Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof Phone Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a popular smartphone used by many. It boasts excellent features that help the everyday buyer. With this in consideration, buyers should put the proper protection on their smartphones. Many smartphones are made to be lighter in weight and slimmer. This is a great feature, but when it comes to protection, it can break easily upon impact. That is why it is essential to get a phone case fro extra protection and security over one’s investment.

The Advantages Of Using A Waterproof Case

Regular phone protection is great, but utilizing the new options of a waterproof case has many benefits.

– Extra Protection

The buyer can have a broader field of protection with a waterproof screen protector. Buyers can take their phone to areas with a good amount of water like a pool or a beach without much worry. Many smartphone warranties do not cover water damage. Knowing this, utilizing a “waterproof cellphone case” has a great benefit in protecting the phone from water damage. Not only does the waterproof case protect against water but it still has the ability to protect against the other factors that can cause a smartphone to break. The case still protects against scratches or abrasions. It depends on the quality of the brand and what features it can offer. There are waterproof phone cases that still protect against impact. Protection against dust and oil can be other features associated with the phone protector.

– Slim

A person may want to keep the style of their phone. There are cases that can still keep the slimness of the smartphone intact. The buyer can decide what type of protection they want versus the slimness of the phone case. There are many waterproof phone protectors on the market.

– Customizable

Many waterproof phone cases allow the buyer to choose from a wide range of colors. Some phone cases also have unique designs that the buyer can choose from.

Certain phone cases can be used daily and look like regular phone cases. It is imperative to keep the phone case clean, even if it has features that protect against dirt. Over time, the phone case may need a little cleaning. Buyers can use a soft brush to clean their phone case while it is submerged in water. If the buyer chooses this method, it is always important to dry the phone case before they put it back onto their phone.

There are many waterproof cell phone cases on the market. It can be difficult to choose from and understand if it is quality or not. The buyer should consider their budget and the features they want. Some buyers may want a waterproof option and may not need full protection from falls. The waterproof phone cases can also come with many other convenient features the buyer may want to consider. These are Top 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Waterproof Phone Case in 2022 Reviews. This list is filled with quality waterproof phone cases that the buyer may want to consider.

10. Kobert Waterproof Case (Deluxe)

10. Kobert Waterproof Case (Deluxe)

This is an excellent phone case for a buyer. This water taste is great for those who participate actively in watersports. Watersports can include kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. The phone case also protects against snow, So it can also be great for those who can. This case can eliminate the common issue with some waterproof cases. This waterproof phone case allows the user to take clear pictures from underwater. This feature makes this phone case great for vacationing.

It is a large phone case that comes in a variety of colors that the buyer can choose from. This phone case is designed like a bag, but it still has the ability to allow the phone to function normally. The user can talk, text, and do other activities on the phone normally while the smartphone is in the case. This phone case is incredible because it protects up to 100 feet in water. The phone case also comes with a convenient and durable lanyard. The user can carry their phone hands-free around their neck, another reason it makes a great phone case for vacation.

Pros: The phone case protect up to 100 feet and submerged water. This phone case and also be used while trying to use the functions of the phone. It’s phone case also comes with a lifetime return guarantee, this shows the company truly back their product.

Cons: Sometimes this phone protector can get a little cloudy. Also, the user may not be able to use the touchscreen underwater.

09. Mobility Universal Waterproof Phone Case

9. Mobility Universal Waterproof Phone Case

This phone case offers the buyer a lot of protection from the elements. It is not only waterproof but it is dust-proof, Snowshoe, and also protect against scratches. The great feature about this phone case is that it boasts versatility by also being able to be a wallet. There is a waterproof pouch where the user can place their credit cards or cash. The phone case has clear front and back windows that allow the buyer to use their phone with normal function. They can take videos, pictures, text and use the internet on the phone.

Pros: This phone case has versatility, it can also be used as a wallet while it protects your phone from scratches. The waterproof phone case comes back with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. The particle so comes with a next step for convenience.

