Top 10 Best Trailer Tires Reviewed In 2022

Designed to carry boats, heavy equipment, and or luggage, trailers undergo a lot of abuse. Consequently, their tires wear out fast. Low-quality models also bulge and burst without warning, causing users significant stress. To prevent such issues while improving the dependability of your trailer at the same time, pay attention to the quality of the tires you use. Generally, the cheapest trailer tires are nor usually the best. This does not mean that you should purchase the most expensive model, however. Strike a balance between price and performance by choosing one of the 10 trailer tires reviewed herein. They are durable, have well-balanced smooth rolling designs, and are readily available in the Amazon store cheap.

10. Radial Grand Ride


Popular globally, radial tires are decently produced automotive accessories that score high in terms of durability and performance. If you have a trailer that you use often and want a set of new tires to replace its old ones, Radial Grand Ride is one of the best. The two full nylon (eight-ply) tires offered are durable, smooth rolling, and have a speed rating of 75 miles per hour (mph). Dual load capacity is approximately 1870 pounds per tire (at 65psi) while their innovative cross trodden surfaces grip surfaces well to improve stability. When driving on a slippery road, therefore, your valuables will stay safe with the aid of these premium tires. Even though you have to spend additional amounts of money on a set of rims, you get safe and dependable tires, each with a one-year limited warranty.

9. Kenda Loadstar 5.30X12


Do the low-quality set of tires on your trailer frustrate you? To get a suitable replacement without breaking the bank, consider Kenda Loadstar 5.30X12. Affordable, eye-catching, and with a well-balanced 12-inch design that fit on most types of trailers, it is an excellent day to day tires. Its durable 8-ply design works well on both hot and cold surfaces, while its impressive load capacity (1250 pounds) suits various needs. Whether you transport a heavy boat to the beach often or carry heavy agricultural produce to and from the market, you will have a memorable experience. This 105-PSI tire has a two-year warranty (limited) on all defects.

8. Tredit 175/80D13


Tredit 175/80D13 is a 13-inch trailer tire that comes pre-mounted on a durable galvanized spoke rim. When planning a trip, therefore, you do not have to worry about setting it up and inflating before use. Simply bolt in onto a compatible hub and venture on your trip. Measuring approximately 7-inches wide and 24-inches tall, this tire has a stable and meaty design that last longer than comparable ones. The high-traction treads offered are deep and long lasting, while bias ply design betters its performance at highway speeds. It does not bounce around, for instance, even when filled to capacity.

7. Trailer King ST 225/75R15 117L


Even though most trailer tires look the same, buying the cheapest with the hope that it will serve you well is a bad decision. Instead of gambling, purchase this tried, tested, and approved Trailer King ST 225/75R15 117L radial tire for the best experience. Specially built for use on trailers, is universal design works well on most trailer types. Its quality center groove improves stability and tracking, while its enhanced shoulder design dissipates heat well to prolong tread life. Perfect for high load applications, Trailer King ST 225/75R15 117L has a super strength nylon overlay construction that does not crack nor burst under pressure.

6. Wheels Express Inc. ST175/80D13


The type of wheels on your trailer dictates the type of experience you have on the road. With a poorly balanced low-grade tire, for instance, expect your trailer to bounce around and or compromise your safety over time. With a quality model such as Wheels Express Inc. ST175/80D13, for instance, you enjoy a smooth and memorable ride whenever whilst exploring the outdoors. Because of its premium construction, this 13-inch tire holds air well. The spoked white wheel it comes with is both stylish and durable, while its universal 5x 4.5-bolt pattern fits most trailers. With a load capacity of approximately 1360 pounds, these tires support heavy loads well.

5. WE 14-2B Trailer


Considered among the best high profile tires for trailers, WE 14-2B Trailer is a durable 14-inch tired with a ready-to-use spoked wheel. Painted white, the wheel is aesthetic and designed to resist corrosion and rust over time. It is also durable and has a universal bolt circle (5 x 4.5) that fits on most trailers. Back to the tire, its impressive load capacity (1780 pounds) handles heavy load applications well. It is also burst-proof and has a long lasting six-ply construction with deep threads that enhance traction.

4. ECustomRim Tire


Depended on by tens of trailer owners, eCustomRim is a package of two ready-to-use wheels and tires. Affordable, you do not have to spend a significant amount of money on branded tires to improve your trailer’s performance. Its 4-hole hub is easy to install, while its B load range is perfect or heavy lifting. This tire is DOT approved for everyday use. Balancing is a breeze, while its wobble and defects-free design works seamlessly on all terrain.

3. Freestar M-108


With an original Freestar M-108, you get an 8-ply D-load radial tire for trailers with a weight rating of approximately 1820 pounds. Measuring 15-inches, this tire is large. Its defects-free design rolls smoothly on all terrain, while its well-balanced design comes ready to use out of the box. All you have to do is optimize its pressure and bold it onto a compatible hub to transport personals such as boats effortlessly. Retailing as packs of four tires, you get a discounted rate for each Freestar M-108 purchased.

2. Wheels Express Inc. ST205/75D15


Popular in top 10 best trailer tires reviewed in 2022, Wheels Express Inc. ST205/75D15 is a biased 15-inch tire on a spoked white wheel. Attainable mounted and ready to use, forget about hiring a professional to set it up for you. Its universal bolt circle (5 x 4.5) fits most five-lug hubs, while its sports grade design is not only stylish but also long lasting. Rated to support up to 1820 pounds, this tire handles most heavy duty hauling applications well. Threads are deep and long lasting and its affordability desirable. Make sure that you fill it to the correct pressure to better its performance and prolong it life at the same time.

1. eCustomRim #425 ST175/80D13 175/80 D


Order this set today to get two 13-inch tires for trailers, each with a white spoked rim. Both tires are durable, biased, and DOT-approved for everyday use. Load range is acceptable (C), while their well-finished designs can withstand a thorough beating without cracking or weathering over time. Even during long haul trips, therefore, they will serve you well on both tarmac and off-road terrains.

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