Top 10 Best Stockings Reviewed In 2022

For centuries now, stockings have played an important role in the lives of many women. Those that like short skirts, for instance, and do not want to show their skin use them to maintain decency. The array of colors available online complement various skin tones. They also complement various dressing styles to improve the looks of wearers. Apart from fashion, stockings are therapeutic accessories. If you have tired or swollen legs often, compression stockings are good remedies. They alleviate pressure well. They also soothe aches and prevent the development of varicose veins.

The benefits of using the best stockings for women are diverse. They are excellent fashion accessories. Most women also appreciate the therapeutic effect they have on legs. To enjoy these and many other benefits, the quality of the stocking that you buy should be the best. It should be as comfortable as possible. The material used to make it should be durable and eye-catching. Finally, fit should be optimal. Even though many stockings meet this threshold, our 10 picks are the best. Order one to get a valuable apparel that will serve you well.

10. Vimans Over the Knee High Stocking

Vimans Over the Knee High Stocking

For years now, Vimans has produced quality apparel for women including the best dresses. Its line of stockings is also appealing with this over the knee models attracting global acclaim. If you live in a cold area and like wearing short skirts, it is one of the best products to use. It is comfortable. The thermal fabric used to make it, on the other hand, traps heat well to keep users as comfortable as possible. During night outdoor parties, you will not only look good but also stay comfortable for many hours.

In the past, people associated stocking with old women who were very concerned about the modesty. This is not the case today. Apart from being opaque and modest, Vimans also has a stylish outlook that most women like. Cleaning is a breeze. Finally, because of its smooth and stretchy design, you can wear and remove it effortlessly.


  • Modest yet stylish design
  • Comfortable knee-high stocking
  • Complements various looks
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Warm thermal fabric


  • None

9. Transparenze Women’s Sara Stocking

Transparenze Women's Sara Stocking

Sheer stockings have remained sought-after for years now because of their comfortable designs. The semi-transparent designs, on the other hand, have a stylish outlook that most women like. If you are shopping for one, Trasparenze offers these benefits. Made of polyamide (85%) and elastane (15%), you get a well-constructed accessory that stretches to fit most women. Its classic design is eye-catching, while its thick 24-denier weave does not rip over time. You will like this product.

Do you like wearing miniskirts whenever you are going for dates and or outdoor parties? To retain your modesty without looking motherly, this all-sheer stocking from Trasparenze is the product for you. With one, for instance, you get a knee high accessory that looks modest. It is also easy to wear and remove and washable several time without losing its shape.


  • Comfortable sheer fabric
  • Does not lose shape over time
  • Modest over the knee design
  • Aesthetic outlook
  • Goes well with most clothes
  • Stay up the whole day


  • None

8. Butterfly Hosiery Women’s Knee High Stocking

Butterfly Hosiery Women's Knee High Stocking

Are you shopping for a pair of knee high stockings that you will enjoy using every day? Several brands have a few budget models that serve women well in the short term. Do not waste your money on those. Consider buying Butterfly Hosiery instead. Each original package contains six knee high stockings that fit most plus size women well. Made of nylon (87%) and spandex (13%), all stockings are durable. They also have stretchy designs with wide band cuffs that prevent them from rolling over time. You will enjoy wearing these to work or school.

Even though Butterfly Hosiery is an affordable product, it does not look cheap at all. If you are conscious about your look, you will like this nude themed accessory. Featuring an elegant silky finish, for instance, it is an ideal day-to-day apparel. It also has a stylish nude theme and a reinforced toe (invisible) that improves the experience of wearers.

With Butterfly Hosiery, you do not have to worry about maintenance. The silky material used to make it is hand-washable without losing its shape. It also has a drip dry-safe design that you can air outdoors if you like.


  • Aesthetic nude theme
  • Thick and comfortable bank
  • Luxurious feel and outlook
  • Hand washable stocking
  • Pack of six knee high stockings
  • Reinforced toe box


  • Too short for most women

7. Ulla Popken Women’s Silicone Stocking

Ulla Popken Women's Silicone Stocking

Stockings are valuable women’s accessories. However, because of the low-grade products that some women have, a majority do not exploit their full potential. If yours has ripped or irritates you often, consider replacing it with this Ulla Popken stocking is a good idea. Retailing in black, it is an eye-catching accessory. The polyamide (85%) and elastane (15%) fabric used to make it, on the other hand, is both durable and comfortable. It does not chaff, as other low-grade ones often do. You also do not have to worry about it ripping or losing its shape over time.

Designed to flatter women while providing optimal coverage at the same time, Ulla Popken is a good day-to-day stocking. Whether you are a youth or a mature woman, you will enjoy wearing it with some of your favorite skirts. Its run resistant hard wearing fabric also hugs the skin well to keep wearers feeling comfortable and looking stylish.

Ulla Popken has a machine-washable design that you can maintain easily. It also has a wide and scalloped trim on the top that conceals its adhesive lining well. This delivers the flattering elegance that most women crave.


  • Wide scalloped trim
  • Thick 20D fabric
  • Run resistant design
  • Machine washable
  • Stretches to fit most women
  • Complements most outfits


  • None

6. HDE Women’s Pattern Printed Pantyhouse Stocking

HDE Women's Pattern Printed Pantyhouse Stocking

Miniskirts are currently in style. Many women girls wear them to school. They are also ideal party apparel for the daring type. If you are planning to buy one, add this HDE women’s stocking to your cart as well. It is a comfortable accessory. It also has an eye-catching cat-themed design that improves the look of wearers. Finally, if modesty is a key concern, you do not have to show your legs to the world to look good. HDE covers the body well without making women look old or motherly.

