Top 10 Best Travel Wall Chargers Reviewed In 2022

Most people use devices like tablets and smartphones on a regular basis. They thus need to keep such devices charged most of the times. Traveling from one country or one continent to another can prove problematic, especially when it comes to the wall power sockets. There are numerous types of wall sockets. That’s often dependent on the country. It can thus become difficult to charge your smartphone or tablet without a travel wall charger.

Often, travel wall chargers come in small sizes. There are thousands of models that you can choose from. Investing in a wall charging unit would, as such, be a superb idea. You need not have headaches when deciding which model you’ll purchase. The guide below will help guide you towards getting the right travel wall charger for the money. Below is a set of reviews looking at the best travel wall chargers which are currently on the market. We’ll outline the benefits and features of each unit.

10. Kensington International K38120WW Travel Plug Adapter

Kensington International Travel Plug Adapter with Dual USB Ports

It’d be an excellent companion for its compact form factor. The Kensington International K38120WW will work virtually anywhere in the world, making it an ultimate travel companion. It comes included with two handy USB ports. As well, there’s an output of 2.1 amps. In turn, that allows for fast charging of almost all mobile devices. Considering its small and compact design, it’s a wall charger that’s worth owning. Besides, its single-piece construction eliminates situations where it might not work in certain countries.

9. Mudder Universal All-in-One US UK EU AU Travel Charger

Mudder US UK EU AU Universal All in One International Travel Power Plug Adapter Charger

This wall charger is highly recommended as it’s compatible with nearly all international plugs. You’ll enjoy endless benefits with this universal travel wall charger. It comes with an all-in-one adapter. This adapter can fit almost all kinds of electrical wall outlets which are available in most countries nowadays. The Mudder Universal Travel Charger features an inbuilt safety shutter that will protect the user(s) from being electrocuted. Also, there’s a LED power indicator that will help you determine the overall performance of the wall charger.

8. LOOP BEST International Travel Adapter

Worldwide Travel Adapter

The LOOP BEST International Travel Adapter is an excellent travel companion. It boasts a simple design, having two USB ports on one side. Also, there are retractable power plugs. You can use this model directly to charge tablets and smartphones using a regular USB cable. Also, it’s compatible with nearly all single power plugs. Considering that it’s a one-piece device, it eliminates the possibility of traveling somewhere with the wrong kind of adapter.

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7. FosPower FUSE WorldWide AC Travel Charger

FosPower FUSE WorldWide Universal AC International Adapter Travel Charger

Here’s yet another great travel companion: the FosPower FUSE. In fact, it’s among the smallest universal adapters which come with a single-piece design. Additionally, it features an easy-to-push dial. This model has been built with two USB ports which have an output of approximately 3.1 amps. That assures you that your mobile devices will get charged quickly and efficiently. Surprisingly, this model is remarkably affordable. For its price, it’s exceptionally built and top performing.

6. MAXAH MX-UC1 Surge Protector All-In-One Travel Wall Charger

Maxah MX-UC1 Surge Protector All in One Universal Travel Wall Charger AC Power AU UK US EU Plug Adapter

It’s an affordable solution for those that don’t travel without their smartphone or tablet. The MAXAH MX-UC1 is designed to work with all single wall sockets. It boasts a retractable design which makes it conveniently compact. Also included is surge protection. That helps cut the power in case anything goes wrong. This model will support any power outlet with an output of 120-240 Volts and with a current rating of 6-13 amps.

5. EasyAcc 20W 4A USB Wall Charger, 4-Port

4A 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Folding Plug and Smart Technology Travel Charger

This device can charge four different smartphones at a go. Also, it can charge two different tablets at the same time. It’ll also recognize all devices which are connected to it. In turn, that allows for the maximum amount of charging ability. Such selection of chargers offers the best possible solutions for anyone who wants a powerful charger that can charge several devices at once. Besides, the EasyAcc 20W 4A Wall Charger is incredibly durable. It’ll grant you service for many years. It’s excellent value for the price. You won’t regret purchasing this unit.

4. BESTEK 200W Travel Adapter, 220V-110V Converter

BESTEK 200W International Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Converter with 6A 4 USB Ports

It’s a wall adapter and power converter combo. It’s simply an ultimate travel kit. This package includes a small unit which comes with four USB ports and three plugs. As well, there are three different adapters and a power cable. This full kit will work with virtually any type of wall plug. In turn, that makes it a universal pack which works nearly anywhere in the globe. Yes, it may not be the most compact travel wall charger. But, it offers plenty of benefits. That’s inclusive of its exclusive ability to convert voltage. You’re definite to love this unit.

3. Orei M8 Plus Grounded All-in-One International Travel Adapter

Orei M8 Plus All-in-One Grounded International Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

It’s an excellent, all-in-one choice for frequent travelers. This model comes included with all power plugs possible. That makes it usable virtually anywhere in the globe. As well, all its power pins are conveniently retractable. It’ll thus take very minimal space to store. Considering that it’s an all-in-one device, you’ll never need to worry whether it’ll work in any country. This device doesn’t convert voltage, hence implying that it’s safer to use with even devices which have got dual voltage.

2. Anker 24W Dual USB PowerPort2 Wall Charger

Anker 24W Dual USB Wall Charger

It’s an affordable, yet effective charging device. It’ll be of considerable benefit to those who’re seeking a small, but stylish charging device. Millions of users are using the particular Anker USB PowerPort2 Wall Charger. It’s thus widely popular. It’s a perfect travel wall charger. It’ll easily fit into your suitcase or backpack. Besides, it’s relatively lightweight for easy mobility while traveling.

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1. iClever Boostcube 24W 4.8A Dual USB Power Adapter, with SmartID Technology

iClever BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB AC Power Adapte

This device is a best-seller on most sites, including Amazon. It has been receiving multiple positive reviews for its excellent performance and reliability. It’s incredibly popular among the leading travel wall chargers. It boasts a stylish design. Also, it’s built to be fantastically sturdy. Besides, it can charge two handsets at a go. That implies that you can charge two different devices to full capacity at a time.

The iClever Boostcube features a 30-day money back guarantee. You’ll thus acquire a full refund in case you’re not satisfied with the performance of your new travel wall charger. That only assures you of its commendable performance and value.

Final Thought

The biggest problem with travel and power adapters is that there are multiple different types. The classic ones tend to convert one kind to another. But, the models reviewed above can be used with any kind of wall plug. That eliminates the need to purchase a new one or traveling with more than just one. Also, the above units are reasonably affordable. Nearly all of them come with handy USB ports.

With the above units, you can charge devices like smartphones, cameras, laptops, MP3 players, and other electronic devices in any country without any hassles. Read the reviews again and check the features of the individual models. Make your selection based on your particular preferences and what you’re exactly seeking. Good luck!

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