Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed

The coming of a new baby means that it’s time to invest in a new pair of wheels – a baby stroller. If you’re a first-time buyer, choosing the best stroller can be a bewildering experience. Even for seasoned buyers, the stroller market is changing pretty fast and what was trendy a couple of years back may be obsolete today.

So, which is the best stroller for money at the moment? That brings us to the purpose of these reviews – to help you suss out the best baby strollers so that you can purchase the unit that is in line with your requirements easily and fast. Some of the considerations that we’ve used to come with this list include pragmatic day to day use and ratings as well as long-term hands on use.

With our top 10 best strollers in 2022 reviews, you will certainly have an easier time making the buying decision.

Let’s dive right into it!

10. Britax 2022 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

The B-Agile/B-Safe 35 boasts the same quality and meticulousness all Britax baby products are known for. Apart from a well-thought-design, this stroller cum infant set features a 3 wheel configuration as well as swivel front wheels for superior maneuverability. Transitioning the B-Agile/B-Safe 35 from a stroller to an infant seat is fast and easy thanks to the patented Click and Go System.

Britax 2022 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel SystemThe Highlights

• SafeCell Impact Protection System to ensure the little one remains protected while on the seat

• Easy to assemble and disassemble – which translates to effortless storage

• Lightweight design thus portable from one point to the other

• Innovative thick shell that saves space and absorbs energy in case of impact

Weight Capacity – Six months to 40 pounds

9. Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

Let you child travel in comfort and style with the Graco Click, a stroller designed for an active family. Because of its lightweight design and latch storage, this unit could as well be the obvious choice for parents scouting for portability. The Literider is compatible with all Graco Connect infant car seats which means you can create a customized travel system for your child fast.

graco-click-connect-literider-strollerThe Highlights

• Features a detachable tray so that you can get your child in and out of the stroller quickly

• Front swivel wheels to give the young one a smoother, enjoyable ride. The wheels also give you more control over the stroller

• Two position recline seat complete with deluxe padding for the child’s comfort

• Stylish Kyte fashion design with shades of charcoal, cream and light plum

Weight Capacity – Six months to 40 pounds

8. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

The Baby Trend is a revolutionary umbrella stroller that features a lockable front swivel wheels for easy maneuverability and jogging. It comes with all-terrain wheels so that you can use in on a variety of surfaces. Don’t have a lot of storage space? Well, you may want to know that this unit boasts a quick release feature that makes it foldable for convenient storage.

baby-trend-expedition-jogger-travel-systemThe Highlights

• Features a 5-point harness and tether strap for safety

• Can be used as a stroller and a car baby seat

• Has a sunroof ratchet to protect the little one against the elements of the weather

• The seats feature EPS energy-absorbing form to shield the child again side impact.

• The push handle is wide, strategically so you can move the seat around with relative ease

Weight Capacity – Six months to 55 pounds

7. Jeep Jogging Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

If you jog occasionally and would like to bring your baby with you, the Jeep Jogging Stroller is an excellent choice to consider. Designed to protect the child from elements such as rain, wind and the sun, it features a waterproof cover and air holes on either side for maximum ventilation. It has a storage bag so you can carry water bottles, baby food, and other items. The Jeep Jogging Stroller is also compatible with most strollers with a canopy.

j-is-for-jeep-jogging-strollerThe Highlights

• Comes with a baby rain cover to protect the child during bad weather days

• As a jogging stroller, it comes with bigger wheels and rear suspension even on bumpier terrain

• The can recline to a near flat position for easy storage when you’re not jogging

Weight Capacity – Six months to 22 pounds


6. Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

The Chicco Capri sports a rugged and lightweight design as well as a light aluminum frame. It may only weigh 11 pounds but comes with a plethora of features you would only find on high-end strollers. The canopy is removable which means you can detach it when the weather is conducive and put into place when you need to protect the young one from the cold, sun and wind. The Chicco Capri assures years of use thanks to the sturdy construction.

