Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews

Tattooing is not a new practice. It started long ago with our ancestors and has a long history. People with tattoos are no longer considered rebels and majority, and particularly millennials would be comfortable being served by professionals with visible tattoos. Harris Poll conducted a survey in America and concluded that three in every ten Americans have a tattoo. Nearly half of those are millennials. Of those interviewed, 77% do not regret procuring a tattoo.

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Beginners Guide to Choosing a Tattoo Kit

From wanting to appear sexy, rebellious, attractive and stronger and more, everyone has a reason why they’d put a tattoo. A tattoo can take you back in time, remind you of a deceased loved one or keep a major event close to your heart. For a starter or a tattoo artist, you have to ensure that you get the right tattoo machine safe for your clients, durable and one that guarantees perfect tattoos. As novice or professional artist, you want a machine that’ll not disappoint.

Being skilled in tattooing is not enough. Drawing tattoos is a very delicate affair as it involves the human skin. If anything goes wrong, it means your customer will sustain an irreversible injury and losing your reputation. Without a high-quality tattoo kit, it will not serve you well in your new business.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 1Size & Shape: You’ll handle a tattoo machine several times a day and maybe for extended durations. Make sure you get a machine that you’re comfortable handling. Be sure to choose one that is not too big and one with a design that allows you to turn and twist your hand effortlessly. That way, you can make your tattoos safely and seamlessly.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 1Material: A tool machine is an expensive investment that should be robust enough to last many years of use. The construction material needs to be strong so it can see better days. Besides, you don’t want tools that break in the middle of the operation as it would imply posing a great danger to your clients. Conductive iron, steel, copper and brass are the major materials used.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 1Separate Tools: In a bid to lower the cost when opening a tattoo business, you may be tempted to purchase a hybrid machine that performs all the tasks. However, that’s the worst blunder most beginners make, and that can cost them their business easily.

Make sure to have different needles with each playing a distinct role e.g. lining, shading and more. Disposable needles and tubes are pocket-friendly if you can’t afford an autoclave used for sterilizing needles. Besides, they come in clean packaging, and you’ll use them as they are and then thrown away after each use. A hazardous waste container is a worthy investment if you are to avoid accidents that result from disposing of needles carelessly.

Also, make sure you buy ink and cap holders. For the ink, we recommend that you check the ingredient. Go with the inks that do not have toxic or harsh chemicals as the elements for the sake of your clientele. That results in cool tattoos devoid of errors as well as boosting the lifespan of the machine.

More considerations in choosing a tattoo kit include checking the power supply will support it, and instruction materials in DVD or CD.

Tattooing demand high-level keenness if you’re to make a professional artist, avoid errors and ensure high-level accuracy. As such, the machine you select matters a lot. We’re committed to making your shopping task simple, and that’s why we conducted research and prepared comprehensive reviews on the best tattoo kits.

Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Probably the name Redscorpion suggests it all. For all tattoo supplies, you can never go wrong with Redscorpion. Tattooing is a booming business and is set to rise even more. As a beginner, you have a reason to smile. And if you are a professional, it will help in scaling your business to greater heights as you derive joy from doing what you love. They are intent on walking with you on your journey to greatness in the mastery of the tattoo craft. As such, they present you Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit.

It comes with 2 tattoo machines which you can use for lining and shading. They have coils to ensure that power gets transferred conveniently from the powers source. Also, the coils regulate the speed at which the machine moves.

And you have no reason to doubt the working of the tattoo machine. They deliver the results as expected. They are very stable and reliable and will give smooth looking line and easy on coloring. Besides, you can be sure tattoo machine will work for long hours without overheating.

What’s more, it comes with a very stable power supply system that will not disappoint. It features an intelligent voltage sensor that makes it possible for universal use. Also worth noting is the foot pedal that will grant you room to engage both hands on drawing great tattoos while the foot remains right on the controls. Besides, there is a clip cord that plays the connection role.