Cons: It may be a tight fit for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

08. Waterproof Case By Weksi

8. Waterproof Case By Weksi

This product is designed just for the Galaxy S 7. This phone case is perfect for those who want to keep this limits of their phone. It has a simplistic design and protect against water damage in multiple colors. The product comes up front and back lenses that are extremely clear. This means that the buyer can enjoy videos and take pictures while using their functions.The phone case has many great qualities as they can protect against water, dust, oil, scratches, abrasions, and bold. It also protects against no and shocked. This is a great phone case to consider.

Pros: This phone case has a variety of colors for the buyers to choose from. Get a lot of protection for not only water but from falls. It is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7, so the buyer can have a great fit. With a better fit this means that it can have more accurate waterproof protection.

Cons: The user will not have access to Port like the charger while the phone case is on.

07. Universal Waterproof Case By Kroma

7. Universal Waterproof Case By Kroma

This is another quality phone case. It protects against water It has 99% screen sensitivity. It’s a great feature for those who wanted still use the functions of their phone via the touchscreen. Manual for dissipating in sportswear there are many elements involved can enjoy this phone case because it protects against water, snow, dirt, dust and many other elements. It can help keep the phone scratch-free and protect the buyer’s investment. Also, comes equipped with a neck strap for convenience.

Pros: This phonecase has excellent sensitivity for touch screen. This phone page has amazing waterproof abilities as a protest up to 100 feet.

Cons: The locking mechanism can be difficult to use at first.

06. Universal Waterproof Case By Easylife

6. Universal Waterproof Case By Easylife

Is product offers a nicely styled waterproof protector while allowing the buyer that has great value. The phone case has a great design, it is almost comepletly clear and has many convenient features. The buyer can have more Assurance with the sealing system it uses to prevent water from accessing the phone. It has a dual swivel lock and sealable closure clip system for accurate protection against the elements. The Barking enjoy the fact that this is a high-quality product as it is made from very durable materials. It is made from PC and transapparent PVC material. Best waterproof phone case is an excellent value since it comes in a 3 pack.

Pros: The product comes with a free 12 month warranty. This is an excellent feature for buyers as it shows that the company back their product. The phone cases are a great value for the buyer as well.

Cons: This phone case may become cloudy at times.

05. Waterproof Case 3 Pack By iOrange-E

5. Waterproof Case 3 Pack By iOrange-E

This spacious phone protector can help the body protect their smartphones from water damage. The phone case has a slew of features that can help the buyer protect their phone and the environment. Hip boots durability and is made of a high-quality non-toxic food-grade PVC. This phone case is excellent for watersports and vacations. The buyer can utilize the floatable feature that it has because of the air within the circle. This phone case protector is also heat resistant in cold resistant, great features for vacationers, hikers, and out other sports enthusiasts. The phone case is incredibly thin, great for the buyer who wants the slimness of their phone intact. The phone case protects against water damage up to 98 feet. The window is super thin and clear, it is only 0.33 mm. The clear windows can allow the buyer to take crisp photos.

Pros: The user can enjoy the fact that the microphone can still pick up a lot of volume from within the phone case. The buyer can take pictures watch videos with the clear screen.

Cons: The buyer won’t be able to use the phone’s functions while it is in the sealed phone case.

04. Galaxy S7 Waterproof Case Atomic 2.0 Series By Ghostek

4. Galaxy S7 Waterproof Case Atomic 2.0 Series By Ghostek

This waterproof phone cases Nike design, and it’s great for those who are looking for Style. I protect the buyers Samsung Galaxy S7 with An aluminum alloy rubber bumper. The buyer can appreciate it Silas design and quality make. This phone case can be submerged in water up to three feet, and it can stay under water for an amazing 10 minutes. This phone case is simply amazing and it’s great for the buyer who wants more convenience. The user has access to All Parts, this is a rare feature that many waterproof phone cases do not have. The speaker and microphone are also free to use, meaning the person can enjoy a great video. The buyer can enjoy the different colors of the phone case back comma and each back offers protection against dust also. This phone case also has a shock proof feature and it is extremely thin. These teachers are perfect for the buyer who wants to keep their phone Slim or who does not like bulky protectors.

