Top 10 Best Running Belts In 2021 Reviews

As a runner, it is quite advisable to have a running belt that makes it easy for you to run. If you have the right belt, you won’t strain reaching for your essentials while on the track. It also helps in distributing your weight evenly as well as minimizing disturbance. Below is a quick look at the top 10 best running belts in 2021 reviews.

10. Premium Running and Exercise Fitness Belt

Best Running Belt for Women and Men Workout - Fits IPhone 6 / 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4 Phones, Adjustable Strap, Heavy Duty Buckle - Comes with Carrying bag with Zipper

This is among the highest rated running belts on Amazon. This is attributed to the top features that makes it very flexible when in use. To begin with, it is very adjustable and can fit all waist sizes thanks to the adjustable strap. Secondly, it is made of polyester material which is durable and fits all phone sizes including iphone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy Note. It also features a buckle fitting system for a secure and comfortable fit.

9. Running Camden Gear Belt

Running Belt By Camden Gear. Fits All iPhones And Most Android phones. Perfect for Waist Sizes 24"-47'. Men and Women

It is obvious that you want to carry your belongings with you when running and this belt comes with two 6.7″ tall pouches that fit iphones, samsung and all android phones. Moreover, you should not worry about rains anymore since this belt is made of waterproof neoprene material. It also has a tension-grade plastic buckle for a tight fit. For visibility enhancement purposes, it is made of 4 reflector tabs.

8. FITT Gear Running Belt

Extra Large Pocket Fits ALL Phones including iPhone 5/5s, 6, and 6 Plus & Android Smartphones

If you want a running belt that fits all waist sizes, durable and waterproof, then this is the right one for you. It comes with two pockets of different sizes where you can keep small sized items such as keys as well as large sized items like iphones and smart phones. It also features premium neoprene fabric material that ensures your items cannot get wet.

7. Foot Forward Running Belt

Top 10 Best Running Belts In 2021 Reviews 1

This has an Eazyzip pocket that holds all your belongings tightly together to avoid loss. It also features waterproof and sweatproof polyurethane material which keeps all your items dry even when you run in the hottest summer day. In terms of comfortable fit, it features a comfortfit waistband to offer extra stability without any ride ups, bounces or chaffing. The security of your keys is not in doubt thanks to the key clip design and stretchable pocket.

6. Daswise Waterproof Runners Belt

Daswise Waterproof Exercise Runners Belt with Expandable Storage Pocket

Whether you engage in rigorous or light exercises, this running belt guarantees you stable and comfortable waist without ride ups or bounces. It is also made of polyester material which is waterproof hence keeping all your items dry even when it rains. Besides this, it also features 1.6″ wide elastic belt for increased comfort during exercises. The waist pack on the other hand has an adjusting buckle that fits waist sizes (22″-40″).

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5. Smart phone and Touchable Screen Running Belt

Running Belt for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus & Android Smartphones + Touchscreen Compatible

Have you ever wondered why some runners seem very comfortable you could think they have nothing on their waists? The reason is very simple, it is because of smart phone and touchable screen running belt! It can pack types of smartphones even with the case on together with earphones. It is also very adjustable and can fit waist sizes ranging from 27″ to 47″. On the other hand, all your items are very safe thanks to the sweat proof foam. The most passionate thing about this belt is that you can comfortably use your phone.

4. Fitbelt Flipbelt Running Belt

Top Quality Premium Running Belt & Fitness workout belt for women and men

This is among the favorite belt to many men and women there due to the spectacular features it has. To begin with, you can enjoy music from your phone while on the run thanks to the internal pocket system. In order to meet different runners’ preferences, it is available in two different colors and different sizes. It is also very adjustable to fit different waist sizes.

3. Stretchable Running Belt by M-Gear Sports

Running Belt Waist Pack with Large Stretchable Pocket Water Resistant Headphone Hole for Storing Smartphones Energy Bars Running Hiking During Workouts Walking Dog Adjustable Strap Fits 24-42 Inch Waists

This is a running belt that will fully meet all your needs. First of all, it has a large 8.5″ pocket that can hold even large phones like iphone 6 plus. Another unique feature it comes with is the headphone hole that allows you to listen to your music while exercising. Apart from that, it comes in an adjustable size that can fit all waist sizes varying between 24 and 42 inches. It is also water resistant thus you can be sure even when it rains all your items will remain dry.

2. SPIbelt Original No-Bounce Running Belt


SPIbelt: The Original No-Bounce Running Belt for Runners, Athletes and Adventurers

This is a sleek, secure and adjustable running belt that features both among the top rated and amazon running belt best sellers. It has a storage pouch that measures 6.5″ where you can put any type of smartphone while on the run. It can also fit waist sizes between 25″ and 50″ thanks to the adjustable strap. Other features include weatherproof design, snug fit and durability.

1. Level Terrain Running Belt

FlipBelt - The World's Best Fitness and Running Belt

This list wouldn’t be complete without having this running belt on top. It is made of machine washable high tech spandex-lycra blend material. It also comes with four pockets where you can tuck in your phone, keys as well as other items. In terms of design, it comes in a sleek, non-bounce and snug fit which makes it easy to wear without straining. On top of it all, it has multiple openings from which you can access your items with ease.

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