Even more, it comes with 1 set of 7 bottles of ink. With the bottles of ink, you’re sure to start your trade right away. Also, it comes with 90 ink cups with varied sizes ranging from small, medium, to large. There is also a convenient cup holder include.

Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Besides, you’ll have nothing extra to buy on the side after ordering this kit. It comes with a full accessory kit that will get you rolling. Included are 20 pieces of disposable needles. The needles are sterilized to ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained. By disposable it means that you have to use them one and throw them right away after that.

Adding to the needles are 20 disposable tattoo tips and 304 stainless steel tattoo tips. Tips work in conjunction with needles at ensuring that you draw the lines of the thickness you desire as wells as shading.

Also, the kit is not complete without the 20 disposable grips whose role is to ensure that you have a comfortable and secure grip on the tattoo machine. What’s more, there is disposable tattoo for making initial drawing. Besides, it comes with rubber bands that wrap around the tattoo machines.

Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit is an all comprehensive tattoo machine that we believe deserves your attention. It has everything you need to hit the ground running including some with have not mentioned.

Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit is ideal for professional and starters alike. It’s all you need to make to become a tattoo pro or elevate your business to the next level.

Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

There is a start to everything and tattooing is not an exception. And that’s you’ll find there are tools design solely for beginners who are still looking to learn the basics. If you are just a starter tattooist who has some rough clues about tattooing or an apprentice, there is not better tattoo kit than Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit. It’s designed with the novices in mind in a bid to help you master the art and becoming a professional tattoo artist.

Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit has features all the necessary accessories that you’d require to make excellent tattoos as a beginner. Despite being a basic tool and highly affordable, the reliable power supply system will wow you.

What’s more, there is no excuse not to draw cool tattoos thanks to the foot pedal. It ensures that you concentrate on drawing the tattoo with both hands while you control the switch using your foot.

Besides, it comes with a tattoo machine that plays two roles of shading and lining. Also, the clip cord connecting the machine is made from stainless steel material ensuring durability. Still, on the tattoo machine, it comes with a low vibration frame that ensures that has 10 coils for efficient power transfer and performance. It also has brass contacts.

Also, once you get the kit, you are sure to start your drawing right away. That’s because it comes with 4 bottles of ink each measuring two milliliters. All the colors are from trusted dealers, and they include black and gray by Kuro Sumi for outlining and shading, and green and monthly red by Millenium Colorworks.

Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Even more, it cups with a durable metal ink cup holder or stands and 100 ink cups that are clear to hold the ink. Each of the cups measures ½ inch tall and wide and has a capacity of 5 milliliters. That gives you the convenience you need when working on your drawings.

Also, included in the kit are 5 needles of different types. There are round liners, round shaders, and magnum. Not to forget there are also 5 combo needles with silica gel tubes measuring 3/4 inches. Besides, it is worth noting that all the needles come pre-sterilized with EO gas and packed individual depending on the type.

Additionally, your safety when using this kit is looked into. It features 10 anti-microbial, heat and UV resistant rubber bands used for wrapping around the machine guns. They play a crucial role of availing the tension needed against the needle. You cannot also fail to notice the 10 grommets whose role is to act a joint between the needles and the A-bar on the machine.

For fine tuning, it comes with 10 spare ring and 6 additional coil washers. There is also a pen for skin marking, protective latex gloves, thermal paper for transfer of stencils onto the skin and two-sided practice skin. It can be a great gift for boyfriend or girlfriend. Check out more gifts for your boyfriend.

Finally, as pointed out, this kit is beginner-friendly and come with all that you need to get started. You don’t have any tattooing skills? An instructional book comes included.

Eyepower 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Eyepower wishes to grant you a pleasant experience in your tattooing hobby or career by bringing a tattoo kit of a kind. Your skill level in tattoo is not necessary for now. What matters is that your interest in learning and mastering the art. Eye 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit is designed into making you that pro you’ve always wanted to be. And for the veterans, there is no better way to perfecting your art than using this tattoo kit. So why should you consider this tattoo kit over other on the market?

