Top 10 Best Spiralizer Recipes

Puny Human, Galactic Lord Xanatos speaks! Your kind consumes your primitive food in an analog, clump form. All advanced civilizations in the galaxy consume foods in spiralized form. We pass along these best spiralizer recipes to your kind. Now, go forth, and evolve.


If you are one of the gadget lovers who owns a spiralizer and wondered how many menus you can create, here are ten best spiralizer recipes to try:

1. Potato Tunnels

This recipe calls for potatoes to be sliced into long, curly spirals. Place them on a well oiled baking tray. In another bowl, prepare two lbs. of chopped beef, pork or turkey blended with one egg, one small finely minced onion and three-quarter cups Panko bread crumbs. Form this into small loaves. Wrap potato spirals around each loaf and bake.

2. Deep Fried Potato Baskets

Using your spiralizer, thinly cut six potatoes into spirals. Set the spirals, top side down on a baking tray to form “baskets.” Create a veggie or meat filling. Bake until filling is done.

3. Strawberry Rhubarb Bubble and Squeak

Spiralize six stalks of rhubarb, greens and tough skin bases removed. Place in a large bowl with one cup of sugar. Mix well. Prepare a crust of graham cracker crumbs, two tablespoons of sugar and one-quarter teaspoon cinnamon. Blend well and place in a buttered baking dish.

Layer sweetened rhubarb in the bottom of the baking dish. Top with sliced strawberries. Drizzle one tablespoon of butter over the top. Sprinkle one-quarter cup of sugar over this and bake until fruits bubble.

Veggie Spaghetti for Dinner
To make better use of your spiralizer, there are several ways to make veggie spaghetti everyone will love.

4. Spaghetti Squash with Three Cheeses

Use spaghetti squash as the basis for this recipe to save time. To give this dish color, use your spiralizer to make zucchini noodles to blend with spaghetti squash. To these, add one half cup of Romano cheese, one quarter cup of Gorgonzola and one half cup of Parmesan. Place in a baking dish. Pour one cup of heavy cream over the top. Sprinkle the top with melted butter and two tablespoons of bread crumbs blended with two tablespoons of Parmesan. Bake until top is browned.

5. Onion Quiche

For this recipe spiralize four small onions. In a small bowl, add four eggs well beaten to one cup of heavy cream and one-half cup of milk. Add in one cup of shredded cheddar or blue cheese to this mixture. Place spiralized onions in a prepared, unbaked pie crust and pour the liquid mixture over the top. Dust with bread crumbs if desired. For a custard texture, place baking dish in a pan with enough water to cover half the height of the pan. Bake in a slow oven for forty-five minutes or until the mixture becomes solid.

6. A Big, Big Spiralizer Salad

For a good and healthy change to a weekday meal, try this recipe for a refreshing change:
To make this salad, you will need one mango thinly sliced, two spiralized carrots, two spiralized cucumbers, one spiralized red onion, one half cup toasted coconut, one half cup drained crushed pineapple, juice reserved, one-quarter cup toasted, finely chopped almonds, about one and a half pounds of mixed greens.The salad dressing for this is simple to make. Blend reserved pineapple juice with a half cup of orange juice, a tablespoon of fresh lime juice, two tablespoons walnut or peanut oil, a half cup of champagne vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar or sugar substitute. Whisk until all ingredients are well incorporated.

7. Oriental Fried Meatball Spirals

For this recipe, use one pound of ground pork. Add one tablespoon of soy sauce, one tablespoon finely minced garlic clove, one egg well beaten and one quarter cup Panko bread crumbs. Lightly toast one cup of sesame seeds. Create one tablespoon of fresh ginger spirals. Soak dry Chinese bean thread noodles in water and sesame oil until they become soft and pliable. Form meat into equal sized ball and roll in sesame seeds. Wrap softened noodles around each meatball and deep fry until golden brown.

8.Spiralized Tofu “Lasagna”

Tofu is available in soft, custard form or solid cube form. Use the solid form to shred with your spiralizer. Oil a baking dish with sesame oil and place half the shredded tofu in a large bowl. Add in two chopped scallions, black been and garlic sauce, a cup of deveined shrimp finely chopped, a teaspoon of cornstarch, two teaspoons of rice wine and a cup of ground pork. Sea salt and ground pepper to taste. Blend well. Place atop tofu. Use the remaining tofu for the topping. Bake until top is browned and meat and shrimp are done.

9. Sweet Potato Noodle Pudding

Sweet potatoes cook and bake quickly. Use four sweet potatoes to make spirals into six inch long noodles. For this recipe, you can use prepared egg nog or create your own version. Cook sweet potato noodles until slightly tender. Don’t overcook or they lose texture. Drain and place in a baking pan. Pour egg nog over the noodles and sprinkle a quarter cup of brown sugar over the top. Raisins, nuts and dried cranberries can be added before baking.

10. Thai Noodle Soup

To make this recipe, you need six cups of chicken or vegetable broth to serve four. Remove rind from two zucchinis and pass through the spiralizer. Peel and cube two carrots and two chopped celery stalks. Peel and slice one small onion. Mince three garlic cloves and one tablespoon of fresh ginger. Seed and remove rind of one Pablano chili and put through the stabilizer.

Slice six large shitake mushrooms. Pass two peeled zucchinis through the stabilizer to create noodles. You will also need the zest and juice of one lime, two tablespoons soy sauce and one cup of snow peas. Place chicken broth in a large pot with carrots, onions and celery. Cook until tender. Add in ginger, zucchini noodles, mushrooms and chili pepper. Cover and let simmer about twenty minutes. Garnish with spiral shreds of baby spinach.

Conclusion – Fun with Your Stablizer
A stablizer can produce many artistic garnishes as well as ingredients in menus. The presentation of your dishes get star billing when you use your stablizer more creatively.

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