The reports of stockings ripping without warning are rampant on the Web. This is often a frustrating affair if it happens outdoors. To avoid such issues, buy a quality stocking such as HDE. Made of quality nylon (90%) and spandex (10%), for instance, you get a durable day-to-day accessory that does not rip over time. Its semi-opaque design has a stylish flair that women appreciate. It also has a smooth appearance that does not bunch, roll or gathers over time. You will like it.

On Amazon, HDE comes in many sizes (XXS to M). You do not have to squeeze your legs in a tiny stocking to look good. It also comes in a plethora of height ranges (4’9″ – 5’6″) that suit women of all cadres.


  • Many accurate sizes (XXS-M)
  • Diverse height ranges (4’9″ – 5’6″)
  • Rip-proof nylon-blend fabric
  • Does not bunch or roll
  • Stylish semi-transparent design


  • Not very durable

5. Ekouaer Women’s Thigh High Stocking

Ekouaer Women's Thigh High Stocking

During special occasions such as Christmas, many people like to dress up as their favorite characters as they spread cheer. The cold associated with winter also heightens the needs for warm and comfortable stockings. If you are looking for one, Ekouaer will help you to kill two birds with one stone. Featuring a stylish red theme, it complements the Christmas season well. You also get a premium accessory made of a thick polyamide (90%) and spandex (10%) fabric. The material is durable. It also has a warm and comfortable design that most women like.

Does your stocking slip or gather over time? Does it have a weak toe box that has captures after one or two days? Do not hesitate to buy this Ekouaer stocking. In addition to its style, it is also one of the most functional products in this niche. Its unique over the knee design, for instance, does not roll or slip over time. Even if you enjoy rigorous outdoor activities, this product will serve you well. Finally, its reinforced toe lasts long.


  • Durable and reinforced toe box
  • Eye-catching red theme
  • Comfortable over the knee design
  • Does not roll or slip over time


  • None

4. Leg Avenue Thigh High Stocking

Leg Avenue Thigh High Stocking

Ranked among the most flexible products in this niche, 100% spandex thigh high stocking from Leg Avenue is ideal. If you have used a few low-grade models that have ripped over time, for instance, it will serve you well. Even though stretchy, the risk or ripping is slim. The material is also comfortable and has a silicone lace top that prevents it from slipping over time. You will enjoy wearing it on a day-to-day basis.

In terms of style, Leg Avenue ranks among the best stocking in 2022. If you are shopping for a functional product, on the other hand, you will not regret buying one for many reasons. First, its thigh-high design covers the legs well. You will look classy and well-dressed outdoors. Its hand washable design is also easy to clean using soap and water.


  • Hand washable design
  • Smooth and classy outlook
  • Optimal coverage (over the knee)
  • Durable 100% spandex fabric
  • Does not rip or lose shape easily
  • Scalloped lace top


  • Very thin (nor warmth)

3. Sanwood Tattoo Stocking

Sanwood Tattoo Stocking

Whether you enjoy wearing the best skirts or shorts, have a pair of stockings is beneficial in many ways. They are warm and comfortable, for instance. During cold days, you will work and or entertain hassle-free. They also improve the modesty and overall look of wearers. This cute tattoo stocking from Sanwood offer these benefits. If you are having a hard time finding a quality one, we have identified one of the best for you. Its black theme (semi opaque) covers the body well. This stocking also has a playful kitty theme that complements most types of clothing.

Stockings are only as good as the fabrics used to make them. With Sanwood, for instance, you get a durable accessory made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. The material is also stretchy and has a smooth interior that does not irritate people over time. Choose the correct size (XXS-M) for the best experience.


  • Smooth and comfortable interior
  • Semi-opaque black theme
  • Comes in several sizes (XXS-M)
  • Durable nylon (90%) blend fabric
  • Stretches to fit most women


  • Rip easily

2. Moochi Women 20D Thigh High Stocking

Moochi Women 20D Thigh High Stocking

Buy MOOCHI to get a nude-themed ultra-sheer stocking for women with a comfortable silicone lace top. This is a stylish accessory. If you have bought several stockings that have ripped over time, you will enjoy having one. Even though stretchy, the nylon (85%) and spandex (15%) used to make this apparel does not rip easily or lose its shape.

This USA-made MOOCHI stocking is a comfortable apparel. If yours bruises your skin often, it is a suitable alternative. With one, for instance, you do not have to worry about seams digging into your skin. Its silicon top is also comfortable and has an anti-slip design that improves the experience of women.


  • Comfortable thigh-high design
  • Anti-slip silicone lace top
  • Seamless ultra-sheer design
  • Durable nylon (85%) blend fabric
  • Excellent elastics


  • Runs small

1. Dreamgirl Silicone Lace Top Thigh High Stocking

Dreamgirl Silicone Lace Top Thigh High Stocking

All women want to look good during parties and other social events such as weddings. If you have bought the best mother’s bridal party dress for a reception, for instance, order this Dreamgirl stocking too. It is currently the best in 2022 for many reasons. Made of 100% nylon, for instance, it has a smooth and luxurious outlook that complements most types of clothing. It is also durable and maintains the modesty of women without making them look drab.

This stocking does not roll nor slip as some low-quality ones often do. Even if you like dancing, the silicon lace top that it has secures it well on the body. Dreamgirl is easy to clean. It also has flat and non-irritant seams.


  • Flat and non-irritant seams
  • Sturdy silicone lace top
  • Durable nylon fabric (100%)
  • Complements most clothes


  • Small fit (not for big thighs)


Stockings for women are eye-catching accessories that cover the legs and thighs. They are comfortable. They also have stylish designs that improve the outlook of women outdoors. Do not buy the cheap and low-grade ones that often disappoint wearers, though. The 10 products that we have reviewed will serve you the best.

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