Pros: The buyer can choose from multiple colors and the style of this product is very modern. The buyer has access to all ports. This phone cases all so mud-proof, dust-proof, and shockproof.

Cons: The screen can be less sensitive for touchscreen use.

03. AUKEY Universal Waterproof Case

3. AUKEY Universal Waterproof Case

This is a great option to have for water sporting and vacations. This product is made from premium grade TPU material. It’s part of both interviews with a snap and lock seal. Fifth Third 5 waterproof product allows the user to enjoy their vacation and not worry about getting their phone wet. It has a roomy bag that is a great for other personable items like credit card and cash. The product protects against not only water but dust and dirt. this is a transparent screen protector so the user can enjoy taking calls, using the touchscreen, watching videos, and taking pictures.

Pros: The buyer can enjoy a 24 month warranty. This product also comes with the neck strap.

Cons: The user will not have access to the ports while it is in the protective bag.

02. Universal Waterproof Case By JOTO

2. Universal Waterproof Case By JOTO

The product fit phones up to 6 inches diagonal size, so it is great for the Samsung Galaxy S7. This product has an extreme amount of water protection, as a phone case for This product has an extreme amount of water protection, as a phone case for protects up to 100 feet. The buyer can enjoy the many color options that this product has. This phone has either of us because it features a snap and lock system for a fully protected waterproof phone case. This phone case allows the user to access videos and have clear quality because of the transparent nature of the windows. The user can enjoy a hands-free experience because of the next rap that is included with the product.

Pros: This phone case comes with neck strap that is great for convenient. The amount of waterproof protection that this item has is great.

Cons: The phone case needs to be properly filled and some people may not understand how to do it at first.

01. Waterproof Case By JOTO

1. Waterproof Case By JOTO

With up to 100 feet of water protection, this phone case protector is an excellent buy. It comes in a variety of designs does the buyer can choose from. The Clear Window allows for a great viewing experience when it comes to videos. The waterproof cell phone case helps to protect against dust, oil, sand, and scratches. Best phone protector can also store cash and credit cards because of its spacious bag compartment for the cell phone. The waterproof phone protector comes with a neck strap for extra convenience.

Pros: The product comes equipped with a neck strap and boasts an incredible amount of waterproof protection.

Cons: The buyer won’t have access to any courts while using the phone protector.

Testing The Phone Protector

Before using a phone protector it is imperative to read the directions and understand exactly how to seal the product. buyers should test the waterproof ability of the phone case before putting their smartphone into the product. The reason for this is that mistakes can happen and the buyer should protect their Investments–their smartphone. It is also important to read the directions and understand how to see you the waterproof phone case. Many waterproof phone cases are high quality. This list contains great phone case options, it is just always important to test your phone case first. Buyers can you use a napkin instead of the smartphone and submerged in water and see if the napkin is completely dry.


There are many options on the market when it comes to phone cases. To choose the best option it is best to understand the budget. Most phone cases are reasonably priced. With that in mind, it is also essential to think about the features that each phone case offers. Some people may want a phone case that gives them access to all of the ports. These phone cases, however, may not be as waterproof as other options. The phone cases that have access to 4 its are great for vacations and days at the beach. For those who need a more aggressive type of protection, it may be best to get a phone case that acts as a sealed bag to keep the water from entering. Many of those types of phone case back protector can be submerged underwater for longer periods and deeper in depths. Most of the phone cases come in a variety of colors to choose from. Some phone cases come with a neck strap for extra convenience.

All of these options are available to the buyer. if a buyer participates in water sports like kayaking and swimming they may want to utilize a phone protector that has excellent coverage. Waterproof cell phone cases are great options for coverage. Consider the options when choosing waterproof cases by buying different types if needed for multiple scenarios.

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