Top 10 Best Train Cases Reviewed In 2022

Do you have a difficult time storing and or transporting your ever-expanding collection of cosmetics and makeup? Are you tired of carrying small makeup bag whenever you are traveling or answering a client’s call? Instead of loathing in your frustration or praying for manor to come from heaven, buy one of our picks of the best train cases for 2022. Designed to secure large batches of cosmetic, makeup, and other personal accessories, they are spacious travel accessories. The tough materials used to make their bodies are durable, while their aesthetic design appeals to women of all cadres. With one, you will never worry about losing your accessories indoors or outdoor.

10. JustCase M1001


A perfect train case for personal or professional use, JustCase M1001 is a lightweight with a classic mini design that works well. Attainable in crystal black, it is stylish, fade proof, and very easy to clean. Its aluminum body is stylish and reinforced (corners) for stability, while its multiple compartments are perfect for categorizing items. If you have delicate accessories such as make pallets, for instance, its two pull out draws are large and suitable for storage. Their plastic lined interiors are easy to clean, while the large mirror on its lid comes in handy while grooming. JustCase M1001 measures 9 x 6 x 6 inches and has a secure latch for safety.

9. Seya Pro


Featuring a stylish black and red theme, this professional-grade Seya case is a perfect makeup accessory for women. Made of premium aluminum, it is durable. The six compartments offered (tired) are spacious, while its plastic lined compartments are very easy to clean. When dirty, all you need is a damp cloth or towel to clean dirt, gunk, and all other foreign matter. Seya Pro measures 11 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches. Trays are long lasting, while the swivel handle it comes with it durable, comfortable, and eases its transportation.

8. Ollieroo Professional


Do not waste money on the traditional looking cosmetic bags that women relied on in the past. If you have numerous cosmetics that you travel with often, Ollieroo Professional will serve you better. A popular makeup case among stylists and beauty conscious women alike, its large 14-inch design fits many accessories. Dividers adjust to fit products of various sizes, while the plethora of compartments offered is ideal for organizing products for easier access. While some professionals find its purple theme somewhat girlish, its robust lockable design is safe. The ABS, aluminum, and EVA (liner) used to make it are durable, and its light 6.6-pound design commendable.

7. Giantex Pro


With Giantex Pro, you get a professional-grade jewelry box made of heavy-duty aluminum. Even though light, this train case is durable. Edges come reinforced for stability. Its black body has an executive look that buyers appreciate while its convenient 14 x 9 x 10-inch design is clutter free. When traveling, therefore, you will have your treasured cosmetics and make pallets in handy without carrying a bulky bag. For optimal stability, this train case has reinforced corners that do not give under pressure. Trays also have wood and black velvet linings for protection and its solid frame designed to support heavy products well.

6. Lenubo – Glenor Beauty


Lightweight, glamorous, and with a decently sized 14-inch design, Lenubo – Glenor Beauty is a perfect organizer/train case, treasured by make-up artists. Measuring 14-inchs, it does not clutter personal space. The four trays offered are large and lockable, while its customizable dividers accommodate devices of all types and sizes without compromising their value. Compared to traditional makeup bags, most individuals prefer its sturdy and balanced design and convenient shoulder strap that eases transportation. Purchase your own today to get a self-sufficient all-in-one accessory that you will enjoy using at home and in your office.

5. JustCase M1001


JustCase M1001 is a clean looking all black makeup and cosmetic train case with extendable trays that work well. Perfect for traveling and home use, its lightweight design benefits women of all cadres. The aluminum used to manufacture it is durable, while the free mirror it comes with is beneficial whilst grooming indoors or outdoors. In top 10 best train cases reviewed for 2022 individuals and professional makeup artists also appreciate its reinforced sturdy frame and its easy to clean plastic-lined interior that lasts long.

4. Lenubo – Glenor Beauty Pro


This professional edition Lenubo – Glenor Beauty case is a stylish and lockable studio box that fits numerous accessories including makeup and cosmetics. It is 14-inches in size, durable, and has four trays with adjustable dividers for organizing personals. This is unlike some traditional models with static storage compartments. Lenubo – Glenor Beauty Pro also has a sturdy and well-balanced design that lasts long and a sturdy and adjustable shoulder strap for easier transportation.

3. SHANY Premier Fantasy


Treasured by makeup artists and beauty enthusiast all over the world, SHANY Fantasy case has a feature-rich design that you will enjoy using. Its snow-white theme, for instance, has a contemporary outlook that blends well on dressers. The grade-A aluminum and ABS used to make it are durable, and its lockable design (sealed locks) touted among the safest in this niche. Whenever you are using it indoors or outdoors, you will never lose your treasured accessories to prying eyes. Categorization of components is also easy courtesy of the numerous compartments it comes with. This train case is affordable and easy to clean using a clean sponge and water.

2. SHANY Mini


Trendy, durable, and with a spacious fully padded design that includes a mirror, SHANY Mini is an appealing 5-pound train case that offers value. Recommended for storing makeup and cosmetics, its multi-functional design is novel. It is also waterproof, spill and dust proof, and has spacious compartments that fit eye shadow, foundation, nail polishes, and most other cosmetics. For safety, this USA-made accessory has a non-marring lined interior. It also has easy-to-close locks for securing your personals indoors or outdoors.

1. SHANY Essential Pro


A perfect storage solution for makeup, cosmetics, and nail arts, SHANY Essential Pro top our list. It is lockable, durable, and fitted with a comfortable strap for easier transportation. It also has solid aluminum and ABS body, and spacious lined compartments that you can open up to display your collection of cosmetics. SHANY Essential Pro is lockable (two locks), easy to clean, and is retails cheap online.

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