Top 10 Best Toys Childrens Play Kitchen Set

What is toy kitchen or toy kitchen set?

Toy kitchen is popular among preschools and parents because they offer imaginative role play without the hazards of an actual kitchen. Children use familiar equipment and appliances to pretend to prepare raw foods for vegetables, meats and fruits. They can also prepare food items like pizza, hamburgers, sushi and more. They are designed in such that they resemble the real thing to make children have imaginative pretend play.

How to use toy kitchen or toy kitchen set?

Once your children have copied your everyday kitchen chores like cleaning and cooking, it will be easier for them to use their toy kitchen. Simply install their toy kitchen set at the correct place, and you kids will be using them when they have free time. But you need to be monitoring them what they are doing, such that you will be assisting them on where necessary, like cleaning utensils and how to cook a particular meal.

What are the advantages of toy kitchen or toy kitchen set?

  • They aid in cognitive and social development since children interact with the element of the kitchen and cooperate with each other
  • Your kid will learn to work as team, for instance, one child will be washing utensils, and the other will dry them
  • Enables kids to keep things organized and how to clean
  • You little one will be taking care of belongings and knows how to take turns
  • Enables them to identify different objects like fruits, vegetables, and other food, how to count and how to be in charge

What are the different types of toys kitchen or Toys kitchen sets?

There are two types of toys kitchen set, although children may enjoy both equally, each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic toys; they are easy to clean with a soapy wet cloth and lack several difficult to reach seams. Their lightweight design enhances portability and plastics don’t splinter. Their replacement pieces are typically affordable. But, these plastic sets are not built to last for generations.
  • Wooden toys; they have a more realistic look and feel and they are durable and may become family heirlooms. But, they must be cleaned with wood cleaner and features cracks and crevices.

Conditions you need to remember before you start buying a toy kitchen or toy kitchen set

Do you just go with appearance and pick the one that looks the cutest? No, you need to think about several factors before you put down your money on toys children play kitchen set.

  • They should be designed to be space efficient, and this will accommodate multiple kids to have fun at once
  • Durability, and, of course, you won’t invest in something that will not give your kids the expected services
  • Sound effects and know that electronic toy sounds can be annoying at times, and they eat up batteries
  • Reconfiguration option and this can accommodate a growing toddler
  • It should have gender neutral color to cater to both boys and girls, not unless you have boys or girls only in your house

Guide to choosing the best toy kitchen or toy kitchen set:

  • It must be designed and constructed so that any protrusions, cords, fastening, edges or movable parts don’t inflict injury
  • Toys and its packaging must not present a suffocation or strangulation risk
  • Toys and component such have correct dimension to prevent accidental swallowing or inhalation
  • The toys should be composed of materials that aren’t readily flammable

What are the best toys kitchens or toys kitchen sets on the markets today?

The best toys kitchen should be durable, kids friendly and easy to clean. You don’t need to struggle hard looking for the best one’s when we have sampled the best. Here are the most popular, durable and well-designed toys kitchens for your kids.

10. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

10. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

This unit is large enough that multiple children can play at once. It has refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher doors that open and closes. It has chalkboard surface in the freezer for writing the daily specials, innovative storage space above the sink and it is sturdy. It features a hip, modern look that young chefs are sure to love.

09. KidKraft, Deluxe Cookware Set

9. KidKraft, Deluxe Cookware Set

This deluxe cookware set is perfect for any of the young chefs in your life. Since the pans and pots are metal, you know they will be around for years and year and years of interactive play. It can be used with any kid Kraft’s play kitchens to make play time even realer than before. It has two metal pans, one metal pot, one metal spatula and one metal ladle to give your kids more fun and laughter.

08. Gourmet Kitchen Starter Play Set

8. Gourmet Kitchen Starter Play Set

Get ready to cook up a feast with this set. Your kids will have everything they need and more to begin their journey towards becoming a master chef. From cookware to basic food and utensils, imagine what might be on the menu tonight. It will encourage your children to engage in role-playing and provide a great place for parents and kids to come together and learn. It features durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction to make this toy durable.

07. Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove

7. Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove

Playing in the sink will be fun now. This splish splash sink and stove is an affordable, portable and easy to clean toy that will spark your kid’s imagination to play in the kitchen just like mom and dad. Your kids will love the real working faucet that pumps water. It has 13 accessories and your little one will have fun learning the basic functions of a kitchen.

06. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

6. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

This kitchen set will let children pretend they’re cooking big feasts for the entire family. With its close attention to detail and interactive features, this adorable set will make a great gift for any of the young chefs in your life. The doors close and open with ease and have an oven knobs click and turn and cordless phone and removable sink for easy cleanup.

05. Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen

5. Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen

The kitchen can be reconfigured for two year age grades, and stage one introduces a preschooler to kitchen play at a height that’s just right, and stage two provides growing kids with added kitchen role play. It features a real working oven, refrigerator and microwave doors. It had electronic cooking sounds and hooks and molded in slots to hold cups and plates.

04. Small World Toys Living

4. Small World Toys Living

This is a great set of pretend cookware for kids. It is made of lightweight materials to enable your kids to carry it to whenever they want to have fun and easy to clean plastic in vivid colors. It has eleven piece set that includes a large stockpot with lid, frying pan with lid, small stockpot with lid, large spoon, skimmer, knife, ladle, and spatula.

03. Pretend & Play Pro Chef Set

3. Pretend & Play Pro Chef Set

Let your kids get cooking with top-chef gear designed to look like the real thing. It has lots of pieces to encourage imaginative play and build fine motor skills. It includes a large deluxe stock pot, two lids, saucepan, skillet, two cooking spoons, and oven mitt, play food, and write and wipe activity guide. It has a wipe with a damp cloth, and your kids will love everything about this unit.

02. Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

2. Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

This kitchen unit has a dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and freezer, and their door open and close. It features a cloth curtains behind the sink, four metal accessories, pot, pan and two spatulas. It has a removable sink for a quick and easy cleaning. It is large enough that several children can play at once. It is lightweight, yet durable and sturdy.

01. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

1. Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

This is a compact, stylish, modern kitchen that makes a great addition to any play area. It has a cabinet door that open and closes with ease, storage inside, working microwave and oven doors. The burner has electric cooking sounds and a Chrome look towel rail. It is the best toy for three to six years kids. Its feet under base add height.
If you have children who need to have enjoyment in the kitchen, don’t hesitate to order these kitchen sets for them. They have functional features that will stimulate imaginative thinking. Your kids will love everything in them since they look like the real thing. They are sturdy, durable and kids friendly. Make your kids have years of fun and laughter by ordering these best toys children play kitchen set now.

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