Top 10 Best Soap Dishes Reviewed In 2022

Soap dishes are simple yet helpful household accessories that benefit users in many ways. In shared bathrooms, for instance, they are perfect for storing soap after having a bath. Instead of placing soap on the floor or on the countertop of your bathroom, a quality model will never disappoint you. For those that hate bathing with mushy soap on the other hand, soap dishes have well-draining systems that keep soap dry. To get a valuable product that offers the foregoing benefits and more, the 10 soap dishes reviewed on this list are among the best in 2022. They are durable, functional, and have aesthetic and functional designs that blend well in contemporary homes.

10. HASKO Soap Dish

HASKO accessories - Super Powerful Vacuum Suction Soap Dish - Strong Stainless Steel Sponge Holder for Bathroom & Kitchen

Manufactured using a durable and chrome coated plastic and with a powerful suction system that eliminates the need for hole, screws, and power tools during installation, this soap disk by HASKO is a versatile household accessory that works well in small bathrooms. It is space efficient, installs and works well in several area, and has a waterproof and workable design that works excellently in wet environments. Designed to hold up to 22 pounds, this accessory is sturdy and perfect for holding large bars of soap and sponges. Removal and transportation is very simple (twist and fix), while its low-maintenance body is novel.

9. Grohe 40368000

Grohe 40368000 Essentials Soap Dish Holder

A sought after soap dish by home and hotel owners alike, Grohe 40368000 is a versatile and contemporary-looking soap dish, with a stain-resistant clear glass design that lasts long. The material is durable, seamlessly accents bathrooms, and décor, and has a stable freestanding design that works on vanities and all other flat surface fixtures in homes. Its oval and round shaped design contains various types and sizes of soaps, while its stable and well-finished design does not tumble nor stain as some comparable models often do. Even though premium, Grohe 40368000 is affordable and readily available in several stores.

8. Bath Accessories Handmade

Bath Accessories Handmade Natural Wood Soap Dish-Soap Holder(NO.005)

Handmade using a durable and treated wood, Bath Accessories is an elegant natural wood soap dish with a space-efficient and slotted design that not only contains, but also extends the life of soap significantly. If you are tired of using soggy soap in your shared bathroom, this dish will also benefit you. It drains soap well to keep it dry, clean, and ready to use after bathing. Unlike some plastic models that stain and lose their aesthetic value over time, this handmade accessory is stain resistant. It is also water-resistant, has a fashionable design that blends well in bathrooms, and is attainable cheap in most Web-based stores.

7. InterDesign Royal

InterDesign Royal Rectangular Soap Dish, Clear

This Royal edition of the like InterDesign line of dish soaps is a clear rectangular themed soap dish with a stable low-profile design that contains different types and sizes of soaps well. It is affordable, made of a heavy-duty plastic that does not fade over time, and has grooves that drain soap well to keep it clean, dry, and non-mushy after every usage. If aesthetics is a major requirement, this soap dish has an aesthetic and well-finished body that blends well in contemporary and traditional rooms. Cleaning is a breeze, while freestanding design works well on many areas of bathrooms (countertop or shelves, for instance).


BINO SMARTSUCTION Chrome Shower Caddy, Soap Dish

As the HASKO Soap Dish reviewed, BINO SMARTSUCTION is a stylish suction-based soap dish with an aesthetic chrome finished design that does not fade nor stain over time. It is durable, has an easy-to-use rubber suction that attached to all flat surfaces (apart from textured and or unfinished ones), and has a stable and self-draining design that keeps you soap and other shower essentials dry and ready to use. Measuring 5 x 4.5 x 4-inches, BINO SMARTSUCTION has a spacious design that contains various soap types and sizes. It also has a high weight capacity (11 pounds) and an adhesive-free system that does not damage nor lower value of fixtures such as tiles.

5. InterDesign Gia

InterDesign Gia Bar Soap Dish for Bathroom Vanities, Kitchen Sink - 2 Piece, Polished.jpg

Designed for containing bar soaps and other similar types, Gia by InterDesign is a polished two-piece accessory that works on kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities without lowering user experience. The high-density stainless steel used to make it is durable, stylish, and well finished to resist rust and corrosion. It is also sturdy, has well-draining bars that keep soap dry and solid, and has a freestanding 6-3/4-inch by 1-1/4-inch by 4.06-inch design that will never clutter your personal space as most comparable models often do. By eliminating mushy soap sum on surfaces, you will also keep your countertops clean and well protected without spending a hefty sum.

4. InterDesign Twigz

InterDesign Twigz Bath, Soap Dish, Vanilla-Bronze

Featuring a styles vanilla and bronze theme metallic outer and a clear and removable insert that contain different types of soap well, InterDesign Twigz is a versatile two in one soap dish with a durable and water resistant design that is perfect for daily use. It is freestanding, stable, and has a rustproof body with an elegant leaf and twig design that complements décor in bathrooms. It also drains and keeps bar soaps dry, measures approximately 1.7-inches by 3.6-inches by 5-1/2-inches, and is attainable cheap online.

3. Command Soap Dish

Command Soap Dish with Water-Resistant Strip, 1-Dish, 1-Strip

Do you use solid and or bar soaps to bath? Are you shopping for s large soap dish that you can use to store your soap, contain spills, and keep soap dry without cluttering space? This Soap Dish by Command is one of the best around. It is durable, has a large and spacious design that fits various soap shapes and sizes, and comes with a water-resistant strip that boosts its functionality significantly. Designed to work well in both wet, dry, and humid environments without losing its shape and or functionality, this soap dish is top grade. It is also cheap and one of the most sought after in top 10 best soap dishes in 2022 reviews because of its convenient dishwasher safe design.

2. Idea Works Waterfall

Idea Works Waterfall Soap Saver

A popular soap dish and soap saver among tens of homeowners all over the world, Idea Works Waterfall is a stylish waterfall-shaped accessory that drains water directly into sinks to keep surfaces dry. If you tired of the mush soap in your bathroom and or want to cut down your soap budget significantly, this one of kind soap disk will never disappoint you. It is affordable, has a convenient freestanding design, and has a two built in prongs that prevent soap from slipping and falling in storage.

1. InterDesign Soap Saver

InterDesign Soap Saver, Oval, Set of 3

Attainable as a package of three oval-shaped soap dishes, the soap saver by InterDesign tops our list of the best in 2022. It is professional grade, affordable, and offers high quality dishes made of 100% stain proof plastic. Their oval shapes and stylish, easy to clean, and perfect for holding soaps and sponges. Their spacious 3.25×4.75-inch systems work excellent in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms and their affordability interesting.

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