Top 10 Best Tea Makers Reviewed In 2022

Tea is a delicious antioxidant-rich drink with numerous health benefits. Its effect on the cardiovascular system, for instance, is impressive. It reduces the risk of strokes. It also reduces the risk of heart attacks among individuals of all age groups. Apart from going for regular check-ups and eating healthy, add tea to your diet to prevent these issues.

With the statistics on obesity alarming globally, the hunt for effective weight loss remedies is a never-ending endeavor. If you have changed your lifestyle and revised your diet to solve this problem, drink tea often will help fast track your results. The plethora of antioxidants in its formula not only improve metabolism but also strengthen the immune system as well.

Finally, tea has cancer-fighting properties. It slow and stops the development of various types of cancers including stomach and esophageal ones. To enjoy these and other benefits the quality of the tea that you drink matters. Once you have identified a suitable brand, consider purchasing one of our recommended tea makers to cook delicious tea on demand. They are durable. They also have BPA-free components and advanced electrical technology that cook delicious tea every time.

10. Chef’s Star Infuser Tea Maker

Chef's Star Functional Infuser Tea Maker - Premium Stainless Steel Tea Infuser - Heat Resistant Glass

People have used pots to cook tea for decades. Even though effective, they are slow and unsafe. Tea extraction, on the other hand, is not optimal, which denies its drinkers its myriad of benefits. To take tea making to the next level on a budget, Chef’s Star tea maker works the best. Featuring a premium stainless steel body, it is both durable and aesthetic. The materials also easy to clean and has a scratch resistant surface that users like.

Because of its simplicity, many people underestimate this product’s ability to cook delicious tea. Do not make the same mistake. Fitted with a heat-resistant glass brewer, for instance, it distributes heat well to maximize tea extraction. The touch controls offered are easy to use, while its ability to cook tea from loose leaves, tea bags, and herbal ingredients is impressive.

Chef’s Star Infuser Tea Maker has a large 16-ounce capacity. Per session, therefore, you will cook up to four cups of hot and delicious tea at home. It also has a stable design, a safe electrical system, and a removable stainless steel strainer that filters loose particles.


  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Removable stainless steel strainer
  • Sturdy and space-efficient design
  • Works with tea bags, loose leaves, and herbs


  • Loose infuser basket
  • Small capacity (16-ounces)

9. Chefman RJ11-17-GP

Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric Kettle, Silver

Chefman RJ11-17-GP is an excellent household product with many important features. If you enjoy drinking tea, for instance but hate waiting for minutes for water to boil in a pot, this product is ideal. Featuring a powerful electrical system, it boils water faster that most stovetops and microwaves. It is also power efficient and has an advanced temperature control (precision) that guarantees optimal brewing every time. Apart from cooking delicious tea, you can also use it to brew coffee or cook oatmeal.

Chefman RJ11-17-GP has a versatile design that you will enjoy using at home. Even though simple, the 1.7 liters of cooking space that it offers meets the needs of most individuals. Its sturdy swivel based (360-degrees) detaches for easier serving, while the infusers offered is perfect for value addition. You can use it to infuse flavors to your tea, for instance, and have a memorable time. Finally, because of its transparent surface, you can easily monitor the tea making process from a distance.

Unlike some tea makers with questionable longevity, this model will serve you well for long. The quality glass used to make its pot, for instance, is shutter proof. It is also stain-proof and fitted onto a durable silver-finished body that does not chip nor fades. Overall, you get a well-rounded electric tea maker that delivers.


  • Durable well-rounded design
  • Clear shutter proof cooking pot
  • Sturdy swivel base
  • Aesthetic design
  • Fast heating technology
  • Power efficient
  • Perfect for cooking tea, coffee, and oats


  • Loud and annoying beep

8. Mr. Coffee BVMC-TM33

Mr. Coffee Tea Cafe Iced Tea Maker, Black, BVMC-TM33

Do you enjoy drinking iced tea? Instead of buying the bland ready-made ones in supermarkets, consider preparing your own. This is not as frustrating as its sounds. With a quality iced tea maker such as Mr. Coffee BVMC-TM33 in hand, expect fast and professional results. Featuring a compact black body, it blends and works well in kitchens without cluttering space. Its fast and efficient brewing technology, on the other hand, has fast brewing cycles that work well with both tea leaves and flavored tea bags.

