Top 10 Best Stopwatches Reviewed In 2022

Stopwatches are handheld accessories that athletes and workout enthusiasts use to track time. Even though some individuals depend on watches and their phones to achieve the foregoing, stopwatches work better in many ways. Unlike phones and watches that are fragile, stopwatches are hardy accessories that work well in all environments. You can use them indoors with positive results, for instance. You can also use them in blistering heat and in rainy conditions without compromising their value and or performance.

Second, stopwatches are easier to use, instead of shuffling through menus to use them, you get well-designed standalone accessories that offer value. All you have to do is press a button to start its timer and press another to record laps or stop its timer. Make sure, however, that you avoid the numerous fakes making rounds in stores.

Theses poorly built imitations of stopwatches often fail to meet the needs of most individuals. If you want to get the best products in this niche, this article has done the legwork for you. With one of our 10 recommended stopwatches, you get a professional-grade accessory that offers value for money.

10. Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

The versatility of stopwatches is desirable to many sports persons and weight loss enthusiasts. Portable and advanced models such as Gymboss are even better, considering the value that they offer users. Buy one to get a feature-rich metallic gloss stopwatch that doubles as an interval timer. Compact, for instance, you can transport it effortlessly to and from the pitch and have a good time with it always. Forget about the bulky stopwatches in stores.

Whilst in use, this accessory can time up to two intervals, each measuring between 2 and 99 seconds long. Its auto mode features cycles your desired interval automatically, while its built-in stopwatch and clock are super accurate. You can use them to track lap times, for instance. You can also use them to time your repetitions whilst working out with minimal effort. For easier transportation, Gymboss features a sturdy belt clip that works well on trousers.

Whether you enjoy CrossFit, weightlifting, boxing, or martial arts, this two-in-one accessory will help you to train better. It is both impact and sweat resistant. It also has a convenient battery powered system (one AAA) that measures approximately 2.25 x 1.75 x 0.5-inches.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Integrated belt clip
  • Super accurate
  • Two in one system (timer and stopwatch)
  • Impact and sweat resistant


  • Few intervals
  • Fussy power circuit

9. ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor – A601X

ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor - A601X

Featuring a stylish lemon-themed plastic case that resists both abuse and water, ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor – A601X is a valuable stopwatch. Designed to work as a clock, its versatility is also desirable, considering the paltry sums of money you pay for it. If you enjoy working out outdoors or in well-lit environments, you will enjoy using this stopwatch. In addition to its style, for instance, you get an extra-large non-glare display that works well in such environments. By just glancing at its screen for a few second, you will be able to track time or laps accurately.

Components, on the other hand, are professional-grade ones that serve users well for long. Switches, for instance, are quiet and durable ones that support millions of click without malfunctioning. They are also reliable, precise, and have ergonomic designs that do not irritate users. Its exclusive X case is shock and water (up to 100 feet) proof, while the lithium battery it uses has a five-year lifespan.

Available in numerous interesting colors, you do not have to settle for the boring black stopwatches people have used for years. Its operation is simple, while the limited warranty ACCUSPLIT offers for it attests its overall value.


  • Limited warranty
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Comfortable X case
  • Reliable and precise buttons
  • Large and clear display


  • Scratches easily

8. MARATHON ST083013 Adanac

MARATHON ST083013 Adanac

A popular day-to-day stopwatch among individuals and sports-persons alike, MARATHON ST083013 Adanac is a valuable product. If the low-grade model in your possession has failed to meet your needs time after time, consider this one. It has a charming red case that you can find easily (even in the dark). The plastic use to make it is durable; while its ergonomic design fits comfortably in the hand.

In terms of performance, its feature-rich design outmatches that of most hyped stopwatches in stores. In split mode, for instance, you can track the time of both split and single events effortlessly (including total time). Its laser-tuned system is accurate, while the calendar, time, and alarm features buyers get boost its value further. With an original one, therefore, you will get accurate readings with an accuracy of approximately 1/100 seconds (0.01).

MARATHON ST083013 Adanac is very easy to use. Fitted with a large and bright screen, for instance, it offers great visibility. Text and numbers are large and digitized, while its ergonomic and well-placed buttons are fun to use. Finally, for easier transport, this stopwatch comes with a long (46-inch) black lanyard that doubles as a neck strap.