If your aim is to start tattooing as a career or business, then you have all reasons to smile. Eye 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit comes with every piece of accessory you need to get started. You’ll be glad to have a total of 8 machines all for either shading or lining. And they come with 10 coils for proper power transfer as well controlling the movement. Need I mention that the machines are safe not only for you but also your clients since they run a low temperature?

Also, you don’t give a chance to a kit that sucks the happiness out of you. You need a kit that is comfortable on your hands, not one that’ll leave you in agony from cramping of the fingers from working for long hours. With the stainless steel grips evident in this kit, you can be guaranteed of happy days when working on your clients.

Work no more with kits flimsy kits that may jeopardize the welfare of your clients. This tattoo kit features steel frame coated with bronze finish that ensuring that your kits remains resilient and see the better days.

Eyepower 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

There is also a bonus for you. Many a time, tattoo kit will not come with a lockable carrying case. That means leaving exposing your tools to theft and probably loses that you may not be in a position to tell how they happened. With this kit, you are well taken care of. It comes with a very strong key carrying case that’ll ensure security for every piece.

Besides, the tattoo kit features an efficient power supply system that will ensure you machines work without fail. The power supply requires a voltage of 110V and 220V. The best part is that you’ll get an adapter plug specific to your clients for your safety as wells as that of your machines. See also: Top Best Travel Power Adapters.

What’s more, the kit comes with 50 sterilized needles. Sterilization is intended to make the safe for use on the human skin. It’s worth mentioning that the tattoo needles are of different sizes, perform distinct role and include round shader, Magnum, and round liner.

Also, there’s a foot pedal whose aim is to control the machine as you engage both hands in the drawing. That saves you times as well as reducing the degree of errors to almost as you don’t have to juggle between drawing and switching.

When we say that the unit comes with everything you need to get started in tattooing, we mean it. You’ll find 7 bottles of high-quality ink from a trusted manufacturer. That will offer you a great boost into mastering the art. Besides, there is 1 ink holder design to ensure convenience as you work on your clients. Included also are 50 rubber bands whose role you know too well. They prevent the bounce back. More tools include 50 Grommets, 10 rubber rings, and disposable tips.

For beginners and apprentices, there’s an explicit video tutorial where you can learn tips on operating and designing your tattoos.

Irrespective of your skill-level in tattooing, Eye 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit is your kit in ensuring excellent results.

Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Did you spend cash on a tattoo kit and it ended up disappointing, and now you feel you were robbed of? Are you a beginner wondering which kit to settle on, going by the several kits on the market? Do not gamble or settle for less. Dragonhawk is the master in this trade, and they have an experience of almost two decades. For all your tattoo machines and supplies, you’ve to check with them first before moving on to another dealer. You need to join the career with a bang. Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9 should be your choice. It has all you need to start your craft, master the art and become a pro.

The machine comes with 9 tattoo machines that’ll get you started. They will come in handy in your lining and shading antics. The tattoo machines work at 7V-10V. They have 10 wrap coils whose role is to transfer electric power from the power source. Also, the wrap coils ensure sufficient speed necessary for drawing great tattoos as well as lessening the trauma from the drawings.

What’s more, you have no reason to use those cheap colors that are unsafe for human skin. The units will relief you the burden of having to purchase the first inks as it comes with 25 inks of 5ml of different capacities and made by reputable brands in the USA. You can use all the adjectives to describe the inks from vegan-friendly, vibrant, high-quality, smooth to fade resistant. On top of that are a 100 ink cups.

The last thing you’d like to do to your customers is to get them infected with disease for failure to observe the hygiene standards. Dragonhawk kits are designed with user in mind, and that’s why they ensure that the kit comes with 50 Dragonhawk sterilized needles. That way, you can exchange them upon using on every customer.

