Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021

At times getting an appointment with your colorist isn’t just possible. If you’re not jumping from one meeting to another, you’re busy making plans for your next business trip. All this while, the dark or gray tones of your roots are beginning to show, and your hair isn’t as pleasing as you’d want it to be.

But, with a root concealer in your cabinet, you will need to spare a couple of minutes of your time to make your hair look great again. On that note, we list down the best root concealers to buy you time as you wait to pay your hair stylist a visit.

10. Gray Away Root Concealer

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 1

Say goodbye to gray, noticeable roots between colorings. This concealer allows you to stretch your coloring for up to 12 weeks. And it easy to use as well – just a couple of sprays on your hair and you’re good to go.

Fast, Effective Action

The Gray Away Root Concealer is a revolutionary hair care product that promises nothing short of satisfactory results in minutes. It is the kind of spray you need to give your hair a quick touch up during busy days and still maintain an appealing look for a week or two.

No Waxy Feel

This concealer will cover your gray roots without a sticky feel. It is weatherproof so you can be sure that it will stick until your next conditioning or shampoo. Plus, its container comes with a pointed nozzle for precise application. Gray Away is available in three shades.

9. Protégé Beauty Root Touch Up

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 2

Stay beautiful with this root concealer formulated with mineral based ingredients to give your hair a lustrous and natural look. It blends natural ingredients and fill-in powder to ensure that your hair doesn’t get dull dry. One more thing, it is perfect for all hair types.

Quick and Easy to Apply

The Protégé Beauty root touch up comes with a brush for straightforward application. Just hold the tip end of the brush and apply. Be sure to start from the scalp as you move outwards while keeping your hair flat against your scalp.

Super Practical

Make no mistake about it; this concealer is efficient. It will significantly reduce your trips to the salon, and you know what means? You will save time and money. And the beauty of it is that you get your hair wet and still retain its color.

8. Tressa Watercolors Brown Root Concealer 2

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 3

This is arguably one of the best root concealers for a beauty-cognizant woman who’s always on the go. With a bottle measuring a mere 5 inches, it will fit in your travel bag without taking a lot of space. But that’s not all there is to this formula.

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Dries in Minutes

Yes, the Tressa Watercolors concealer gives you an instant cover and dries in minutes. That way, it provides a perfect solution to emergency touch ups! You may also want to know that it contains no alcohol, peroxide, ammonia or synthetic dyes, thus safe for your hair.

Does More than Just Conceal Your Roots

While this concealer will cover your gray roots, it goes a step further. It will also hide your thinning spots and make your hair appear thicker. And, you can use it with Watercolors Cocoa and Hazelnut Shampoos.

7. Rootflage Root Touch Up Hair Powder

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 4

Extend the salon appointment for a few more weeks with this root concealer from Rootflage. Available in 25 colors it brings forth everything you need to camouflage the contrast of dark or hide gray roots or both. In other words, Rootflage has got you covered!


You can use the Rootflage Root Touch Up on virtually any hair type whether you’re a brunette, blonde or redhead. It will help you rock your signature look while adding highlights or lowlights as per your preference. Each pack offers up to 60 applications which in essence translate to value for your money.

Instant Gratification

Applying this root concealer is easy, with reliable results in 30 seconds. To top that off, it also increases your hair’s volume and can double up as a dry shampoo as well. It is cruelty-free and will keep your hair feeling soft without damaging it.

6. Tressa Watercolors Dark Brown Root Concealer 2

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 5


The second formula from Tressa Watercolors to feature on our best root concealers list, this is for those in a stress-free to cover up gray roots. The vibrant, and true-to-life colors offer instantaneous touch ups. In the meantime, the intuitive spray design ensures that you place color exactly where you want it.

Doesn’t Make the Hair Stiff

One of the most common gripes about root concealers is to leave the hair feeling rigid, making it hard to style it up. However, this formula ensures that your hair remains soft and manageable as long as you apply the correct amount. It washes out in one shampoo too.

Worry Free Application

You don’t have to worry about what long term use of this concealer will have on your head. It is free of ammonia, peroxide and other harmful compounds. Note – this formula works well with Watercolors Black Coffee Shampoos.

5. John Frieda Root Blur Concealer

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 6

Blend away your dark roots with a single stroke using John Frieda Blur Concealer. It is light and virtually feels weightless on your hair. You can even mix the light and dark brown shades to customize your look. To keep it simple, this formulation allows you to freshen up fast, without fuss.

Sticks to Where You Apply It

The reason you’re using a root concealer in the first place is to keep your hair attractive despite the ingrowths. Well, this one does an excellent job of helping you to achieve exactly that. It stays right where you apply it for perfect, shiny hair.

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Lasts Until the Next Shampoo

If you want to extend coloring sessions by two or three days, this could as well be the best root concealer for your needs. It remains on your hair until the next shampoo or conditioning. Essentially, that means it is not waterproof, so you should take note of that.

4. COLOR WOW Root Cover Up

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 7

Every day is a day to camouflage your roots with the COLOR WOW. Ideal for professional use, it is formulated to stick to your hair without being oily, sticky or looking dry. And it comes with a host of benefits too.

Pitch-Perfect Results

The COLOR WOW will cover your gray roots in an instant and hide dark re-growth whether your hair is light or highlighted. With such a satisfactory outcome, it is not surprising that women across the board regard it as their to-go-to concealer.

Multi-Tonal Pigments

The COLOR WOW not only covers blonde but gray roots as well. The reflective particles give your hair a facade boost and a volumizing effect. Besides, it is water resistant, allowing you to even swim without worrying about discoloration.

3. Joan Rivers Fill-In Powder

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 8

It doesn’t matter if your hair is thinning or the roots are showing, the Joan Rivers Fill-In Powder will perfectly blend with your scalp and hide the patches. It will even mask hair loss! And the best part is, it only takes a few strokes to get the job done.

Gives Your Head a Fuller Appearance

By blending with your hair’s color, the Joan Rivers concealer, by extension, gets rid of tell-tale shiny spots that expose your scalp. That way, your hair, even though laced with gray roots appears fuller and well put together.

Unique, Effective Brush

Joan Rivers comes with a special brush that enables you to part your hair using one end and applying the powder with the other. In effect, doing so helps you to transform your hair from thin to thick right away.

2. L’Oreal Paris Root Cover Up

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 9

If you’re scouting for a root concealer that will leave you looking fabulous, look no further than this one from L’Oreal Paris. In a bedazzling three seconds, this lightweight, quick dry formula will cover your gray roots with no smudging.

Flawless Roots

This concealer may work unbelievably fast, but the results are amazing. It leaves no sticky residue when dry not mention that a single application lasts up to the next shampoo. And for those who may be concerned, it is ammonia-free.

Remarkably flexible

The L’Oreal Paris Root Cover Up is compatible with all hair textures, styles, and types. It will end blend with weaves, extensions, and wigs. And because it is TSA friendly, you can carry it on your next vacation trip.

1. Style Edit Root Concealer

Top 10 Best Root Concealers In 2021 10

One of the best root concealers for thinning fine hair, this formula is in a class of its own. Apart from covering your gray roots, it will also leave your hair looking shiny. Of course, that sounds good if you have matter finish hair powders.

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Top Notch Spray

The Style Edit Root Concealer is a premium product, whichever way you look at it. It does what you’d expect for a formula of its caliber – prolong the life of your hair’s coloring so that you don’t have to visit the salon for some time.

Firmer Hold

While Style Edit will keep your hairstyle in place, it also leaves room for it to move when the wind blows. Meanwhile, its ability to blend in with brown hair reduces opacity which gives your hair a “wiggy” appearance.

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