Top 10 Best Towel Warmers in 2019 Reviews

Towel warmers provide splendor for the bathroom. In all honesty, there is nothing great like covering yourself in a warm and toasty towel after having a shower in winter. The towel warmer gives warmth and comfort, safety experience due to its incorporated UV light for killing germs. The standard warmer maintains your towels warm and dry bathrobes. If you are having a central heating system or hot-water running system, then you need to acquire this product. Traditional heated towel bars radiate period crafty to provide warmth to the bathroom with the electrically powered traditional rack can generate 400 watts. However, the modern ones feature energy-efficient heating elements making them more popular among users.

Factors to consider when buying the best towel warmer

Safety features

The towel warmer of your choice should incorporate an automatic shut-off feature. This is, therefore, the most significant features to consider when it comes to safety consideration.


Examine your available floor space and vanity. A wall-mounted unit may be great for those who have a small bathroom. The cabinet-style warmer can be suitable if you possess an open or sturdy shelving and double vanity. If you have the big floor space, consider a freestanding one.


Before you acquire a towel warmer, contemplate about the permanence of your structure first. This is because some wall-mounted warmers require hardwired by an expert. If you are a tenant, then your go-to towel warmer must be freestanding one. With this model of towel warmer, using any power outlet is possible.


The ideal tower warmer should not only make towel toasty but also eliminate moisture builds up leading to lack of proper ventilation. The moisture absorbed gives mildew and unpleasant scent. Consider buying a towel warmer that keeps the towel dry and retain that cotton smell clean.

Top 10 Best Towel Warmers in 2019 Reviews

10. AW 23L UV Sterilizer 2in1 Hot Towel Warmer

This towel warmer is CE certified thus reassuring sterilization and ensuring the safety of your towels. In all honesty, the towel warmer holds about 50-60 towels pieces in total. It uniformly and thoroughly warms both disposable and traditional towels. The inbuilt UV sterilizer kills towels germ making this appliance safe. The powerful microcomputer regulates temperature limiting it from exceeding 70 degree Celsius. What more, the interior aluminum chamber ensures improved heat conduction. The critical thing is that no assembly required.


• Aluminum inner chamber
• Accommodated 50-60pcs towels
• Has lower and upper shelves
• Built-in UV sterilizer
• Microcomputer temperature controller of about 70 Celsius/158 Fahrenheit
• Removable tray underneath

9. Elite HC-X Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

Elite HC-X Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer is the best companion for massage studio business owner. The warmer keeps a constant temperature of approx. 150-160 degrees thus warming the towel uniformly. The unit features interior towel rack which accommodates 24 facial-sized towels (small size). So too, the incorporated drip pan keeps typically your clean and dry by collecting the water from the inside. It also has an insulated cabinet with a wall-covered heating component that provides consistent heating all over the chamber of the cabinet. This product is very reliable and reasonable in cost.



• Holds about 24-facial-sized towels
• Contain Insulated cabinet coupled wall padded heating element
• Has internal temperature control
• Incorporates interior towel rack and water-drip pan

8. Koval Inc. UV Light Salon Spa Towel Warmer

Koval Inc. Towel Warmer features sterilizer function which is perfect for both domestic and commercial use. The integrated aluminum inner chamber offers better heat conduction. Its inbuilt ultraviolet light plays a very vital role in ensuring that no germ survives in the towel whatsoever. With 5L capacity, this cabinet can accommodate eight terrycloth facial or 22 disposable towels. The potent microcomputer regulates temperature restraining it from getting beyond 75 degree Celsius. For the notable organization, it features a detachable shelf and tray. The pull-down opening is handy for keeping the towel organized inside the cabinet.


• Holds eight terrycloth facial or 22 disposable towels
• Has aluminum inner chamber construction
• Has inbuilt ultraviolet light for sterilizing towels
• Microcomputer control temperature functional unit
• Has detachable shelf and tray

7. Elite Mini Hot Towel Cabinet

This is a slightly small towel warmer that looks attractive. Therefore, towel warmer is undoubtedly your great companion especially if you have a message center. It can accommodate 12-facial-sized towels. The internal temperature controller prevents the unit from overheat. The insulated cabinet coupled wall padded heating element all over the interior wall. This guarantees constant heating in the unit. This is a superb quality towel warmer at a realistic price.