Tattooing requires that you have a reliable and stable power supply. Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9 features an LCD power supply system that’ll not disappoint. You can be sure about the safety as it comes with a short-circuit and leakage protection giving your machine the ultimate power to work without fail.

Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Besides, also included are 304 tips. The tips play many roles in the drawing of tattoos. Each tip makes different thickness lines and shading. It is important to note that you’ll have your tips depending on the configuration of the needle in use and the tattoo style that you want.

Even more, included in the kit are disposable grips. The grips allow you to make comfortable grips on the machine such that your hands do not experience cramping. That results in long working hours as well as perfect results.

In the initial stages, you may need to draw directly on the skin. That’s what the tattoo pen was designed for. Well, you’ll be happy be glad to note that its one of the tools included in this kit giving you anything you need to get operating.

Also, if you feel you’re inadequate to work on a real human skin, it is recommended that you work on apples and oranges. For your practice purposes, this kit comes with a fake skin where you can learn different designs before embarking on your customers.

Tattoo machines are adopting foot pedal designed with the goal of enabling you to engage both hands on drawing while using your foot to control. There is also a tattoo light to illuminate the area you’re drawing your tattoo.

As a starter or professional artist, you need a machine that will deliver professional results and with Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9, you can have the confidence. Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

It’s funny that they are using web address as their brand name but hey, let’s get to the main business. The name says it all. The company is all about tattoo supplies. From complete kits and accessories, you will find them all under one roof at They bring you one of the top rated tattoo kits on the market, Complete Tattoo Kit.

You may be tempted to wish away this kit just because it cost just a little over 20 dollars. However, it’s worth noting that after consultations with the veteran tattoo artist, they came up with the assortment of the accessories included in the kit. Everything you need to start the fun tattooing craft comes included in the packaging.

It comes with a 10 coil warp quality tattoo gun A314. The coils have major contribution in the working of a tattoo machine gun. They create the necessary resistant for the regulation of the speed as well as the power. As such, that action minimizes the trauma on the skin of the client resulting from using sharp needles.

The tattoo needles are Ethylene Oxide Gas sterilized which renders them safe for use on the human skin. As such, your customers are protected from any infections that may result from using unsafe needles. Complete Tattoo Kit comes with a digital power supply that operate at 110V and 210V. The power supply is high-quality and reliable listed with UL. What’s more, for maximum conductivity and flexibility, the unit uses 45 copper threads that have a silicone power insulation to prevent shock. You can be sure they’ll provide enough power to get the cord operational. Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

What’s more, the tattoo kit comes with 4 Alloy tips. Also, 50 disposable needles selected carefully are included. The needles are of 3 sizes with the smallest being super fine. They are disposable implying that you have to throw them away after every use.

Besides, to ensure that you have your tools organized and to prevent loss, the tattoo kit includes a waterproof carrying bag. Besides, the water bag will make it possible for easy transportation to around when need arises.

You can be sure that you’ll start your tattooing career right away. The unit comes with comes with high-quality 8 colors 10ml base inks. Besides, there are ink cups and cup holders that contain the ink conveniently when working on the skin of a client.

Professional may find it substandard, but for the price, you have nothing much to complain about. It includes every that a first timer would require. Maybe even professional will give it a nod.

Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

The popularity of tattoos is on the rise, and with the many people showing interest in it, it will be so for years to come. Tattooing is a lucrative business, and you’ll be making the wise decision in investing in this fun craft. Eyepower brings you yet another tattoo kit that will be your partner in mastering the tattooing art. Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit should be your choice for many reasons.

You have no excuse not open your tattoo shop. This tattoo kit comes with all the accessories you need to kick-start your carrier. It comes with top quality 4 machine guns with 10 coils. They are good for fine lining, lining, shading and coloring. A distinctive feature you’ll love about these machine guns is that they run on low temperature meaning that it’s safe on the skin.

Besides, you can be sure that you’ll be investing in a quality product thanks to the steel frame with bronze finish. That ensures that your kit does not break easily and does not pose any danger to you and the clients.