At full capacity, Mr. Coffee BVMC-TM33 makes up to 2.5 quarts of fresh and delicious tea. Unlike its competitors that are small and inefficient, it can satisfy the demands of medium-sized to large families effortlessly. This tea maker has brew selector for customizing the strength of the tea or coffee that it makes. You also get an auto shutoff feature for safety and a water filter that eliminates up to 97% of chlorine from water.


  • Effective water filter
  • Auto shutoff safety feature
  • Brew selector
  • Impressive 2.5-quart capacity
  • Compact and clutter-free design
  • Dishwasher safe pitcher


  • Pitcher made of glass

7. Utopia Kitchen French Coffee Press and Tea Maker

French Coffee Press (Black) - 34 oz, Espresso and Tea Maker with Triple Filters, Stainless Steel Plunger and Heat Resistant Glass - By Utopia Kitchen

Utopia Kitchen is a valuable brand that has helped individuals to cook and eat healthy in homes. It is also a popular brand in restaurants because of its versatility and impressive quality. This French Coffee Press and Tea Maker, for instance, is a must-have by tea and coffee lovers for several reasons. Its well-engineered design, for instance, is safe and built to cook or brew faster than its competition. Its plunging technology extracts tea and coffee well, while its ease of use appeals to most homeowners.

Do not stress yourself with unsafe pots and or power-wasting microwaves whenever you want to enjoy a quality cup of tea. Fully automated, this product will do the legwork for you. If you set it up well and follow its instruction, you will cook up to eight cups of delicious tea (34-ounces) without lifting a finger. All parts are BPA-free, stain-proof, and covered by a money back guarantee.

This French Press from Utopia Kitchen is durable, easy to use, and has a Triple Filter Screens that sieve solids efficiently. You will enjoy having one at home or in your office’s kitchen.


  • 34-ounce capacity
  • Sturdy and easy to use design
  • Cooks both tea and coffee
  • Money-back guaranty
  • BPA-free borosilicate glass pot
  • Triple filter screens keep beverages smooth


  • Not long lasting

6. Teavana Perfectea Maker

Black Teavana Perfectea Maker 16oz

A bestseller on Amazon, The Perfectea by Teavana is a popular 16-ounce tea maker that delivers restaurant-grade results at home. Perfect for cooking plain and flavored tea, its versatility is desirable. Once you have added tea and water (at the correct temperature), it cooks and dispenses tea automatically. This is unlike some models that depend on electricity, cooktops, or stovetops to cook tea.

Even though simple, never question this tea maker’s longevity. With an original, you get a versatile 16-ounce accessory (capacity) with premium components. Its glass body, for instance, is not only stain proof but also durable. Over the years, you do not have to worry about it cracking, scratching, or staining as some low-grade ones often do. You also get a durable four-piece design that you can disassemble for easier cleaning and a patented drain mechanism that lasts long. Teavana Perfectea is a good all-around product.

For those with a tight budget, Teavana Perfectea maker will come to your aid in many ways. In stores such as Amazon, for instance, you do not have the break the bank to own one. It is also low maintenance and does not need electricity to work.


  • Portable high-performance design
  • Durable design
  • Patented drain mechanism
  • Easy to operate
  • Prepares both flavored and plain tea


  • Made of plastic

5. Breville BTM800XL

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In the tea maker’s niche, you get what you pay for. Even though the cheaply made budget products in stores work for some time, disappointments and heartaches are popular results. However, even though priced higher, quality products such as Breville BTM800XL offer value for money in the long-term. Recommended for on-the-go individuals, for instance, its effective low profile design is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The convenient one-touch brewing technology it employs has also won the hearts of tea lovers all over the world.

Fully automated, this product takes tea making to the next level. The tea basket it comes with, for instance, rises and lowers on its own to maximize tea extraction. The variable temperate control offered enables you to customize tea making, while its keep warm feature maintains an ideal temperature for drinking. After preparation, therefore, you do not have to worry about your tea getting cold four 60 minutes if this tea maker is in operation.

