Top 10 Best Smartphone Virtual Reality Headsets Reviewed In 2021

If you want to enjoy a great user experience with your smartphone, it could be time to purchase all the great accessories out there. There are a cool neat of items you could get from the market today. VR headsets is one of them. There are recommended virtual reality (VR) headsets you can find in the market today. Different headsets are provided by different companies and have different features. Before you buy a device for yourself, you should take a look at the top 10 best smartphone Virtual Reality headsets  reviewed in 2021.

10. SunnyPeak VR Headset


This is another great VR headset available in the market. You can use this headset to enjoy great games and movies. This unit is specifically made from premium plastic material that should last for long. It is also smooth and easy to manage the overall pupil position and focal distance of the headset. It is especially convenient to use this headset on a daily basis. It comes with a portable size and a compact design to feel extremely comfortable.

9. Glyby VR 3D Glasses


Made for most smartphones, Glyby works with all the apps on Google Play Store and the Appstore. It is additionally easy to pair with your smartphone and produce a 3D effect that will increase your fun. The lenses here are great for making you have to use the optimal setting. The headset offers a comfortable fit and is distance from its protector. It has a heat dissipating design and ventilating holes with convenient designs at relevant ports.

8. Homido VR Headsets


If you would like to change your vision to an unimaginable 360 degrees of fun, the this headset will give you exactly that. The Homiido is a Virtual Reality headset that fully functions according to your vision range, it features a nearsightedness and farsightedness adjustable feature, these settings allow you to watch at your eye’s best comfort. It has been compatible with most smartphones, the pairing process has been enhanced to be fast, easy and smooth. Above all, the homido comes with a custom virtual reality lens.

7. Vigica Virtual Bluetooth Wireless VR headset


Other than the above mentioned virtual reality kits, this one is simply the top virtual headset. It is fully functionally through attaching an adjustable four in one remote control. It was built with a cool professional appearance and can securely hold your device for easy use. You will have a comfortable movie and exciting gaming with the Vigica Virtual Reality headset.

6. Soyan Virtual Reality Headset


This is another outstanding headset in the market. You will enjoy a great user experience when using this device. The unit is able to provide 3D experience when you play favorite 3D games or watch any type of HD movies. It is made with high quality plastic meant to last for long. You do not have to worry about taking great care of this device. It features an easy to use focal distance adjustment control, you will be able to adjust the position of the VR easily.

5. Destek VR Headset


There are tons of positive reviews about this Virtual Reality headset. This device is suitable for all types of smartphones today. You should be able to turn on your smartphone easily in to a reality viewer. Apart from the virtual Reality advantage, you can enjoy favorite 3D games here, HD movies and other interesting and entertaining features of your smartphone. You will never go wrong with the desket VR headset.

4. Teefan Google Cardboard Headset


This Google headset comes with great features. You will be able to use it on your daily life quit smoothly. It features great adjustment settings for smooth operation, you will adjust the pupil distance and focal distance quite easily. It is going to fit all types of mobile phones that ranges 4.7 – 6.0 inches. There are popular color choices which you find in the market too. This VR headset provides a great gaming experience too.

3. Samsung Gear VR


While there could be those that disagree, the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset is a great piece too. What people mainly complain about it is its price, it is higher than other similar products within this category. However, you get your money’s worth. Samsung provides a premium built kit which works smoothly with all devices. It has a soft padding and a single long head strap at the surface in contact with the user. This model is extremely lightweight and has an convenient touchpad, this is a feature not available in other VR kits.

2. Motoraux VR Headset


The Motoraux VR headset is also affordable and well built. It comes with a simple button adjustment button, this allows the user to fit within any smartphone. It features a magnetic locking mechanism within its front cover. In terms of size, this model is large enough to fit almost all smartphones, the rubber lining at its edges provides a smooth grip and an immersive experience. All its 3 straps are adjustable, this makes it fit perfectly while the lens can be tuned to obtain an optimum image quality. Any type of smartphone used will give an optimum image quality.

1. Moonflor 3D VR kit


The moonflor VR 3D glasses is an affordable option, it gives you a virtual reality without actually spending too much money. It has a lightweight construction, is comfortable due to the padding at the edges. The model is a great piece since it comes with a comfortable headband and a premium lens to enhance user experience. It works with almost every type of smartphone. Its lens is great too since it can be adjusted for an optimal image quality. This model has been made for a standard users and is very easy to use. Its premium build quality extends its durability and longevity.

The above list should give you the top ten top smartphone virtual reality sold at a reasonable price with optimum quality. Buy one today, don’t miss a chance to own any of these virtual reality glasses to save for enjoying being screens in iOS or Android devices.

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