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Top 10 Best Toner Cartridges Reviewed In 2022

Preferred to ink cartridges, toner cartridges are economical printing accessories that also score high in terms of clarity and cost-effectiveness. Finally, if you print in bulk, toner cartridges not only last longer, but also easier to replace when emptied. If you have a toner-based printer with a spent cartridge and you are shopping for a replacement model that will offer a comparable level of service, buy one of the 10 models listed to get value.

10. Brother OEM TN-221BK, TN-221C, TN-221M and TN-221Y

Brother OEM TN-221BK, TN-221C, TN-221M and TN-221Y. (Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow , 4-Pack)

Do you have a Brother printer that you use occasionally at home or in your office? Are you shopping for a quality toner cartridge to replace the empty one in your machine? Even though tempting, do not buy the cheap knock off that some individuals refill online. A quality Brother OEM product such as this one will serve you better. With an original package, you get four toner cartridges (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black) that work with most printers.

Even though expensive than some brands on Amazon, you get a valuable product that will serve you well for several months. In black, for instance, you will print up to 2500 high-quality pages (deep black) of your documents or assignments. The ink is clear and does not smudge on most types of paper, as some low-grade brands often do. Color options such as cyan, yellow, and magenta, on the other hand, print up to 1500 pages in full color. This is also impressive.

Low-quality toner cartridges have a propensity to damage printers because of their low-grade components. This is not the case with Brother OEM. Because you get an originally manufactured product with quality components, it prints well. It also maintains the integrity of printers longer.


  • Quality OEM components
  • 2500 pages in black
  • 1500 pages in color
  • Compatible with most printers


  • Leak often

9. Brother TN-315 Toner Cartridge

Brother TN-315 Toner Cartridge ( Black,Cyan,Magenta,Yellow , 4-Pack )

Brother is a popular brand with numerous personal and commercial-grade printers in its arsenal. Compared to some brands, it also excels in the quality of toner cartridges that it produces. If you shopping for a replacement, for instance, and choose Brother TN-315, a pack of four premium toners for day-to-day use. Carefully packaged the cartridges (magenta, yellow, cyan, and black) last long. They also work well with numerous brother printers and have versatile designs that take printing to the next level.

Whether you work at home or in a commercial office, buy this set to print up to 3,500 letter and A4-size pages in black and white. Because of their high-yielding designs, print output is impressive. Unlike inkjet cartridges, for instance, you do not have to worry about smudges or see-through text as you submit your assignments. Prints are also long lasting devoid of the type of paper that you use.

Brother TN-315 Toner Cartridges are true to size. Unlike some comparable brands that run small or large, you do not have to struggle to install them in your printer. Once your original toners run out, simply slide them into their respective cartridge slots to resume your printing job(s).


  • True to size
  • Quality smudge-free prints
  • High-yielding designs
  • 3,500 letter and A4 pages
  • Work well in most printers


  • Expensive

8. Samsung Toner MLT-D101S

Samsung Toner MLT-D101S

Most individuals appreciate the value that Samsung printers offer users. Most models are fast. They are also quiet and have reliable systems that do not break down as often as some comparable brands often do. However, without the correct toner, the high-end machine you purchased will be nothing more than a piece of junk in a few years. To breathe new life into it with a new toner, Samsung Toner MLT-D101S is one of the best products for many reasons.

Have you ever bought a refilled toner for your printer only for it to fail after 100 or so pages? Samsung Toner MLT-D101S is not one of those products. Featuring a durable high-yielding design, it prints up to 1500 clear pages of business documents, reports, and or assignments. Considering its price, value for money is impressive. Installation and removal are also simple. Because this toner is true to size, it fit comfortably incompatible printers. It also has original and printer-safe components that do not lower the value nor the productivity of printers.


  • Original and printer-safe components
  • High yielding designs (up to 1500 pages)
  • Generates high-quality prints
  • Easy to install and remove (true to size)


  • None

7. HP 85A

HP 85A Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge

LaserJet HP printers are efficient office and personal accessories that have improved how individuals generate documents. Paired with a quality toner cartridge such as HP 85A, the quality of prints they deliver is out of this world. What makes this LaserJet toner special? Because it is original, you get a high yielding accessory that prints up to 1600 pages in black. For students, business executives, and those running commercial bureaus, this is impressive.

Designed to fit and work well in several models of HP LaserJet Pro printers, this toner is versatile. Whether you have an M1136, M1132, M1212nf, P1102, and P1102 printer, expect memorable results with an original from Amazon. Finally, the ability of this toner to generate clear and consistent prints has made it a sought-after product worldwide. Whenever it is in use, you do not have to worry about your prints smudging or your printer jamming because of incompatible components. You get value every time.

HP 85A LaserJet Toner is affordable. It has an admirable 8.5-litre capacity and comes ready to use.


  • 8.5-litre capacity
  • Quality prints (up to 1600 pages
  • Works with most printers
  • Attainable ready to use


  • Expensive

6. Samsung MLT-D111S

Samsung MLT-D111S Toner Cartridges - Black

Recommended for use with most Samsung laser printers, Samsung MLT-D111S has a typical print yield of around 1000 pages (letter or A4). Even though this is lower that some products reviewed herein, its cost per page is significantly lower than its competition. Print clarity is also better and satisfactory to most individuals. If you have a compatible laser printer at home or in your office, consider using this product. It is of high quality and designed to work well in most machines without damaging their systems.

