Top 10 Best Silicone Ice Mold Tray In 2021 Reviews

Do you live in a temperate environment and chew a lot of ice to stay cool? Do you host indoor and outdoor parties often and serve chilled beverages with ice? To satisfy your urge for ice without spending heft amount buying commercial ones from a local store, one of the best accessories to use is a well-made silicone ice mold. They are affordable, lack BPA and other chemicals common in standard plastics, and are attainable in an array of interesting shapes and designs that you can use to make custom size and shapes with your kids. Currently, the 10 best models to purchase include:

10. Bargain Paradise Corp Ice Ball Maker

Top 10 Best Silicone Ice Mold Tray In 2021 Reviews 1

For an enjoyable ice making experience at the comfort of your home, this set-of-2 ice ball makers by Bargain Paradise Corp is among the best molds to use. The premium silicone material used to manufacture it is food-grade. It is also flexible, lacks BPA and other irritants, and resits frost well, enabling you to produce large batches of ice continuously without sacrificing quality. Each mold measures 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. They are durable, make up to 16 spheres at a go, and make perfect ice balls for chewing and use in drinks such as whiskey and even cocktails. It will serve you excellently for many years.

9. Ozera Silicone Ice Cube Tray Mold

Top 10 Best Silicone Ice Mold Tray In 2021 Reviews 2

Ozera is a set of two candy-shaped silicone ice cube tray mold, best known for its durability and practicality. It is affordable, very easy to use, and makes up to 15-deicious tasting ice cubes without predisposing you to contaminants such as BPA and phthalates. It is also PVC, SGS and FDA-approved, and is made of a heavy-duty food grade silicone that not only resists frost, but also high temperatures (-40 degrees Celsius to +230 degrees Celsius). Apart from making ice cubes, therefore, you can also use it to bake muffins and the like. Ozera tray mold is non-stick, dishwasher safe, and relatively easy to use.

8. Arctic Chill Ice Cube Tray

Arctic Chill Ice Cube Tray - 2 Pack - 1 Inch Cubes Keep Your Drink Cooled for Hours

Designed for preparing quality one-inch ice cubes for chewing and or using in drinks, Arctic Chill is a durable set of two cube trays that offers valuable service for years. It is frost-resistant, has a non-stick surface that is very easy to empty, and a BPA, phthalate, and PVC construction that does not put the health of users at risk. This cube tray is easy to use. It is also dishwasher safe, stain and leak proof, and comes backed by a five year limited guarantee.

7. Kuuk Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Top 10 Best Silicone Ice Mold Tray In 2021 Reviews 3

Kuuk is a pack of two ice cube trays (blue and green) made of a high-grade silicone material. The trays are durable, sturdy, and built to produce perfect-sized ice cubes for chewing and use in drinks. It is also safe, has a non-stick surface that eases emptying, and is very easy to clean either by hand or in a washing machine. If you have a tight budget, but want the best of the best, this silicone cube tray will never disappoint you. With an original model from your favorite store, you will get well-made one-inch ice cubes on demand.

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6. Glacio Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Glacio Silicone Ice Cube Trays, Round Ice Cube Mold & Large Square Ice Cube Tray, Combo Silicone Molds - Ice Cube Tray Mold and Ice Sphere Mold

Designed to make round and square slow-melting ice cubes that do not dilute drinks, Glacio is a pair of ice cube trays made of durable silicone. The trays are flexible, very easy to use, and currently a must-have for people who like sipping bourbon, scotch, and or blend of beverages. They are food-grade, FDA-approved, and lacks contaminants such as BPA that often harm health. You get a 100% hassle free money back guarantee with each purchase

5. Xcellent Global Mini Heart Shape Silicone Ice Cube and Chocolate Mold

Xcellent Global Mini Heart Shape Silicone Ice Cube / Chocolate Mold Pink M-HG011

Xcellent Global M-HG011 is a professional-grade mini-heart-shaped ice cube and chocolate mold with a striking pink theme. This mold is adorable, food grade, and makes interesting 7-inch by 4.3-inch heart-shaped ice cubes ideal for chewing and using in drinks. It is affordable, lacks obnoxious and peculiar smell of low-grade plastic, and is very easy to clean and disinfect using hot water. Whether you are preparing ice cubes or chocolate, it works excellent.

4. Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold - Black Flexible Silicone Ice Tray - Molds 4 X 4.5cm Round Ice Ball Spheres

Popular in top 10 best silicone ice mold tray in 2021 reviews, Chillz by The Classic Kitchen is a flexible ice ball maker made of high-grade silicone. It is durable, makes 4cm by 4.5cm slow melting ice ball spheres fast, and does not crack nor lose its shape as most poorly made plastic molds do. Chillz is 100% food grade. It is also FDA-approved, very easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher, and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee, attesting quality.

3. Home Complete Best Ice Cube Trays Molds

Best Ice Cube Trays Molds - Giant 2 Inch Ice Cube Silicone Tray - Jumbo Whiskey and Cocktail Large Cubes Size

Designed for preparing giant two-inch ice cubes for home or commercial use, Home Complete Best Ice Cube Trays are valuable silicone molds that works well for cocktail and or jumbo whiskey lovers. The high-grade silicone used to make it is FDA-approved, BPA-free, and therefore, safe for everyday use. It is also frost resistant, has a non-stick surface that eases emptying, and a sturdy, flexible, and dishwasher safe design that does not lose its shape nor its functionality over time. You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this tray.

2. LUCENTEE Candy Molds & Ice Cube Trays

Top 10 Best Silicone Ice Mold Tray In 2021 Reviews 4

LUCENTEE is a package of shell, star, and heart-shaped ice cube trays and molds that work as perfect chocolate molds. They are durable, fun to use, and comes in an array of interesting colors that kids like playing with. All trays are food grade. They withstand extreme cold without losing their shape or functionality, have flexible non-stick surfaces that are easy to empty, and are easy to wash and dry. You get a full LUCENTEE warranty for these molds.

1. Froz Ice Ball Maker

Froz Ice Ball Maker - Novelty Food-Grade Silicone Ice Mold Tray With 4 X 4.5cm Ball Capacity

Made of food-grade silicone, Froz is a functional commercial-grade ice mold tray that creates four 4.5cm balls at a go. Apart from water, this mold works well with chocolate, jelly, and even soap. It is low-maintenance, creates slow melting ice spheres that are ideal for use in beverages, and has reusable, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe build. Froz tray is our pick for the best.

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