  • Large and digitized numbers
  • Durable plastic case
  • Heavy-duty buttons
  • Large and bright screen
  • Accurate readings (0.01 seconds)
  • Comfortable 46-inch lanyard


  • No usage instructions
  • Challenging to use

7. Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch

Gymboss miniMAX Interval Timer-and-Stopwatch

As the Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch listed, Gymboss miniMAX is a premium product for individuals and professionals. Designed to work as a stopwatch and timer, you get two products for the price of one. It also has a visible yellow and black case with a non-slip soft coat that minimizes irritation. Whilst training for hours, you will have a memorable experience with an original always.

The portability of Gymboss miniMAX is impressive. Instead of a large, bulky, and hard to use product, you get a compact and well-streamlined one that performs well in all environments. Gymboss miniMAX can track up to 25 2-99 second intervals. Its built-in memory saves up to 20 programs, while the clock and alarm (with chime and vibration) work well. You will enjoy using it occasionally.

This stopwatch draws power from a single AAA battery. Its design is both sweat and impact-resistant and has a removable belt clip for carrying it on shorts and trousers.


  • Large and non-glare display
  • Recommended for all sports
  • Built-in belt clip
  • Accurate clock and alarm
  • Both sweat and impact-resistant
  • Tracks up to 25 intervals (2-99 seconds)


  • Not waterproof

6. ProCoach RS-013

ProCoach RS-013

A quality stopwatch must be able to track time accurately. It should also take abuse well and be able to withstand environmental elements such as UV and rain whilst in use. Even though several brands promise the foregoing and more, ProCoach RS-013 delivers. With one, for instance, expect a durable and water-resistant stopwatch that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Made of plastic, it is light and easy to use. The time, alarm, and date functions offered are accurate and designed to improve how individuals work out.

Do you enjoy split timing events such as athletics? Do you enjoy CrossFit and other sports with timed repetitions? ProCoach RS-013 will serve you well. Apart from its durable case and eye-catching design, it has a versatile system that benefits individuals of all cadres. Setup and operation are also easy and its affordability impressive.

Forget about carrying and operating a bulky or cumbersome stopwatch whenever you are working out. With this one, you get a lightweight accessory with a compact design that you can travel with easily. It ever has a lanyard that you can use to secure it around your wrist or around your neck.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Very easy to operate
  • Water-resistant
  • Accurate time, clock, and alarm


  • Fussy display

5. Sportline 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

Sportline 480 Tough Timer Stopwatch

Manufactured in the USA, Sportline 480 is a tough and waterproof sports watch liked by trainers. If you enjoy active sports, for instance, and want to track your splits and or repetitions accurately, this is one of the best stopwatches to use. Its digitized tally counter, for instance, is accurate and very easy to read. Its outer shell, on the other hand, is shockproof and has a grid skin that improves grip and its ease of operation.

You do not require a lot of skill to operate Sportline 480 well. Buttons, for instance, are broad, well-spaced, and have responsive designs that better the experience of users. Its large screen, on the other hand, is clear and displays clear and well-defined characters that individuals like. Whether you engage in timeout or single time activities, you will never regret buying this stopwatch.


  • Tracks timeout and single time activities
  • Clear and well-defined characters
  • Glare-proof display (large)
  • Broad and responsive buttons
  • Shockproof plastic casing


  • Drains batteries fast
  • Requires frequent settings

4. MeasuPro CCT400 Digital Timer/ Clock/ Stopwatch with 4 Channels

MeasuPro CCT400 Digital Timer Clock Stopwatch with 4 Channels

Have you used several stopwatch brands with negative results? Liked globally for its dependability, MeasuPro CCT400 will improve your experience and perception about stopwatches. With one from Amazon, you get a 71x21x60mm accessory that you can transport easily in a pouch or in your pocket. Display (LCD) is 49x21mm, while its magnetized back is suitable for hands-free operation. MeasuPro CCT400 doubles as a clock and timer.