Forget about those kits that you leave your fingers numb from exhaustion. This tattoo kit comes with stainless steel grips that will ensure that you don’t get clamps whatsoever from using this kit. You can work long hours and realize good results.

What’s more, there’s no more getting worried about the safety of your kit. The tattoo kit comes with a robust carry case that you can lock with the key included preventing your tools from theft when not in use.

Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Even more, we cannot forget to mention the reliable power supply that it comes that the unit comes with. It is rated 110V and 220V. Besides, upon purchasing it, you have the bonus of getting the exact adapter plug suited to the outlets in your country.

Worth mention also is that the tattoo kit comes with 50 top-quality sterile tattoo needles designed for the healthy benefits of your clients. The tattoos are of different sizes, and they include Magnum, round liner, and round shader.

Also, it comes with quality stainless steel tips in different sizes. You’ll find 4 tips for round needles, and another bunch of 4 tips for magnum/flat needles.

Besides, it comes with 7 bottles of high-quality ink that will give you a head-start in the tattoo business. What’s more, it comes with a 1 ink holder and 50 rubber bands. The rubber bands play a special role in the working of a tattoo kit. They make sure the needle doesn’t bounce back ensuring that works correctly. And in case you feel you need to adjust your tools, there is a set of adjusting tools for that purpose exclusively designed for you. Here are the best multi-tools in 2021.

Also, you can be sure that it will be easy to learn the tattoo in the event you’re still training. There is an explicit tutorial video that will help you learn the techniques of drawing tattoos like a pro.

Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

In the personal care and beauty category, Eyepower offers you tattoo supplies and tattoo parts. As a beginner, you may be worried that you might get a raw deal but not with Eyepower Tool Kit 2. Designed with the users in mind, it is new high-quality kit that you can trust deliver what it promises and probably more. And it’s not their fault to make a great tool. Neither can we blame the customer for being so loyal to this brand. It all boils down to the quality of this machine. You have no idea what it is you are looking for? Relax. You are about to get a machine that’ll play an integral role in your craft.

For the security of your kit, it comes with a carrying case with keys. That way, you can lock your kits every time you’re not using them. That allows for compact storage while at the same time enhancing portability.

Included in this kit and one that we feel obliged to mention first are two high-quality tattoo machines with 10 warped coils. One allows you to do lining while the other one comes in handy when you want to do shading.

Other than the tattoo machine, the kit includes pretty much everything else you need to get your tattoo business running. However, we’ll mention just the few we feel you might be interested in checking. For the ultimate convenience when doing your tattoos, it comes with 100 ink cups and 1 cup holder. Each of the ink holds the ink you want to use during tattooing such that you’ll simply dip.

What’s more, you can be sure of maximum comfort when handling the machine. Thanks to the stainless steel grip, developing cramps from holding the machine for long hours when working will be history. Besides, the steel construction material ensures that they are strong and cannot break easily as you work.

Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Even more, it comes with 50 sterilized needles keeping the safety of your clients at the forefront. The needles are of different sizes defining their function. Round liner is 3, 5, 8 and 9. Round shaders are 5, 7, 9 and magnum 5, 7, 9. There also pin cushions that ensure the unit remains safe. Besides, it also features rubber bands.

Included in the kit also are 7 20ml bottles of ink. Most of the complaints you’ll get from customers are the low-quality ink that most tattoo kits come with. Fortunately, that’s not a challenge with this kit as it comes with high-quality ink from only the trusted dealers. You can be sure it’s quality you can trust.

Also, the tattoo kit includes 27 disposable tips which ensure high health standards. Besides, your safety is also put into consideration. In the tattooing affair, blood is evident, and you don’t want into contact with else you get infected. As a result, the kit comes with pairs of disposable gloves that you throw away after every use. Read also: Top Best Gloves in Golf Gloves in 2021.

You don’t need to undergo trouble getting your tool adjusted. There is a set of adjusting tools for that purpose. Also, it features a practice skin where you can practice until you get perfect to practice on a real skin.

