Top 10 Best Stun Guns Reviewed in 2021

Do you work long hours and or commute to your home from school late in the evening? To ward off the numerous threats that you encounter occasionally without hiring a personal bodyguard, a quality personal stun gun will come to your aid. Lightweight, portable, and with travel worthy designs that you can carry along easily, they are perfect companions for people who travel a lot. The cracking jolt of electricity deters potential threats well while their ability to disable threats on demand grants users sufficient time to flee and or signal for help. To get value, the 10 best to purchase include:

10. Police 88,000,000

Police 88,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun Flashlight & Siren Rechargeable

Police is a recommended brand of stun gun with most of its product offering value. This 800,000,000 edition, for instance, is a heavy-duty model with a rechargeable high-performance design that benefits both women and men. The built-in siren that it comes with generates a loud and audible alarm when activated. The electric charge that it generates disables threats on contact while its lightweight design also lasts longer than most comparable products in this niche. If you have a smart phone that you travel with often, the charger offered will benefit you immensely. All you have to do is make sure that you charge it to full capacity before leaving your home.

9. Hornet Keychain Stun Gun 6,000,000

Hornet Keychain Stun Gun 6,000,000 with LED Flashlight

Disguised as a contemporary key chain, this stun gun by is a concealable and high-powered (60,000,000) safety accessory that you will enjoy carrying to work and or school. It is super lightweight 02 ounces), portable, and has a built-in flashlight (3 LED) that you can use to illuminate dark alleyways or your home in the event of a blackout. The intimidating spark that it generates offers visual deterrence while its compact and fully rubberized body is not only perfect for travel but also grips snug in the hand. With an original, you get a reliable rechargeable battery (built in) and a lifetime warranty.

8. Monster SG-M18000BK-P

Monster SG-M18000BK-P Rechargeable Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

Designed to deliver a powerful (18,000,000) jolt of electricity to fend off and disable attackers on demand, Monster SG-M18000BK-P is a top rated stun gun with an aesthetic black and yellow theme that most people often confuse for toys. It is rechargeable, has a built-in LED flashlight that illuminates well, and has an easy to use push button system that comes in handy in the event of a security threat. The safety on an off switch that it comes with, on the other hand, lowers the risk of accidental discharge while the true to size nylon holster that it comes with eases transportation.

7. Guard Dog Security 6,000,000

Guard Dog Security 6000000-volt Flashlight Stun Gun with 4 Prongs and 2 Sparks

Sought-after for its impressive power (6,000,000-v), this stun gun from Guard Dog Security is also durable and has a sturdy and portable design that you will enjoy carrying around every day. Made of a fully rubberized and heavy-duty plastic, its ability to withstand everyday abuse is impressive. The four-prong system offered generates a powerful jolt through clothing while the two pronounced sparks that it generates act as the first layer of security by offering visual deterrence. Buyers also appreciate its dedicated safety on and off switch, fitting safety cap and the limited Guard Dog warranty offered.

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6. VIPERTEK VTS-881 – 28,000,000 V

VIPERTEK VTS-881 - 28,000,000 V Micro Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

Appreciated globally for its convenient micro designs and its effectiveness, this black-themed VIPERTEK VTS-881 stun gun is a perfect safety accessory for individuals of all cadres. The 28,000,000 volts that it generates disables threats instantly. Its half-sized body is very easy to conceal in pockets and bags while the rechargeable internal battery that buyers get has a durable and high-capacity design that will serve you well for several years. You also get a non-slip rubber coating for stability and a limited lifetime warranty.

5. Terminator 35MV

Stun Gun With Flashlight - Terminator 35MV - Mini Rechargeable Cheap Reliable Stun Gun With LED Flashlight

A perfect all in one accessory or individuals looking to stay safe outdoors, Terminator 35MV is a cost-effective, reliable, and a feature-rich stun gun that ranks among the most recommended self-defense accessories in the market. Its mini design is light and portable. Charging is simple via the convenient two-prong charging system that it comes with while its built-in LED flashlight is not only power efficient but also illuminates dark spaces well. Purchase from Amazon to get a durable and easy to use accessory backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. VIPERTEK VTS-979 – 51,000,000

VIPERTEK VTS-979 - 51,000,000 V Stun Gun - Rechargeable with Safety Disable Pin LED Flashlight

With this VIPERTEK VTS-979 stun gun, you get a reliable pin-based self-defense accessory with a with an aesthetic black theme, a reliable battery-powered design, and a compact (6.5″ x 2″ x 1″) and portable design designed to generates disabling 51,000,000 volts of electricity on contact. Featuring a sturdy and rubberized body that grips securely in the hand, operation is simple. The LED flashlight that comes built in illuminates well while the lifetime warranty that it comes with is an excellent reflection of the value of product gotten.

3. Vipertek VTS-195

Vipertek VTS-195 Heavy Duty Stun Gun with Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

As most viper products available in stores, Vipertek VTS-195 is a valuable self-defense accessory that works well in all environments. It is black-themed, heavy duty, and has a unique tactical design that also features a powerful 300 lumens LED field light with an impressive 100,000-hour lifespan per full charge. Vipertek VTS-195 draws power from a premium inbuilt battery pack and has a compact 6/57-inch design made of an impact-resistant Type III aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Vipertek offers buyers a limited lifetime warranty.

2. VIPERTEK VTS-880 – 25,000,000

VIPERTEK VTS-880 - 25,000,000 V Mini Stun Gun

Do not confuse this stun gun’s mini design for a weakness. Its compact design is concealable and perfect for everyday travel. The battery pack that it draws power from is lightweight, rechargeable, and long lasting while its powerful LED flashlight comes in handy in the event of a blackout. Even its rubberized pink body looks girly, the powerful jolt of electricity that it generates (25,000,000) and the lifetime warranty offered are impressive.

1. Vipertek VTS-989B

Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Rechargeable with LED Flashlight

Measuring 655 x 2 x 1-inches, Vipertek VTS-989B comes decently sized for easier transportation. Price is decent and its premium black body fitted with an array of innovative accessories and features that will keep your safe outdoors. Its ultra-sharp spikes, for instance, penetrate thick clothing to deliver as much shock as possible. The shock plates that come built in prevent robbers from snatching it while its built-in LED light is bright and perfect for illuminating all spaces. Vipertek VTS-989B is non-slip (rubberized) and has a limited lifetime warranty that covers all components.

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