Even though compact, MeasuPro CCT400 has diverse features that better the experience of users. Digits, for instance, are large and well defined for easier review. Time is in 12 and 24 hours (selectable), while its advanced memory function stores your previous data for easier review. Toss the notebook that you use to track these metrics. MeasuPro CCT400 will do it for you accurately and at no extra charge.

As most of our recommended stopwatches, MeasuPro CCT400 has a reliable battery-powered system that works well for years. The four timer buttons offered are durable, while its light and ergonomic design is easy to use.


  • Light and ergonomic design
  • Reliable battery-powered system
  • 12 and 24-hour clock
  • Loud alarm
  • Built-in memory function
  • Large LCD display


  • Poor quality buttons
  • Hard to operate

3. Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch, Assorted colors

Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch, Assorted colors

Do you have a child that enjoys sports? Are you a scientist or professional that depends on stopwatches to time experiments? To get a simple yet efficient model for day-to-day use, Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch stands out. Perfect for both children and adults, its three-button design is among the easiest to use in this niche. Simply press green to start its clock, red to stop its clock, and yellow to clear its screen and start afresh. Timing is in minutes, seconds, and 1/100 seconds (customizable).

Even though this stopwatch cannot help a professional athlete to track laps easily, it is the best for most classroom activities. Children can use it to do numerous mathematics exercises without grappling with a complex stopwatch. It is also perfect for monitoring timed lessons and tracking timed experiments in science laboratories.

Even though simple, Learning Resources Simple Stopwatch lasts longer than most advanced models. The quality plastic (red themed) used to make it, for instance, is both stylish and durable. Buttons are also durable, while its simple technology is super-reliable. You will enjoy using one.


  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless design
  • Reliable technology
  • Durable plastic shell
  • Simple kid-friendly design
  • Easily accessible battery chamber


  • Somewhat dull screen

2. MARATHON Adanac 4000

MARATHON Adanac 4000

The MARATHON line of stopwatches is home to durable and dependable accessories that serve millions well. The Adanac 4000 stopwatch, for instance, is an accurate product with a sports-grade design that users appreciate. Perfect for tracking time, its digital timer delivers fast and accurate results. Its display is large and easy to read, while its waterproof plastic case is both durable and comfortable to use. Forget about irritation and or bruises that some individuals suffer because of poor quality stopwatches.

Yellow themed, this stopwatch has a highly visible design that you can find easily in the dark. Its display is large and long lasting, while the myriad of advanced features that it comes with has made it sought-after globally. Its laser-tuned time, for instance, is accurate to 10 milliseconds. This stopwatch has an advanced split mode (including freeze) supports both split and single events, while its time and calendar and accurate. Finally, you get a loud alarm feature and a one-year limited warranty that covers defects.


  • One-year warranty
  • Bright yellow outlook
  • Large screen
  • Advanced split mode
  • Comfortable and waterproof case
  • Accurate timing (1/100th of a second)


  • No backlighting
  • Loose buttons

1. MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

MARATHON Adanac 3000 Digital Stopwatch Timer

An older version of the Adanac 4000 stopwatch listed herein, Adanac 3000 remains a bestseller on Amazon years after its release. Digitized, affordable, and with a durable and waterproof design, it works well outdoors. Its screen is large and easy to read, while the large buttons offered are not only eye-catching but also work seamlessly.

As most MARATHON stopwatches, accuracy is approximately 10 milliseconds. Calendar and time displays are clear and accurate, while its split mode feature supports both split and single events and freeze. Finally, you get a durable 46-inch lanyard that doubles as a comfortable neck strap.


  • Water-resistant case
  • Innovative split function
  • Accurate digitized system


  • Poor memory of split times
  • Fussy buttons


Perfect for tracking time and dates, stopwatches are must have accessories for trainers and workout enthusiasts alike. While their diversity is desirable, only a few products can rival the 10 we have reviewed herein. Buy yours to track time (single and split events) accurately. They are also portable, easy to use, and have durable and waterproof designs that withstand the test of time.

The above reviewed stopwatch models have been carefully selected, according to their functionality and features, as well as the top rated reviews they have garnered from their customers, to make the top 10 best for 2022. Choose yours from the above and you will have made the best choice of a stopwatch.

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