Every day, millions of individuals spend hefty amounts on printing costs. If you already have a printer, Samsung MLT-D111S is a popular product for cost cutting. The fact that you are getting high-quality prints, for instance, is a cost cutting measure by itself. You do not have to waste paper printing a document repeatedly because of its unsatisfactory quality. Pricing is also impressive. In addition to its cheap forefront cost, store such as Amazon offered discounted rated for an original, which is impressive. For those conscious about the safety of their printers, Samsung MLT-D111S toner meets the require ISO/IEC 19752 standard.


  • Meets ISO/IEC 19752 standard
  • Retails cheap online
  • Up to 1000 pages (black)
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Perfect for home and office use


  • None

5. Canon Original 104

Canon Original 104 Toner Cartridge - Black

If you have an original Canon printer, service it with this original 104 toner to get faster and better prints. Perfect for printing all types of documents, this black toner lasts long. At 5% coverage, for instance, it prints over 2000 high-quality pages. In greyscale, you will most probably get significantly more pages out of this sought-after toner.

In addition to its high yielding design, most individuals appreciate the versatility of this toner. Even though designed or Canon printers, it fits and works well in most types of printers without compromising their performance in any way. If the toner in your printer runs out and its OEM toner has run out of stock, this one might come to your aid.

Canon Original 104 works maintenance-free. It works well with several imageCLASS fax phone printers and meets the recommended ISO/IEC standard. Buy yours to enjoy its value.


  • Meets recommended ISO/IEC standard
  • Fits and work in most printers
  • High yielding design (2000 pages)
  • Readily available
  • Impressive cost per page


  • Slow shipping

4. Canon Original 128

Canon Original 128 Toner Cartridge - Black

As the Canon 104 toner cartridge listed, Canon 128 is a professional-grade accessory that delivers memorable results. Designed to print up to 2100 high-definition pages (A4), for instance, it works well in commercial settings. Parts are genuine (100%) and high yielding, while its affordability appeals to most individuals. This product has an advanced single cartridge system that combines is drum and toner. This is convenient, particularly during installation.

Designed to meet the required, ISO/IEC Standard, Canon Original 128 is safe for use in most printers. Whether you have an MF4890DW, L190, D550, L100, MF4770N, or MF4880DW model, you will never regret buying a quality one from Amazon.


  • Compatible with most printers
  • ISO/IEC Standard-compliant
  • Easy to install single cartridge
  • High yielding (2100 pages)


  • Poor customer service

3. HP 85A (CE285A)

HP 85A (CE285A) Black Original LaserJet Toner Cartridge

Considered among the best products in top 10 best toner cartridges reviewed in 2022, HP 85A (CE285A) never disappoints. This original black toner cartridge for LaserJet printers works well. It is also cheap and has a reliable design with a yield capacity of 1600 pages.

Whether you want crisp text and or sharp black and white images, that toner cartridge works the best. Its quality is impressive. While in use, it not only lowers downtime but also delivers consistent and professional results on a budget.


  • Crisp text and images
  • Impressive yield (1600 pages)
  • Easy to install


  • Generic
  • Expensive

2. E-Z Ink Compatible Toner Cartridge

E-Z Ink (TM) Compatible Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother TN630 TN660 High Yield (1 Black Toner)

A perfect toner for Brother TN660 and TN630 printers, E-Z Ink is a high-yield toner cartridge that prints up to 2,600 pages (A4). Installation is straightforward, while its ISO 9001 certified design is safe and very easy to install.

Even though cheap, E-Z Ink is a professional-grade accessory backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You also get a one-year warranty for parts for each toner purchased. If you purchase an original that fails to meet your expectations, you can return it hassle-free and get a replacement.


  • Very easy to replace
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • One-year warranty on parts
  • High yielding design (2600 pages)
  • ISO 9001 certified design


  • Questionable print quality

1. Brother TN450

Brother TN450 High Yield Black Toner - Retail Packaging

For the best experience in your home or office, Brother TN450 tops our list of the best toner cartridges for 2022. It is durable, high yielding (2600 pages), and has a single cartridge design that combines both toner and drum. During installation, you deal with one all-in-one accessory and not two.

Designed to meet ISO/IEC 19752 standards, it works safely in most brother printers. Grays and blacks are rich and subtle, which makes it ideal for printing important documents. Forget about the blotchy and grainy prints you get from your existing toner cartridge.


  • Rich and subtle prints
  • ISO/IEC 19752 standards-compliant
  • Easy to install all-in-one design
  • High yielding (2600 pages)
  • Cost effective system


  • Short return period (30 days)


Most of us depend on printers to generate reports, documents, and assignment for personal or professional use. However, with the poor quality toners some individuals use, print quality drops significantly. Do not be part of this statistic. With one of our recommended toner cartridges, expect best results in your home or commercial office.

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