Top 10 Best Rain Barrels Reviewed In 2021

Rainwater is a free natural resource that most people take for granted. During rain seasons, for instance, most people leave it to flow freely into waterways and sewerage systems. Others let it loose on their lawns and end up corroding the foundations of their homes over time. Do not be part of this statistics. To manage rainwater well, it is advisable that you install a good gutter system at home. You should then set up a spacious rain barrel to tap water for later use.

Which is the best rain barrel for use at home? Many brands (both plastic and metallic) are available reputable stores such as Amazon. To help you to get a long lasting one that you will enjoy using for long, we have reviewed 10 of the best models to buy in 2021. As some of the best water pumps available online, they are durable accessories. Forget about yours breaking over time. They are also spacious and have freestanding designs that work well in most areas.

10. Great American Rain Barrel

Great American Rain Barrel

Attainable in gray, Great American is a stylish rain barrel with a stain resistant design that works well outdoors. Even though cheap, it is a durable accessory. It also has a functional design that meets the needs of most people. With one, for instance, you get a spacious 24×39-inch rain barrel that stores up to 60 gallons of water. That is sufficient for cleaning, washing, and even watering plants.

Do not worry about this rain barrel impairing your health over time. Made of food-grade plastic resin (recycled), it is an Eco-friendly product. It also lacks contaminants such as BPA and phthalates. Finally, because it has a smooth and paintable surface, you can customize its look to blend better with your home.

Do not worry about setting up this rain barrel in your home. Because it is light and portable, for instance, you can carry it around effortlessly. The wide 0.75-inch opening that it has also fits the best gardening hoses that people have at home. Once set up, thus, you do not have to modify its system for it to work well.


  • Durable plastic resin shell
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Wide 0.75-inch opening
  • Contains up to 60 gallons of water
  • Paintable surface


  • Poorly fitting lid

9. Eagle 1656BLK

Eagle 1656BLK

Installing a quality tank in your backyard is one of the best strategies for harvesting rainwater. With Eagle 1656BLK, for instance, you get a black-theme tank with a heavy-duty shell made of polyethylene. The material is durable. You can slam it down several times without breaking. It also contains water well (up to 55 gallons) without bursting under pressure. This is a result of the innovative in-molding technology used to make it.

To prevent spills and contamination, this tank has a fitting lid with a lock ring for securing it tightly. Like its body, the lid is durable. Eagle 1656BLK also has a wide mouth that guarantees maximum water harvesting from gutters and other systems. You will enjoy having one at home.

This drum is stable. Unlike some models that roll over when full or empty, it stays snug on the ground every time. It is also UN-certified and among the most recommended for storing water for watering applications or for subsistence use. You do not have to worry about BPA and other chemicals harming your health over time.


  • Heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Fitting lid (with lock ring)
  • UN-certified design
  • Wide mouth (maximizes harvesting)
  • Stores up to 55 gallons of water


  • Warped plastic lid
  • Bland black theme

8. Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel

Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel

Do you appreciate the value of rainwater harvesting? If you do not have enough money to build a permanent water reservoir, Algreen Castilla Rain Barrel works well. It is an affordable accessory. Even though larger than some models on Amazon, you do not have to empty your pockets to own one. It also has a stylish brownstone theme that blends well outdoors. You do not have to worry about mud lowering its value over time.

In homes, spacious rain barrels such as Algreen Castilla work the best. At full capacity, for instance, you will store up to 50 gallons without compromising its structure. If you water many plants, thus, or do heavy duty landscaping jobs occasionally, this is an ideal product to have at home. It even has a rustproof brass spigot that fits most types of watering hoses.

Made of a rugged Roto-molded plastic, this 23 x 33-inch rain barrel is a tough plastic container. It withstands abuse well. It even comes fitted with a corrosion-proof screen guard that keeps leaves and other debris out. You will not think about buying a replacement model soon.


  • Rugged Roto-molded plastic
  • Contains up to 50 gallons
  • Stain proof outlook
  • Corrosion-proof screen guard
  • Rustproof brass spigot


  • Leaky Spigot

7. Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel

Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel

To maximize rainwater harvesting without breaking your bank, Achla Designs RB-01 Green is one of the best rain barrels to use. Featuring a stylish green theme, it blends well outdoors. The UV stable polyethylene used to make it is also one of a kind. It withstands physical abuse well. You can also expose it to UV rays daily without it breaking or crumbling over time.

Even though this rain barrel looks smaller than some models that we have listed, it contains up to 54 gallons of water. If you are conscious about recycling or use a lot of water outdoors, it is an excellent choice. Achla Designs RB-01 has a high-pressure outlet for liking two or more tanks. You also get a debris screen that keeps water clean, and a built in four-foot hose that manages overflow.


  • UV-stable polyethylene plastic
  • Stores up to 54 gallons of water
  • High-pressure water outlet
  • Four-foot overflow hose
  • Cleanable mesh screen
  • Stylish green theme


  • Loose fitting screen

6. Good Ideas RB55-BLUE

Good Ideas RB55-BLUE

Rain barrels come in a plethora of designs and sizes online. However, in terms of functionality, only a few models match Good Ideas RB55-BLUE. With one, you get a quality blue-themed rain barrel made of recycled plastic. Storage capacity is around 55 gallons. Instead of letting water to run to waste, store it for later use. It also has a durable and low maintenance design that resists rust, rotting, molds, and mildew.

