Top 10 Best Tower Heaters Reviewed 2021

Are you scouting the best tower heater to warm up your living space? Are you having a problem choosing among the many brands and models on the market? Not after reading the top 10 best tower heater reviews below!

But first things first; why would you need a tower heater over other types of space heaters?

Well, tower heaters are easier to use and set up, not to mention that they are well-built in comparison to other types of space heaters. They promise quicker heating action and are compact for portability. Most tower heaters have a sleek design and can easily blend in with the interior décor of most houses. Besides, tower heaters are easier to maintain than heating stoves or radiators for that matter.

With the benefits of tower heaters out of the way, it’s time to look at the 10 most reviewed units in 2021.

10. Optimus Oscillating Tower Heater


Made by Optimus, this tower heater comes with heat settings of 1000 and 1500 watts to help you regulate the temperatures in your living space to suit your needs. It also offers digital thermostat control as well as digital room temperature readout to ensure that you’re always into control of the heat levels in your rooms.

Don’t have a lot of space? Not to worry. The Optimus Oscillating Tower Heater sports a compact design to help save space. And in case it tips over accidently, the tip-over safety switch will reduce the likelihood of fire-related losses. The overheat protection circuit switches off this tower heater automatically in the event of electricity overload. To cut to the chase, despite its small size, the Optimus will efficiently meet the heating needs of a medium-sized room.

9. Bionaire BCH7302-UM Tower Heater


Say goodbye to cold-filled rooms with the Bionaire BCH7302-UM, a tower heater that offers motorized oscillation to dispense heat in a wider area, quickly. It also features the Eco-Smart energy saving setting that automatically switches between wattages to ensure the warmth levels remain constant while saving energy. This setting saves up to 3 times more energy in comparison to a standard heater.

And because the BCH7302-UM has a thermostat a programmable thermostat, you will maintain the desirable temperature or choose a high setting for  uninterrupted maximum output thereby giving to absolute comfort. This tower heater is equipped with strategically placed LED controls for ease of operation. Some of the safety features of the Bionaire BCH7302-UM include automatic shut-off, a cool-to-touch exterior and manual user reset as well as an overheat control.

8. Citadel CZ488 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater


Because of its oversized ceramic PTC heating element, the Citadel CZ488 can warm a large room relatively fast. In fact, it is one of the best tower heaters for expansive spaces. It comes with two heat settings to allow the adjustment of temperature levels as required as well as a safety overheat protection system to keep electricity overloads in check.

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The Citadel CZ488 is also equipped with a power indicator and rotary switch controls so that you can shift between OFF, LOW and HIGH settings with ease. This heater has an oscillation of 80 degrees and doesn’t have a glowing element which means that you can keep it tucked in a concealed space. It is important to note that the Citadel CZ488 can also double up as a fan when you’re not using it to heat your living space.

7. TCH7090ERD Safe Heat Ceramic Tower Heater


Made by DeLonghi, a reputable brand in heating appliance circles, the TCH7090ERD is in a class of its own – quite literally. First off, it has a 40% energy saving capability thanks to its eco-energy function. Through the feature, this heater can intelligently select the appropriate level of heat depending on the current room temperature and a preset temperature.

It allows you to customize the heating requirements using the adjustable electronic thermostat while providing quick and efficient oscillation at the same time. The TCH7090ERD also comes with a digital timer so that you can set the heating sessions as per your needs.  And when the temperatures get incredibly low (up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit), the antifreeze feature will automatically turn on this heater – how about that!

6. Vornado SRTH Small Room Tower Heater


The best heat tower should offer nothing but optimal heat distribution and that’s precisely what the Vornado SRTH promises, and as the name suggests, it is engineered for small rooms. This unit comes with unique contoured outlets that work by creating a wider span of uniform heating. Unlike most tower heaters, the SRTH heats more than just the air adjacent to it. It features the patented V-circulation technology that distributes heat more efficiently – way better than the oscillation.

The Vornado SRTH also comes with an integrated timer that works at intervals of four hours. When the four hours are over, it automatically switches to the fan mode, so you need to be on the lookout for the LED light which turns off when the unit is working as a fan. And with a remarkable 5 years warranty attached to it, you bet the Vornado SRTH is build to last.

5. Holmes HQH341-NUM Quartz Tower Heater


Stay warm and safe with the Holmes HQH341-NUM, a unit that comes with dual safety settings including tip-over protection and auto shut-off to prevent accidents. This heater promises to help keep you in comfort thanks to the Maxflow heating system that ensures even distribution of heat in your room. And with a heat setting of 750 to 1,500 watts, you can rest assured of radiant “sun-like” heat.

Due to the space-saving design of the Holmes HQH341-NUM, you can carry it around with relative ease. Never used a tower heater before?  Not a problem! This one features simple controls for quick, seamless adjusting of heat. In short, if you want to enjoy passionate, warm winter nights and days, the Holmes HQH341-NUM could as well be the unit need to purchase.

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4. Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater


Lasko is a leader when it comes to making space heaters, and the 6462 is one of the four tower heaters from the manufacturer that make it to our 10 best tower heaters list. This unit offers, as its name suggests, full circle warmth ceramic heat and disperses it evenly across the living room. The Lasko 6462 design assures a remarkable scalability as well as high availability.

One of the most affordable tower heaters in its category, this unit is programmed to dispense heat at 90, 170 and 360 degrees, making it one of the most versatile tower heaters on the market. Minimal assembly is required to get the Lasko 6462 working, and if you’re concerned about safety, it is worth noting that this heater conforms to the ETL safety standards.

3. Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater


Another premium product from Lasko, the 5307 is the unit to go for is you’re looking for a tower heater to be used on the table or floor. It comes with high, low and customizable thermostat controls as well as Comfort Air Technology to thrust heat into every corner. On top of that, it promises up to 1500 watts of quiet, evenly dispersed warmth throughout the year.

The Lasko 5307 is attuned with a host of safety features and a one-touch oscillation button. Because this unit is fully assembled, all you have to do to start enjoying warm days and nights is to plug it in and you’re ready to go. And with a price that won’t leave holes in your pocket, comfort, coziness and safety have never been so reasonably priced!

2. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Heater


If there was any doubt that Lasko is a top brand, then you may want to check out what the 751320 has to offer. First off, it is equipped with a self-regulating ceramic element which means you don’t have to worry about excessively high levels of heat let alone taking the trouble adjusting the temperature. If need be, you can always use the remote to regulate the temperature from the comfort of your seat.

The Lasko 751320 comes with a 7-hour timer, which means it can supply your rooms with adequate warmth even during the long, cold winter nights. Other features of this tower include low and high comfort setting, a maximum heat output of 1,500 watts and an overheat guard as well as a customizable thermostat.

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1. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater


At the time of writing this, the Lasko 755320 had 4,000 + customer reviews and impressive overall rating making it not only the most sought after tower heater but also one of the highly rated tower heaters. For starters, this unit can dispense heat at a remarkable interval of 8 hours at 1500 watts. The top access button ensures that you don’t have problems controlling it while the digital display will always keep you informed of the temperature levels.

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It is amazingly quiet despite the incredible performance and even has a heat shutoff function for external and internal temperatures. The Lasko 755320 is ETL listed and promises widespread oscillation to warm your living space with style efficiently.

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