maintained. Pure placement installation method is used to prevent bubbles and guarantee a hassle free usage.

05. IQ Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

5. IQ Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Trust the experts when their say that screen protectors are essential is providing protection with a 90% guaranteed success rate. With the IQ the expert’s words and figures are fulfilled. The IQ provides your Apple iPad a 9.7” ballistic glass with a warranty replacement. An Accurate Touch technology offers a 99.9% guaranteed transparency, acuity and response for your screen as well as a 9H hardness for a shatter proof, scratch and scrapes resistant and resolved screen. With a unique silicone adhesive for easy and bubble free installation.

04. MOUKOU Tempered Glass Screen Protector

4. MOUKOU Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Protect that 9.7” iPad screen with the MOUKOU from scratches, drips and drops. A 99.9% high definition clear hydrophobic and Oleophobic screen coating provide ultimate protection. An assured 30 day money back guarantee plus a lifetime warranty is provided. To provide easier installation, prevent protector from damage and bubble formation, the screen protector at the curved edges provides some space. This is very important for a longer and more resound support and protection for your device’s screen.

03. SPARIN Screen Protector

3. SPARIN Screen Protector

Designed and developed for the neglected iPad Pro 12.9” screen with a focus on screen safety, sensitivity and multi-touch subsystem. The surface of the protector is smooth allowing the apple pen to glide on. The screen protector is explosion-proof 9H hardness, 100% transparency with dirt, scratches and scrapes protection. The screen protector is ultra-thin to add zero weight to the iPad sleek design and also help keep the iPad HD feature and high resolution retina. Lastly, it’s easy to install, with a precise cut and design to provide a hassle free and bubble free installation.

02. Anker Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

2. Anker Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Developed for the iPad Pro with precise, laser cut dimensions to give maximum protection for your touch screen surface. It’s easy to install with the unique hinge method used to avoid bubble development. Its ultra-high 9H hardness which is conveniently harder than a knife, provides your screen with protection form scratches. A 96% transparency and provided by the 0.3” Oleophobic coated surface to retain sensitivity and HD viewing experience. It comes also with an alcohol wipes, micro fibre cloth, 3 position stickers, dust removal stickers, bubble removal card, 2 home button stickers, an installation guide and a lifetime warranty.

01. amFilm iPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector

1. amFilm iPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The amFilm is not only state-of-the-art but also uncompromisingly screen protector. It leaves no stone unturned in its quest to be the ultimate screen protector. It guarantees a 9H hardness to protect from bumps, drops, scratches and normal wear and tear. It’s a simple 0.33” thin material that give screen protection while maintaining screen sensitivity and 99.9% transparency for an optimal, natural and crystal clear viewing experience. It’s easy to install with masterful alignment and adherence to the screen for hassle free swipe experience.


In case you don’t get it yet, a glass screen protector is a must have. It’s for everyone with an iPad or related tablet device. Also glass screen protectors for small i.e. phone screen and larger i.e. laptop screen exist. So protection is limitless and assured for all you devices screen. However, as with all things care for your devices is still essential since there is only so much that it can do.

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