Top 10 Best Ski Masks

The tiny stones and debris material pelting your face down the mountain while skiing can damage your face not to mention the possibility of infections. However, with a good ski mask, you can significantly reduce the risk of injury posed by the elements of weather. That said, which are the best ski masks on the market? Are you having problems choosing the right ski mask? Relax! What follows is a review of some of the most sought after ski masks based on sales, ratings, and customer reviews.

10. Tinksky Ghost Balaclava Ski Mask


The Tinksky is made using 100% cotton material – do you know what that means? It translates to more warmth during cold winter skiing days. Make no mistake about it, though; the fabric is elastic, with means that the Tinksky is as breathable as they come. And because of its elasticity, it can fit into any head. When you’re not skiing, you can use this mask for a costume party, war game, snowboarding or airsoft. Now, that’s versatility and value for money right there!

9. Cozia Design Premium Ski Mask

Cozia Design Premium Ski Mask + Magic Scarf/ Winter Face Mask - Best Winter Bundle

The Cozia bring to the fore the best ski mask bundle – it features a polyester neck warmer as well as neoprene wind protection to keep you warm. Its rounded neck panel ensures that the mask lays flat on your chest for a better fit. To ensure that you get adequate air flow, the Cozia ski mask has die-cut breathing holes for superior ventilation. And with an extended neck length, you’re guaranteed of wind protection as you make your way through the snow. As a matter of fact, this mask is advertised as having the ability to ward of 93% of wind.

8. GearTOP Balaclava Ski Mask


Keep your face warm and dry with the GearTOP Balaclava ski mask that features a hinged design. You can wear this mask in five different ways to fully cover your mouth, face, head, chin and neck. The Super Roubaix fabric used to make this ski mask is not only durable but also breathable. The Roubaix is a winter-weight microfiber with an interlocking knit construction. It feels cozy and soft against the skin and most importantly durable thus giving you value for money. And a ski mask with a lifetime warranty is certainly worth checking out.

7. TopHeadwear Face Ski Mask 3 Hole


The TopHeadwear rightly belongs to our list of the best ski masks if what it has to offer is anything to go by. It features soft 100% acrylic fibers so that it can trap warmth and snug onto your head comfortably. It covers the ears, face, and neck and can be worn together with skiing helmets. If you live in areas with subzero temperature and want to have a good, warm skiing day in the mountains, be sure to check out the TopHeadwear ski mask – just remember to take it off when you visit your local bank.

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6. World Pride Face Ski Snowboard Mask


Apart from protecting you during skiing, the World Pride ski mask also keeps your face, ears, and nose warm to provide excellent protection against snow, and the wind. And the beauty of it is that both men and women can use this mask. It fits above the nose and ears while fully covering the neck at the same time. This mask features an innovative system that ensures you breathe with ease while eliminating mouth odor. Don’t worry too much about the size – one fits all thanks to the stretchable material used to make it.

5. Balaclava Ski Mask Premium Face Mask


The Balaclava Ski Mask Premium promises to provide protection against the wind, cold and dust during skiing. It is made using the patented CookMax premium high-quality polyester fibers. As such, it brings to the fore premium performance, absorbency, wicking, breathability, abrasion resistance, and durability. The Balaclava Ski Mask sports a new design and an improved cut as well as a different sewing angle for a tighter and perfect fit. When you’re not using this mask in the snowy mountains, you may as well use it for cycling, tactical training, and other outdoor activities.

4. Vega Snowmobile Balaclava


The Vega Snowmobile ski mask has a simplistic design, is stretchable and comfortable to wear. You can wear it with your helmet or ski goggles for an even better protection while skiing. The polyester fabric is not only warm but also absorbent which by extension means that your face will remain dry. Keep your face and nose during the cold winter weather with Snowmobile ski mask and by extension prevent your face from freezing. And for those who may be concerned, the Vega is designed to fit everyone from young skiing teenagers to seasoned bikers and cyclists.

3. The Friendly Swede Face Mask


Stay protected against the wind with this ski mask from Swede Face designed for a host of outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, motorcycling, and snowboarding. You even have the choice of wearing it an open or closed balaclava, hat and neck gaiter. The Swede Face Mask is made of 100% polyester and is remarkably robust and durable. It is wrinkle free, comfortable to the skin and lightweight. Because of its ability to stretch four ways, one size can be worn fit all. And you may also want to know that this mask features seams on the side to prevent irritating your face.

2. ZANheadgear Neoprene Skull Face Mask


Talk of a ski mask made to precision and the ZANheadgear fits the bill in every manner. It is designed using stretchy neoprene material that is not only warm but also water resistant. The combination of an innovative design and the ability to retain warmth make this mask ideal for cold weather outdoor activities such as skiing and riding. The ZANheadgear can be turned inside out for those who may not like the outer pattern – it is solid black on the inside. It is worth noting that this mask comes with Velcro closures that are compatible with helmets and goggles.

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1. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Wind-Resistant Hinged


With a hinge design, the Ergodyne N-Ferno is one of the most versatile masks on the market that can be worn in many ways from ski mask to neck gaiter. It features a wind protectant fabric that shields the face, and ears from the damage caused by elements of nature. The fabric is breathable as well, so you don’t have to gasp for air when skiing. Wearing a helmet while skiing? The Ergodyne N-Ferno can fit under your skiing helmet without feeling bulky. And as the name suggests, it is waterproof, so you’re sure of reliable warmth from ear to ear.

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