Top 10 Best Selling of Men’s Shaving Accessories

I am sure we all tend to wonder, what is a Shaving Brush? Well, it is a simple small brush designed with a comfortable handle, which is parallel to the bristles. It is used to apply shaving cream or soap to your face during your shaving session.

How to Use A Shaving Brush?

The first thing you should do is wet the brush with some warm water, then lightly shake off any excess water. Place some amount of shaving soap or cream at the tip, and then lather it on your face using a circular motion, as easy as one-two-three.

What are the Advantages Of Shaving Brush?

The benefits that a good quality shaving brush can offer you are endless. The obvious one being able to generate lather, save you on the amount shaving cream you would have to use, effectively lifts the hair on your face, and let us not forget the ability to naturally exfoliate your skin.

What are the Different Types Of Shaving Brushes?

There variety of shaving brushes you can find in the market, but the major ones have been identified for you in the list below, on the top ten shaving brushes for this year. The major brushes are badger hair shaving brush, boar or hog hair shaving brush, horsehair shaving brush or the synthetic shaving brush.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Shaving Brush.

Having a good quality shaving brush will make your shaving experience relaxed and comfortable. However, it is if you purchase the perfect shaving brush to meet your needs. Accordingly, this should work as a guide to Choosing the Best Shaving Brush.
To begin with, you will need to know the brush size and the brush shape, as brush knots are made in a variety of sizes and shapes. It is vital to know the material used in the brush you hope to purchase, especially if you have very sensitive skin. The reason being, you do not want to buy an item that will cause irritation on your skin.

What are the Best Shaving Brushes On The Market Today?

After reading the guide above, I am sure this question is just ringing through your mind. We are well aware that the market has been flooded with a number of shaving brushes. As a result, we have done the next best thing for you, and that is identifying the Top 10 Best Men’s Shaving Brushes you can find today.

10. Shaving Brush the Badger Brush

10. Shaving Brush the Badger Brush

A true hair badger brush has been designed with a premium wooden handle. It can work up a very nice smooth lather that can hold in a lot of moisture just to ensure you have a perfect wet shaving experience. The badger brush is accompanied with a uniquely designed wooden handle that can fit perfectly into your hand. The brush has been made from natural and pure badger hair, which has been seated firmly into the handle assuring you it will not pull quickly during your shaving experience. You cannot find any other high-quality badger brush like this one having a beautiful solid grip.

09. Parker the Safety Razor Synthetic Brush

9. Parker the Safety Razor Synthetic Brush

Parker’s have produced a premium synthetic bristle brush, a real alternative to the boar or badger brushes that are available, especially for vegans. It is highly recommended for individuals who do not want to purchase animal products or have very sensitive skin. The premium bristles in this particular brush can create a great lather. Additionally, the brush will dry quickly making it an ideal brush to carry in your next trip or simply for home use. The bristle brush is very soft and gentle on your skin, a good solution for those who have extremely sensitive skin.

08. Latherwhip Professional The 100 Percent Pure Badger Brush

8. Latherwhip Professional The 100 Percent Pure Badger Brush

The old days was filled with style and class, when we can honestly say men were Gentlemen who knew exactly how they could wield their masculine advantage with elegance and grace. Well, Latherwhip has adhered to these old ways of Integrity and honor, while creating the type of products that can bring back this class and style back into your life. It has been made with 100 percent high-grade badger bristles to deliver proper luxury with every shave. It has been handmade especially by Master Craftsmen with a secure 22mm knot, resulting in minimal bristle loose in every shave. Accordingly, you can trust the brush to last long.

07. Parker the Safety Razor Brush

7. Parker the Safety Razor Brush

If you are looking for outstanding quality, well Parker is the trademark of shaving brushes. The brush has been designed with pure badger bristles. Many users consider the silver tips in the brush as the best material for bristles. It is because this kind of material can hold a large amount of water. It has been manufactured with the highest quality of bristles you can find, making it an outstanding companion for any of the safety razors. The product is accompanied by a brush stand; so that you can easily hang the brush upside down once you have used it.

06. Omega the 631711 Stripey Badger Brush

6. Omega the 631711 Stripey Badger Brush

The brush has been made from 100 percent badger bristles from Italy, the renowned brush maker Omega. The brush is hand turned acrylic that has a faux horn vein that has been stuffed with quality pure black badger knot. The Omega brush is accompanied by a shaving stand, which will help in properly drying your brush after you have used it. All this purely made from Italy; assuring quality has not been compromised. The item has a height of about 98mm; the loft is 50mm, and the knot is 23mm approximately.

05. Omega No.10048 Shaving Brush

5. Omega No.10048 Shaving Brush

The Omega shaving brush is professional barbers favorite, especially the 10048 model. The best high-quality natural boar hair that is available has made this particular brush. The bristles are soft and lush making it an ideal tool for close shaves. The handle of this brush is very easy to grip, as it is an ABS handle design that is chrome in color, a classic style indeed. The item has a height of about 133mm and 5.3 inches the loft at 70 mm and 2.76 inches, the handle of the brush is about 65mm and 2.6 inches. The knots in this particular brush are 28mm and 11 inches.

04. Proraso the Professional Shaving Brush

4. Proraso the Professional Shaving Brush

The Proraso professional brush has been made from premium and high-quality natural boar bristles. The bristles have been designed to have a perfect stiffness and an extended length to ensure a perfect shave. The product has originated from Italy, and since 1926, the Proraso brush has been helping men in achieving a perfectly smooth shave. Over the years, the line of men’s shaving products has evolved to feature the natural based formulations. All this has been achieved without the use of mineral oils or even artificial colors. The natural oils and the nourishing botanical extracts in the brush bristles can adequately protect your skin before, after and during your shave, to limit irritation.

03. Perfecto the Pure Badger Shaving Brush

3. Perfecto the Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The Perfecto TM brush can generate incredible, rich, creamy and warm lather as you are shaving. The brush has a densely filled head that makes it ideal for distributing and holding lather. With adequate lather being held, it can raise and soften your beard while it is gently exfoliating your skin. All this is in the preparation of a close and comfortable shave, making it the ultimate shaving brush. The product has a dimension of 4×1.5×4 inches a perfect size for you to handle. To ensure you achieve a professional finish after your shave, it is advisable to moisten you face with some warm water to soften the hairs.

02. Perfecto The 100 Percent Pure Badger Shaving Brush

2. Perfecto The 100 Percent Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The brush has been made of 100 percent badger hair bristles; it works much better and has a higher quality than most of the badger brushes that have flooded the market. You can search high and low to find the best shaving brush, but we have done the search for you and we are positive this is the one. It can gently exfoliate your skin and brings sufficient water to achieve that pure and perfect wet shave. As the brush head has been densely filled making it ideal to hold and distribute the sufficient lather that is needed for the shave.

01. Escali, The 100 Percent Badger, Brush

1. Escali, The 100 Percent Badger, Brush

The Escali brush deserves a five-star rating as it works very well in generating a creamy and rich lather. The accumulation of this warm lather helps in lifting and softening your beard, open up your pores and bring in sufficient water to your skin, to gently exfoliate and have a smooth finish. It has been designed with 100 percent badger bristles, making it an ideal tool if you have sensitive skin. The handle of the brush can fit perfectly on your hand as it has a smooth edge kind of barber style handle.

If you have been searching for the perfect shaving brush with no success, then the list above will make your selection process much easier. The above shaving brushes offer you different features; as a result, if you are looking for a gift for a certain individual, any of the above is a good buy.
Accordingly, the best shaving brush for you highly depends on your needs and what you hope the shaving brush to do for you.

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