• Internal temperature controller utility
• Accommodates 12-facial-sized towels
• Incorporates insulated cabinet coupled wall padded heating element
• Has aluminum inner chamber construction

6. LCM Home Fashion Freestanding 6-Bar Towel Warmer

This is a must-have unit for warming your towel in the winter. Unlike the other models, this one can warm and dry your towels very fast leaving them fresh and crisp. The unit features a light switch which usually lights up whenever the unit is switched on. It is made using brush chrome-plated finish and Aluminum frame. Temperature rises to 122 F optimal temperature within half an hour


• Includes freestanding feet and wall mounting brackets
• Has on/off switch
• Has brush chrome-plated finish and aluminum frame construction
• Internal temperature controller
• 6-Foot cord design having dry lined power

5. Spa Luxe Cabinet Towel warmer

This is yet another elegant, charming and fantastic towel warmers with cool color matches with all decor at your commercial place or home. This towel warmer is capable of warming approx. 24-regular facial towels or regular manicure size towels once. The incorporated two shelves offer convenient space for towels in the unit. The under-mount drip tray plays a role of collecting the water that may spill inside the unit. The rust-resistant aluminum interior makes this unit long lifespan. This warmer usually heats rapidly at 160 degrees.



• Has under-mount drip tray
• Rust-proof aluminum interior
• It accommodates twenty-four regular-manicure-size towels
• Has neutral colors
• Keeps the constant temperature of around160 degrees
• Two convenient shelves

4. Brookstone Towel Warmer

The towel warmer by Brookstone is a unit you must consider buying if you need this unit with a higher rate of warming your towel. The warmer incorporates an auto-off function that switches it off whenever warming is over. It can accommodate two large towels. The design is elegant, and it is ideal for winter. It is also characterized by Satin trim accent with cuffs and collar


• Auto-shut-off safety feature
• Extra-large design for two oversize towels
• Satin trim accent with cuffs and collar
• Transparent lid
• Auto shut off

3. Spa Luxe NEW SL8 Towel warmer

The Spa Luxe NEW SL8 Towel warmer keeps towels at about 160-degrees for hygienic treatments and refreshing. It roughly holds 12- regular facial or regular manicure towels. With 8 liter capacity, it is ideal for limited space area. The towel warmer features quality and, neutral tone appearance. It keeps your damp towels steamy and friendly as well. Its neutral colors match any home décor.


• Internal temperature controller
• Accommodates 12-facial-sized towels
• Incorporates insulated cabinet
• Wall padded heating element

2. LCL Beauty Microfiber Facial Towels warmer

This LCL Beauty Microfiber Facial Towels warmer can accommodate about 70-80 facial towels.
The other specification is that the temperatures do not exceed 175 degrees Fahrenheit due to the incorporated temperature controller. The warmer features ultraviolet sterilizer bulb for killing any germs. This towel warmer also gives a comforting and soothing warm experience as it dries manicure and facial towels.


• Ultraviolet Sterilizer Bulb
• Easy-clean Drip Tray
• International Safety Standards Compliance
• Removable Towel Grill
• Heats at a max. 175 Degrees Fahrenheit
• Can accommodate 32 Microfiber-facial towels
• Holds 70-80 one-use facial towels

1. XYZ BeautyWhite Compact 2-in-1 Cabinet Towel Warmer

The upgraded heat sensors that are linked with towel warmer are unique. It is utilized for precise heating and warming of the towels without the severe risks of overheating. It features superior heat level sustainability. It also uses strong ultraviolet rays for appropriate sterilization of your tools and gears. It has the capability of warming 12 facial microfiber facial towels at a maximum of 175 degrees Fahrenheit.


• UV sterilizer bulb included
• Removable towel grill
• Warms 12-microfiber facial towels once
• 175 degrees Fahrenheit maximum warming


Towel warmers are not anymore confined to the bathroom because they currently are becoming popular for use in the basements, kitchen, mudroom, and bedroom reducing, humidity, moisture, and mildew and even providing extra heat. So far, most of the reviewed towel warmer above features UV Sterilizer that makes them great. With the above information, you can comfortably order one that suits your need.