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Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews

With the diversity of toddler beds in the market, choosing the best remains a challenging task, particularly to first time mothers. Even though most go for the cheapest beds or those publicized in television and web advertisements, never make the same mistake if you want the best experience for your child. Instead, choose a comfortable bed that your baby boy or girl will enjoy sleeping on a daily basis. It should be durable, manufactured using baby-safe components, and have functional safety features that prevent irritation and or injuries. Currently, the top 10 best beds that meet this threshold are:

10. Step2 Corvette Bed with Lights

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 1

Do you have a baby boy or girl who likes playing with toy vehicles? Are you looking for a comfortable and functional toddler bed that he or she will like sleeping on at night? This red, silver, and black-themed corvette bed might be the best product for you. It is super comfortable, has stylish corvette decals that toddlers find eye-catching, and a durable and baby-safe poly-construction that is easy to clean using soap and water. This bed is easy to assemble. It is also affordable, realistic, and has working LED headlights.

9. Dream on Me Classic Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 2

Dream on Me is an angelic white classic toddler bed built to meet all current ASTM standards. It is affordable, super comfortable, and has a solid wood construction with a child-safe finish that lacks lead and other contaminants. This bed is CPSC-certified. Its low-profile and easy to mount design eases transitioning from cribs to beds, while its fitted safety side rails protect toddlers from rolling and falling whilst a sleep. Dream on Me is affordable. It fits all standard crib mattresses and has a simple to assemble design.

8. Davinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 3

As its name suggests, Davinci Sleigh is a well-designed sleight-themed toddler bed with an aesthetic espresso theme. It has a sturdy wooden frame, a low profile design that is easy to climb during bedtime, and a baby-safe multi-step pain that lacks heavy metals and toxic chemicals such as lead and phthalates. It has a maximum weight capacity of approximately 50-pounds. It is also easy to setup, ships independently tested to exceed current ASTM international safety standards, and has a replacement warranty for parts.

7. KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

Princess Toddler Bed

Designed for girls, Princess Toddle bed by KidKraft is a super-cute and functional household accessory with a low-to-the-ground design for easier access. It has a sturdy frame, decorative bed rails that protect toddlers from falling, and a comfortable crib-sized mattress that guarantees a smooth transition from cribs to beds. This bed supports up to 50 pounds. With its excellent artisanship, feminine pink finish, and its novel foot and headboard, your baby girl will feel like royalty whenever she lays to sleep.

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6. Delta Children’s Products Minnie Mouse Canopy Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 4

Minnie Mouse Canopy Toddler Bed by Delta Children is a stylish and brand new bed for kids that features interesting characters such as Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse. It is child-friendly, has an adorable sheer canopy that kids enjoy playing in, and a sturdy frame with a comfortable bed that offers a relaxing ambiance whilst in use. As most high-end models, it is very easy to assemble. It meets all JPMA safety standards and is attainable cheap online.

5. KidKraft Race Car Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 5

Designed to fit most crib mattresses, KidKraft Race Car is a comfortable toddler bed with a low-to-the-ground design that eases access. It is durable, has a built-in foot bed, and has a colorful race car artwork. This bed fits most crib mattresses. It has bed rails for safety, a built in footrest for support, and a sturdy and baby-safe plastic frame that is very easy to clean when dirty.

4. Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 6

Favored in top 10 best toddler beds in 2022 reviews, Orbelle 3-6T is a contemporary-looking espresso-themed toddler bed with a solid wood frame that lasts long. It is affordable, set up at an ergonomic height that is easy to get into and out of, and has functional safety features including two side guardrails. It is perfect for transitioning from cribs, has a simple and easy-to-assemble design, and lacks irritants such as lead, BPA, and phthalates.

3. Delta Children’s Products Disney Pixar Cars Wood Toddler Bed

Delta Children's Products Disney Pixar Cars Wood Toddler Bed

Featuring a brand new Lighting McQueen design, this Disney Pixar Car by Delta Children’s Products is a well-designed wooden toddler bed built for optimal support and safety. It has authentic car decals, a sturdy wooden frame that withstands constant abuse, and a comfortable bed that supports and cushions kids well for a relaxing sleeping experience. This toddler bed is affordable and meets all current JPMA safety requirements. Assembled, it measures 19-inches x 29-inches x 55-inches and supports up to 40 pounds.

2. DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed

DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed - White

With the angelic white theme people know and like DaVinci toddler beds for, DaVinci Modena is an aesthetic and high-performance accessory that meets all international ASTM safety standards. It fits all standard crib mattresses, has a low profile design that supports up to 50 pounds, and a sturdy build that lasts long. It is also affordable, relatively easy to assemble, and qualifies for a free parts replacement warranty from DaVinci.

1. KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Top 10 Best Toddler Beds In 2022 Reviews 7

Compact, ergonomic, and made of durable and baby-safe components, KidKraft Fire Truck tops our list of the best toddler beds in the market. It has a sturdy wood construction, a weight-capacity of 50 pounds, and stylish silk-screened details that boost aesthetics. It also has wide ladder cutouts for easier access, supportive bed rails, and a large storage compartment.


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