Breville BTM800XL has durable glass and stainless steel components that serve users well for long. It also has a bright LCD screen for customizing its functionality and a powerful 1500-watt heating element that lasts long.


  • Powerful 1500-watt heating element
  • Durable glass and stainless steel components
  • Fully automated system
  • 60-minute keep-warm feature
  • One-touch brewing technology


  • Expensive

4. Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot, 700ml

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru is a professional-grade tea maker that cooks up to 700ml of delicious tea. Even though non-ideal for individuals with large families, bachelors and students appreciate its value. The stain-resistant Hario Japanese glass used to make it, for instance, is durable. It also heats up and distributes heat well. This maximizes tea extraction and improves the quality of the tea that it makes. Finally, this material lacks chemicals such as phthalates and BPA found in low-grade plastics.

If space is an issue at home or in your dorm room, consider buying this tea maker. Even though effective as the large and expensive models in stores, it does not clutter personal space. Cleaning is also simple and its easy to use design recommended for individuals of all skill levels. Purchase from Amazon today.


  • Compact high-performance design
  • Works with most stovetops
  • Durable Hario Japanese glass
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Built-in stainless steel basket


  • Small capacity (700ml)

3. Mr. Coffee TM70

Mr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker, 3-Quart, Blue

As other Mr. Coffee kitchen products, TM70 is a valuable tea and coffee maker with a three-quart blue-themed design. Even with its compact and simple design, it is popular than most larger and elaborate models because of its performance. Ranked among the top 10 best tea makers reviewed in 2022, for instance, its portable 8-1/2 x 15-1/2 x 12-1/2-inch design appeals to campers. Its powerful brewing technology, on the other hand, extracts tea from bagged and loose tea leaves better than its competition.

Mr. Coffee TM70 has an adjustable brew strength. Whether you like potent tea or a mild cup or two in morning, you can easily customize its system to suit your needs. It also has a removable brew basket that maximizes tea extraction and a free dishwasher-safe pitcher for serving tea. Finally, you get an easy to use on an off button, a clear water window for monitoring cooking, and a one-year warranty that covers all of its defects.


  • One-year warranty
  • Removable brew basket
  • Portable design
  • Convenient on and off controls


  • Low capacity (three quarts)

2. Ovente KG83B

Ovente KG83B Glass Electric Kettle, 1.5-L, Black

Ovente KG83B is an electricity-powered tea maker with a durable and aesthetic glass body that does not leech flavors or nutrients. Cordless, it is super-convenient to use. Capacity is approximately 1.5-litres, while its concealed heating element (1500-watts) is up to 85% efficient that stovetop kettles. Apart from enjoying quality tea, you also save money in the long term.

Safety is another of its major strengths. If you are forgetful, for instance, Ovente KG83B has an automated shut-off feature that prevents it from overheating. It also has boil-dry protection and a non-slip rotary (360-degrees) power base with built-in cord storage. The one-year warranty offered covers all manufacturing defects.


  • One-year warranty
  • Effective safety features
  • Convenient cordless design
  • Concealed 1500-watt heating element
  • Reasonably priced


  • Gets hot

1. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle 8-Cups, 34 Oz Best Coffee Press Pot with Stainless Steel & Heat Resistant Glass

Backed by a five-year replacement warranty, this coffee and tea French press tops our list. Made heat resistant glass and stainless steel, its durability and performance are admirable. Capacity is approximately 34-ounces, while its fast and easy to use design extracts tea leaves better than most brands.

Apart from its performance, the numerous add-ons this French Press comes with have made it a preferred accessory for thousands. Its real stainless steel lid, for instance, contains pressure well. You also get four filter screens (stainless steel) that support all coffee grinds and a double German glass carafe that lasts long.


  • Durable components
  • Fast and efficient system
  • Impressive 34-ounce capacity
  • Makes both tea and coffee


  • Expensive


Most individuals enjoy drinking tea every morning because of its affordability and nutritional value. If you are part of this group and want to improve how you cook, our recommended top 10 tea makers work the best. They are safe for day-to-day use. They are also efficient and designed to cook delicious tea fast.

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