Also, if you have not experience in tattooing business, you’re not left out either. It features a CD bearing the instructions and actual tattoo designs that should get you going.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, apprentice or just a starter tattooist. This kit is created for everyone. With full accessories and the guide, you are bound to cherish their purchase for years.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

When I say that Dragonhawk is the leader when it comes to tattoo kits, chances are 99.99 percent that I am right. They understand their craft too well and they’ll to whatever lengths to see to it that you are satisfied. They’ve designed a tattoo kit that promises the mastery of the craft by beginners and one that will make professional artists perfect in their art. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is the legend we’re talking about here. It’s attracted numerous positive reviews on Amazon, and professional customers are rarely wrong.

The tattoo kit comprises of 4 machine guns or tunings with each playing it own role. Each of the machines has copper coils and steel frame for conductivity and durability purposes.

The tattoo kit does not only come with machines. It also has more accessories that’ll be useful in your tattoo career. There is a digital power supply unique to Dragonhawk that connects to the mains for powering the unit. It features a frame made of electrically conductive materials and with a stable steel frame which gives it the workhorse power.

What’s more, you don’t need to go buying ink. This unit comes with 20 bottles of vibrant immortal ink made by trusted dealer. It is consistent, vegan-friendly, holds of first application, safe for on a real human skin and does not fade easily.

Even more, regarding security of your tattoo kit, you’re sorted. It does not come with just any carrying case but one with a key. As such, any time you are not using your tools, you can lock them inside, and they remain safe.

Also, it comes with 304 steel tips and soldering clean material. There are plenty reasons why that is so. It ensures that you change the tips and wash after each use. Secondly, they are of steel construction to ensure that they are sturdy enough not to break as you work, which can turn out dangerous.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Comfort is a key consideration when working with tattoo machines. And choosing a kit that’ll ensure a tight yet safe grip will ensure that you work for long hours without feeling exhausted. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit has been designed with you in mind, and that’s why it comes with 4 grips that ensure that you don’t develop clamps when working.

A tattoo shop whether a start-up or old has to found upon safety and health backgrounds if it is to survive and live to tell its history. HIV infections are a possibility if the tools are not handled with care. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit has put that into consideration and includes 50 sterile tattoo needles to inculcate safe tattooing practice.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is ideal for starters as well as veterans. It comes with all the accompaniments you need to practice safe tattooing. And with a lockable carrying case, nothing can be it.

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

Pirate Face is also a leading figure in the tattooing industry, and you can trust their tattoo kit is high-quality. It doesn’t matter whether you are starter looking to learn the art, an apprentice or a professional tattoo artist. You need a kit that delivers what it promises. And that is no other than Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder. If you are a professional looking to switching after utter disappointments from your previous machine, then you are on top of the game already. It includes what other tattoos kits promise yet they fail miserably in delivering. Why should this tattoo kit be your choice?

Most tattoo kits will come with only two machine guns for shading and lining. However, Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder features 4 tattoo machine guns that’ll allow you to do black and gray shading. It has 10 coils that push make the armature move up and down when drawing.

Besides, you’ll have no one to blame for not making perfect tattoos that your clients will thank you for. Forget about those cheap and unsafe inks that’ll only dent your reputation as an artist. You have a reason to smile as acquiring this tattoo kit means laying your hands on 7 bottles of radiant tattoo ink for perfect tattoos. And you cannot doubt the quality as a reputable company makes it in the US.

It can be annoying to purchase a kit only to discover that it does not include all accessories and you have to incur an extra cost. You can save your safe that agony. This unit includes all the tattoo supplies you’ll need for learning or even doing the real thing if you are a professional tattoo artist.

Included in the accessory kit is a carrying case that ensures safe storage for your kits preventing loss and ensuring that you stay organized. Besides, it makes it possible to transport your kit from place to another.

Also, it includes a power supply for the unit which is what you use to connect to the mains to get it operating. Cases of the power supply failing after a few days are common, but you can be sure this one will see better days as it rugged for durability.