This barrel has a wide-mouthed design that maximizes water collection. To keep debris such as leaves and insects out, you get a fitting mesh screen that you can remove and clean on demand. Finally, the brass spigot offered fits most water hoses in homes. Whenever you are watering your plants or lawn, you will never have a hard time with it.

Plastic barrels have a reputation of having harmful substances such as BPA. This is not the case with Good Ideas RB55-BLUE. Even though pay more money for it; you get a pet and child-safe accessory with a food-grade design.


  • Food-safe construction
  • Pet and child safe
  • Contains 55 gallons of water
  • Functional mesh screen
  • Low maintenance design
  • High flow brass spigot
  • Functional drain valve


  • Leaky faucet

5. Suncast RB50D

Suncast RB50D

With each new Suncast RB50D that you buy, you get a 29 x 29 x 26-inch rain barrel that stores around 50 gallons of rainwater. Considering the paltry amount people pay for it, this is impressive. It also has a classic taupe theme that blends well in homes and a durable body made of a food-safe resin plastic.

Forget about BPA and other harsh chemicals polluting your water. With Suncast RB50D, you a quality storage container that retains the purity of water for long. This rain barrel weighs 25 pounds. During setup, you can move it around effortlessly without breaking your back. It also has a leader hose with a shutoff valve for easier emptying. Buy yours today.


  • Leader hose with shutoff valve
  • Durable resin plastic shell
  • Lightweight (25 pounds) design
  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Maintain water purity for long
  • Tight sealing lid
  • Stylish taupe theme


  • None

4. Enviro World FreeGarden Rain Barrel

Enviro World FreeGarden Rain Barrel

Purchase this Enviro World FreeGarden Rain Barrel to get a large and environmentally friendly water reservoir that will improve the value of your home. Designed to store up to 55 gallons of water, it is a spacious accessory. They high-density plastic used to make it, on the other hand, is one of the best in this niche. It is durable. It also lacks contaminants such as BPA that often lower the value of water.

Featuring a sleek square shaped design; this rain barrel blends well outdoors. Because it fits close to the wall, it also saves valuable space that round models often waste. Finally, even though you have to spend money on a new base, the functionality of this product is desirable. Its wide mouth, for instance, maximizes water collection. You also get a powder coated steel screen that filters debris well and a functional brass spigot.


  • Durable brass spigot
  • Powder coated steel screen
  • Sturdy square-shaped design
  • High-density plastic construction
  • Stores up to 55 gallons of water
  • BPA and phthalate-free


  • Leaky connections
  • False advertising (plastic spigot)

3. Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard

Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard

Christened the rain wizard, Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard is a top-grade rain barrel that ranks among the best for many reasons. Its stylish outlook, for instance, blends well outdoors. It does not stain nor lose its shape as easily as some models often do. Storage capacity is also admirable. When full, this barrel contains up to 50 gallons of water. This makes it an ideal accessory for household and gardening applications.

Because Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard has a flat back, it saves valuable space that most round ones waste. It is also stable and has a kid and pet-safe design that you can use worry-free around your home. Finally, molded using a heavy-duty plastic, this barrel does not split nor crack easily. You also get an FDA approved safe accessories with an anti-debris screen that keeps leaves and bugs out.


  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • FDA-approved safe
  • Anti-debris screen
  • Holds 50 gallons of water
  • Sturdy flat back design


  • Not 100% UV resistant

2. Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard

Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard

Featuring a unique urn shape that adds a touch of style to rain harvesting systems, Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard is a valuable product. It is also one of the most durable. Made of a heavy-duty plastic, for instance, the risk of cracks and or breakage is very low. It flat back design fits tightly on walls to improve its stability. Finally, because it is 100% BPA-free, it is safe for use in homes.

With Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard, you do not have to worry about storage. It can contain up to 65 gallons of water without toppling over or buckling under pressure. The mesh screen that it comes with keeps water clean. Finally, because it has a plantar, you can easily manage overflow whenever it rains heavily.


  • 100% BPA-free construction
  • Sturdy flat back design
  • Resists cracks and breakage over time
  • Holds up to 65 gallons of water
  • One-year warranty


  • Low-quality seams

1. RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel

RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel

Are you shopping for a new rain barrel? To get a premium model that you will enjoy using for long, RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel is our pick of the best. It is a durable accessory. It wood grain body has a stylish outlook that blends well outdoors. Finally, because the quality plastic used to make it withstands the elements well, it does not fade nor lose bend out of shape over time.

Even though most people like its unique design, the functionality of this barrel has made it a best seller worldwide. Storage space, for instance, is around 50 gallons. This is sufficient for most homes. You also get an aluminum screen that filters debris well and a brass spigot that does not rust nor clog over time.


  • Durable brass spigot
  • Aluminum filter screen
  • Holds up to 50 gallons of water
  • Stylish wood grain look


  • Leaky Spigot


Water harvesting is a common practice in homes. It prevents water wastage. It also protects homes from damage caused by runoff water. If you have already improved the gutters of your home, buy one of our recommended rain barrels to complete your system. They are durable accessories. They are also spacious and safe or day-to-day use.

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