chicco-capri-lightweight-strollerThe Highlights

• A 2-position reclining seat for the comfort of your child

• Padded 5 point harness to keep the baby safe

• Front wheel suspension for a swift ride irrespective of the surface

• Quick release umbrella fold for convenience when traveling

Weight Capacity – Six months to 45 pounds

5. Delta Children LX Umbrella Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

If you have twins or two little kids, the Delta Umbrella Stroller is for you. It is fitted with 360 degrees shock absorbing wheels and large, European-style canopy for style and flair. It can fit through a standard 30-inch doorway as well as a 5-point harness for the safety of your child. The setup process is straightforward not to mention that it comes with rubber handles for a better grip when pushing the baby around.

delta-children-lx-side-by-side-tandem-umbrella-strollerThe Highlights

JMPA certification. Complies with all ASTM and CPSC standards as well

• Soft shoulder parts for the comfort of the baby

• Comes with parent cup holder and a large storage bag

• Twelve wheel design of added stability when strolling around

• Compact umbrella design which is ideal for the traveling mom and dad

Weight Capacity – Six months to 35 pounds on each seat


4. ZOE XL1 Lightweight Umbrella Stroller System


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Making it to our list of the best strollers 2022 is the ZOE XL1 Umbrella Stroller System a unit that features a large, extended canopy, complete with a magnetic peek-a-boo. If you’re traveling to a big city and would love to stroll with your baby down the subway, this is the unit for thanks to the front and rear wheels suspension for a smooth ride. The aluminum frame brings to the fore years of use and long lasting stability which by extension translates to value for money.

zoe-lightweight-strollersThe Highlights

• Super light weight – a mere 9 pounds which is half the weight of most strollers

• 135-degrees reclining seat so that the baby can assume a comfortable sitting position

• A minimalist design as well a collapsible umbrella thus an easy travel companion

• A large storage bag where you can place your phones, keys and other personal items when on the streets

Weight Capacity – Six months to 50 pounds

3. Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

Expedition LX is an innovatively designed unit that comes with a stroller and a car seat – which means you get two items for the price of one. It boasts dual-positioning recline and adequately padded seats so that the young one’s comfort remains intact even during a bumpy ride. The canopy is adjustable based on the weather conditions. And because baby strollers can get dirty fast, the Expedition LX seats and pads are easy to clean so that the child travels in a healthy environment always.

baby-trend-expedition-lx-travel-systemThe Highlights

• Five point harness and tether strap to lock the baby safely into place

• Footrest so that the light one can sit in an upright position without getting tired

• Reflectors for better visibility in low light

• Swivel wheels so you can change directions pretty fast

Weight capacity – Six months to 50 pounds

2. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

Moving your kid from one point to the other using a stroller ought to be fun and easy, and that’s what the Trend Sit N Stand promises. Just like the name suggests, it accommodates two children – one sitting down and the other lying down. This unit is compatible with Baby Trend Flex Loc Infant Car Seat as well as a host of other brands such as Graco. And for those who may be concerned, the Trend Sit N Stand has a 5 point safety harness.

baby-trend-sit-n-stand-doubleThe Highlights

• Parking brake so you can bring stroller to a halt instantly

• Superior fit and performance when used as an infant car seat

• Designed to grow with your child

• Features a parent tray and compartment

• Large basket and parent cup holder

Weight Capacity – Six months to 30 pounds


1. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller


Top 10 Best Strollers Reviewed 1

Arguably the best stroller on the market at the moment the Summer Infant 3Dlite comes with a host of features that you will hardly find in most strollers. It is made using a pioneering air-tight aluminum frame which makes it light to push around yet convenient enough to outgrow your child. This unit has an open design so that you can access the storage basket with relative ease. And if your baby sleeps while on transit, all you have to do is to use the recline function so that they can nap comfortably.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience StrollerThe Highlights

• Carry strap and auto lock so that you can carry it on the subway easily

• Large adjustable canopy to protect your baby’s sensitive skin

• Strategically placed recline as well as harness system to keep the young one safe

• Cup holder for your drinks as you move the young one around

Weight Capacity – Six months to 50 pounds


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