Top 10 Best Shovels Reviewed

Shovels are handy gardening tools perfect for moving earth and organic materials such as manure. They are also perfect for transplanting seedlings and doing other gardening chores efficiently, and without spending a hefty amount of money. If you are a gardener and shopping for a new shovel, our picks of the top 10 best models to buy are:

10. Ames True Temper 1564500

Ames True Temper 1564500


Ames True Temper 1564500 is a durable shovel with a large square point head made of 100% formed, tempered, and shaped steel. It has a high scoop capacity, a long wooden handle that lowers the risk of back injuries, and a comfortable D-shaped handle that fits in the hand without slipping. This shovel is American made. It is easy to use and ideal for heavy-duty landscaping.

9. Ames True Temper 1564400

Ames True Temper 1564400

As the Ames True Temper 1564500 highlighted here in, Ames True Temper 1564400 is a functional American-made gardening shovel, perfect for moving earth and material, gardening, and even landscaping. It is light, easy to use, and features a durable round point 100% formed, shaped, and tempered head. It has a long and sustainable wooden handle (ash) with an ergonomic D-shaped metal holder that fits securely in the hand, improves hand and wrist orientation, and thus, lowers energy expenditure.

8. Seymour S710 Notched Super Shovel

Seymour S710 Notched Super Shovel


Are you looking for a durable round point shovel optimized for heavy duty gardening? Seymour S710 notched super shovel ranks among the best in this niche. Its round point steel head is durable and has cutting teeth for penetrating rocks and hard packed soil types such as clay and chopping sod or roots whilst gardening/ landscaping. You also get durable steel ferrule, an innovative front-turn-step design, and a sturdy 48-inch long fiberglass handle with cushion grips for stability and comfort.

7. Ames True Temper Eagle Square Point Shovel

Ames True Temper Eagle Square Point Shovel


Featuring a 29-inch by 10-inch by �-inch edge square blade and an ergonomic 47-inch wooden handle, this eagle square point shovel by Ames True Temper is a well-designed gardening and landscaping that is perfect for everyday use. It is affordable, ideal for heavy-duty digging and lifting, and features a tempered steel blade that withstands constant abuse well. Its rolled shoulder design is durable. Its ergonomic handle is comfortable, while the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on offer reflects its high quality.

6. Fiskars 9669 Digging Shovel

Fiskars 9669 Digging Shovel


A reputable brand in the gardening niche, Fiskars is a renowned manufacturer of some of the best landscaping tools with this 9669 digging shovel ranking among the best shovels in the market. Its heavy-duty all-steel construction is durable. Its pre-sharpened steel blade is cuts through the toughest of grounds efficiently, while its over sized step offers a comfortable and secure platform for the foot for better and faster digging. You also get an ergonomic teardrop-shaped 46-inch D-handle that reduces hand fatigue.

5. Garant NP091KDU Nordic Poly Blade Car Shovel

Garant NP091KDU Nordic Poly Blade Car Shovel

Garant NP091KDU Nordic is a compact 9-1/8-inch car shovel with a durable ploy blade and an enhanced knockdown system. Its trendy red theme is appealing. Its stained ash handle is comfortable, while its fitted ribbed grips boosts stability when digging and or shoveling. It is affordable, moisture resistant, and relatively easier to use.

4. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel


Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

Judging by the positive attention Bond LH015 has attracted in top 10 best shovels in 2021 reviews, this mini D-handle shovel is a valuable gardening tool. It is lightweight, strong, and has a sturdy steel handle with comfortable non-slip grips. As many products on this list, it is affordable. It has a durable heat-treated steel head, a rust-resistant powder-coated finishing, and ships backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Root Assassin Shovel

Root Assassin Shovel

A winner of the renowned Golden Shovel Awards by Garden Product Reviews, Root Assassin Shovel is a durable all-purpose saw and gardening shovel with premium high-grade components. Its steel head, for instance, is impact resistant and has serrated teeth that cut both ways. This saves time and lowers energy expenditure, particularly when doing heavy-duty gardening or landscaping projects. Root Assassin shovel weighs a paltry four pounds. It is easy use and ships backed by a one-year limited warranty.

2. Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel


Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel

Fiskars 9668 is a stylish long handle shovel ideal for digging or working on tough soil. It has a hardened 14-gauge steel blade, a comfortable handle, and a durable 18-gauge steel shaft that outlasts fiberglass and wooden models. It is 57.5 inches tall, has a sharp blade for easier penetration, and a wide foot platform that maximizes its driving force.

1. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

AAA 4004 is a well-made sports utility shovel, made of high quality aluminum. The material is durable, rust proof, and a weighs a paltry 1.3 pounds, which eases usage. Its adjustable three-piece design (25-32-inches) is innovative. It is easy to disassemble, store, and transport, and thus, is a suitable travel accessory for people that camp often.

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  1. Top 10 Best Shovels Reviewed 1

    Being someone that digs everyday, my advice is that, if your researching what type of shovel to use, give up now and hire someone that does. If you don’t want to go that route, buy the cheapest and lightest WOODEN flat head shovel, and the reasons for this are simple

    *dirt is heavy, heavy shovels make it heavier and harder and cost more
    *flat heads dig more effectively than spades or any other “specialty shovels” for that matter
    *transfer more material at once
    *Only shovel you need at a low cost of $10
    *take my word, or be an idiot and spend a $100 on shovels that you’ll never use again

    • Top 10 Best Shovels Reviewed 2

      Giving that advice I think you better hire someone yourself.

      *First off Flat head shovels aren’t even meant for digging.
      *Second If your digging heavy and dense soil you will be snapping those WOODEN handles all day long
      *Third buy that $100 shovel or be an idiot and buy dozens of $10 shovels instead

  2. Top 10 Best Shovels Reviewed 3

    I agree with you Fern. You can’t ‘dig’ with a flat shovel. That’s crazy. They’re only good for ‘scooping’. Only a spade will work for that. I do MUCH prefer the feel of a wood handle though even though I do snap one every once in a while because I’m an animal.

    But the reason I’m here is that I have lost track of this amazing shovel company that made the ‘ultimate’ shovels. I’m thinkin’ that they were so good and so expensive that they went out of business. I can’t remember their name and google searches have come up naught so far. I want the best, most durable shovel that money can buy. Well, a flat head AND a spade because you gotta have the right tool for the right job and high quality tools feel gooooood in your hands. My quest continues… 🙂

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