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Tattoo Kit
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

It comes with an assortment of 50 sterilize needles to get you started. And the fact that they are sterilized means that they are safe for use on the skin. The needles are designed for various roles. In the mix, you’ll find shaders, magnums, and liners. Not to forget that they come in 10 different sizes giving you a wide range of choice.

What’s more, it includes 100 ink cups that hold the ink safely as you dip your needles. Besides, some grips and gloves will offer you the comfort as well as the needed safety when working on a real human skin. Mentioning the skin, you’ll also be glad as it comes with a practice skin that you can try first before graduating to drawing on real humans.

Also, it comes with 8 stainless steel tips which are also sterilized. That allows you to tattoo while ensuring the utmost safety of your clients. Besides, the steel construction guarantees durability and prevents corrosion.

The manufacturer has confidence in the quality of the machine. And that is why they are willing to back the tattoo machines and the power supply with a 6-month warranty. That should allow you to test it risk-free as you learn the ropes.

What’s more, when I say this tattoo kit is was designed with the users in mind, you have to believe me. The manufacturer is intent on making you the best tattoo artist you can make. As such, there is a free 240 pages instruction book and a DVD combo that’ll help in your practice.

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder is ideal for professionals and beginners alike. It is designed to offer you the best experience in the tattooing craft.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

It’s approaching two decades since Dragonhawk began specialization in tattoos machines and their accessories. And with such an experience, doubting their expertise would be the greatest injustice. They understand the trade perfectly well, and that’s why they created a tattoo kit that has taken over the market. Rated highly on Amazon and attracting many customer reviews, you’ll not find any better tattoo kit. Not to mention that the kit has been ranked #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

If you are looking for an affordable unit that’ll deliver the desired results, then it’s Complete Tattoo Kit 2. It’s simply the charm that’ll leave your clients satisfied and turn them into long-term clients. And you know too well what that means for your business. It comes with all the features you’d desire a tattoo kit to possess. And you’ll agree that the properties of any particular unit, tattoo kits included don’t lie.

The tattoo includes most of the tools that you’d need to start your craft. Remember what we stated in our introduction? Make sure that the each tool in the tattoo kit plays its individual role. Included are two tattoo machines. You use one of the machines for outlining and blackwork while the other is for shading and coloring.

Tattoo professional will tell you why it’s important to make sure that you get the best quality inks for your craft. It would be a lifetime nightmare working with inks made form harsh chemical ingredients and causing serious injuries to the skin of the clients. Of course, you don’t want to get involved in lawsuits. As such, you have to acquire quality inks from reputable brands. This tattoo kit comes with 10 popular immortal tattoo inks from only a renowned brand made in the US for the safety of your clients as well as excellent tattoos.

A tattoo kit has to include a power supply that you have to connect to the mains to convert the power to the wattage for the machine. Complete Tattoo Kit 2 features a LED power supply coupled with a foot pedal and clip cord. What’s more, the tattoo kit adopts space aluminum as the material ensures conductivity, durability and to keep it corrosion-free.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2
Top 10 Best Tattoo Kits In 2021 Reviews 4

If you are to avoid infections, then your needles have to be sterilized. Without an autoclave, which beginners find costly, it would be ideal to start with disposable needles. This unit is complete without Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilized tattoo needles. Also, the tattoo tips are also sterilized to ensure safe tattooing that your client will be left with nothing else but adore. Everything that you as a tattoo artist requires to kick-start your tattooing career has been included in the packaging.

Complete Tattoo Kit 2 is designed for starter tattooing artists to allow you learn your way up into a professional. It makes tattooing simple even for those who have never done it before but would like to enter into the lucrative business.


As a beginner tattooist or a pro, you need a tattoo kit that delivers what it promises. You need a user-friendly tool that will act as a companion in cool tattoo drawing. It’s our hope that our reviews will make your shopping easier.

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