Top 10 Best Streaming Media Players Reviewed In 2022

If you are a movie fan and need the awesome experience streaming the market’s latest flicks often and fast, and in the best quality way, this article provides you the answer. Streaming movies on the Internet can a time get quite annoying, yet the advanced technology brings you the solution—streaming media players. These gadgets serve you well in this purpose, plus, they allow you a convenient clear movie viewing. And they work with not only movies, but also any other video content you may desire streaming and watching, such as chartbuster music and trending popular TV shows. Moreover, the devices feature several impressive add-ons for enhanced experience and easy use, and perform ultra-fast streaming—in just minutes.

As such, read through the following top 10 best streaming media players reviewed for 2022. They are the best models the market is proud to present.

10. Sony SMP-N100


With Sony SMP-N100 media streaming player with Wi-Fi, you will wirelessly stream your choice movies, videos, music, and TV episodes from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. You will be enjoying your digital content up to Full HD 1080p if you connect your USB or stream it wirelessly over your network by your PC, or any other DLNA compatible device. Moreover, you can download free BD remote app, thus turning your iPod touch, iPhone, or select compatible Android smartphone into a convenient remote control.



Time to make your TV a Smart TV. Use NETGEAR NeoTV and make the TV Internet-enabled, enjoying access to a complete selection of online streaming video channels with no computer. Enjoy watching thousands of TV shows and streaming movies from Hulu Plus, Netflix, VUDU, plus more. This device’s easy-to-connect top-speed Wi-Fi provides you the best 1080p HD streaming experience with great reliability. Further, you enjoy the NeoTV remote control app for smartphones, rendering it a breeze to locate and play any favorite movies as well as sharing favorite channels with pals on Facebook.



In KDLINKS HD720 you a proud owner of the ideal steaming media player for playing 2D or 3D file in top quality. It’s a great gadget that quite easily supports many formats such as 1080p Blu-Ray, DTS-HD, and also Dolby TrueHD, and more. It further integrates an awesome LCD panel plus a 4 TB hard-disk. Durable, its quality aluminum case prevents overheating.

7. Roku -2710X-B Roku 1


Roku’s 2710X-B allows you stream file in a moment, providing you HD 1080p top-quality file for an improved entertainment. It features channel shortcuts for saving browsing time, assisting you browse videos from different famous sources sich as Mgo, Netflix, Amazon’s Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and Hulu Plus.



Using NVIDIA SHIELD-4K HDR media player is simply awesome. You get to enjoy very interesting features and benefits for your entertainment. This streaming media player offers you access to any videos, movies, and any other choice file easily and fast. You will experience the impressive 4K Ultra HD as well as 1080p movie quality. It allows you to comfortably access many online entertainment apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Sling TV, and other famous channels. Moreover, it integrates Chromecast, helping you cast your mobile gadgets to screen with ease.

5. Roku 4 4K UHD 4400R


Roku streaming media players offer users access to over 3,500 channels on demand, meaning you can access over 350,000 movies, videos, and TV episodes, plus the capacity to search through the leading streaming channels for the best option and price. The Roku Fed helps you follow TV shows, movies, actors, and also directors and receive auto updates whenever fresh content is reading for streaming, or if prices drop. Roku 4 provides advanced processing efficiency to ensure smooth and fast streaming at greater resolutions, and special new features such as remote finder. It provides our interface and top-quality up-scaling for great HD content.

4. Nyrius ARIES NPCS549


This is another great quality streaming media player allowing fans to send movies, music, and shows from HDMI/DVD player device, gaming console, or PC to HDTV and/or projector. Nyrius ARIES NPCS549 streams clear video and audio in impressively short time and with zero latency. It is compatible with 3D video content, so you can connect it to your laptop or smart device while enjoying simple setup, simply by plugging in and enjoying instant access to the gadget.

3. Roku LT 2700R


Also by Roku, the LT streaming media player enables you stream 1500 plus TV channels. It is a top-performance and impressively rated model permitting you to choose your best desirable entertainment channels, including sports, movies, TV shows, news, plus many others. It offers HD-quality videos and provides a720p HD movie streaming capacity. At no extra charge, you get access to Crackle, Pandora, plus more related apps on demand. It is a very user-friendly device that is easy setting up and using.

2. Roku 3 4200R


Again from Roku, it is a very reliable and fast file streaming media player that integrates dual-band wireless properties for making quick job streaming thousands of your choice files. You can effectively search for your choice movies or your favorite TV soap operas on Hulu Plus, Netflix, or the Amazon’s Instant Video app. It further has iOS and also Android apps for allowing you to use them remotely on smartphone when searching or selecting your favorite channels. Moreover, you can stream images and music from your mobile phone to your HDTV.

1. Amazon Fire TV


You will be getting it wrong if you talk of the top 10 best streaming media players reviewed for 2022 without bringing Amazon Fire TV on top. It is a really powerful media player that supports 4K Ultra-HD video quality, helping you experience the best video experience you can imagine. The thousands of positive customer reviews are strong testimony to its reliability. It enables you enjoy over 3,000 channels, while its ease of use is itself amazing. Buy the Amazon Fire TV and you go home with a free remote control for extra convenience.

Entertainment has never been more diversified and also made easier. The above highlighted top 10 best streaming media players reviewed in 2022 provide the best platform for enjoying great content—video, movie, TV episodes, music, and even new—with absolute ease and quality, online from popular entertainment channels around the world. Upgrade your entertainment experience with your favorite among the above models.

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