Top 10 Best Trowels Reviewed

Trowels are simple yet functional gardening tools that come in handy when breaking earth, scooping soil or fertilizers, digging small holes, and even transplanting plants to pots. Most brands are compact and easy to store. They are also durable, made of quality components, and are relatively easy to use, even with novice gardening skills. If you are shopping for a new trowel, our picks of the top 10 best models to buy are:

10. True Temper 1983500 Hand Trowel

True Temper 1983500 Hand Trowel


Considered among the best hand trowels in the market in 2022, True Temper 1983500 is a sturdy gardening tool with a durable chrome-plated stainless steel head. It has rivets for added strength; a smooth and comfortable northern ash handle that eases control; and a convenient hang up hole that eases storage in sheds. Weighing a paltry 0.6 pounds, this trowel is light and stylish.

9. Fiskars 7022 Ergo Scratch Trowel

Fiskars 7022 Ergo Scratch Trowel


Fiskars 7022 is an ergonomic scratch trowel with a durable and rust resistant aluminum head. It has a characteristic pointed tip for easier digging, an ergonomic handle with soft grips for superior control and comfort, and a large hand hole for easier storage. As many well-made trowels, Fiskars 7022 is easy to use. It handles heavy-duty digging and lifting jobs well, and comes with a lifetime warranty, testament of its high quality.

8. UST U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Folding Shovel

UST U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Folding Shovel

If you enjoy gardening, are shopping for a new trowel, but storage space is a problem, this stainless steel U-Dig-It folding trowel by Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST) offers value for money. Its large, high capacity shovel is perfect for digging trenches and pits for campfires. It is also perfect for digging holes, clearing debris and rocks, and even cooking in outdoor environments. It has reflective signaling. It also has a long and rounded handle for protection and a handy travel pouch for easier storage.

7. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line Pointing Trowel

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line Pointing Trowel

The Premier Line by MARSHALLTOWN is a 5-inch by 2-1/2-inch pointing trowel forged from a durable single-piece high carbon steel for unsurpassed strength. It is USA-made, features a comfortable hardwood handle with metallic ferrule, and has an advanced patented design that is suitable for gardening and camping. This trowel is affordable, light (0.33 pounds), and ships tempered to withstand the toughest of digging jobs.

6. Fiskars 7073 Big Grip Trowel


Fiskars 7073 Big Grip Trowel

Larger than most standard garden trowels, Fiskars 7073 big grip trowel is recommended for moving soil, planting, and heavy duty digging. Its cast aluminum blade is durable, corrosion resistant, and has sharp edges for superior performance and lasting value. It is affordable, has soft molded grips for control and comforts, and a lifetime warranty.

5. Coghlan’s Backpackers Trowel


Coghlan's Backpackers Trowel

Do you backpack or go out camping often? Are you looking for a light yet durable trowel that you can use at home and during your outdoor escapades? Coghlan’s is an amazingly strong backpacker’s trowel that weighs a paltry two ounces. It is durable, made of high impact polystyrene that withstands constant abuse, and is one of the best camper’s trowels for digging holes for tents and or pits for campfires. It is cheap, compact, and has a stylish blaze orange theme that many users cannot get over.

4. Garden Trowel

Garden Trowel


Popular in top 10 best trowels in 2022 reviews, Gardenbrite is a heavy-duty stainless steel garden trowel that also works as a small hoe or spade for digging, planting, and or transplanting. It has a solid yet ergonomic non-slip handle. Its large blade is sturdy and built to last, while the 100% satisfaction guarantee offered reflects its high quality.

3. Fiskars 7978 Composite Trowel



Do you garden, dig tough soil, and or break hardened dirt clods often? Are you looking for an affordable over sized trowel that can displaces a high volume of soil and material with a single scoop? Fiskars 7978 fits this profile. Its FiberComp construction is light yet durable. It is rust proof, withstands constant abuse well, and handles light and heavy-duty gardening jobs better than many heavier, steel made trowels. Fiskars 7978 is affordable, has a sturdy one-piece design, and an ergonomic and comfortable handle.

2. Wilcox All pro Garden Trowel

Wilcox All pro Garden Trowel


Are you planning to buy a new trowel? If you have a few dollars to spend and choose this All Pro model by Wilcox, you get a 14-inch stainless steel gardening tool that does all gardening and digging jobs efficiently. It is indestructible, features an incised 6-inch deep blade for faster digging, and comes backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

1. SE 8794SP Folding Trowel

SE 8794SP Folding Trowel


In 2022, this stainless steel folding trowel by SE is our pick for the best in the market. Even though cheap, this one-of-a-kind has a unique 5-inch design that opens to a standard 9-inch trowel. It is easy to store and carry, is rust and corrosion-proof, and has a sturdy heavy gauge blade, perfect for weeding, planting, camping, and digging.

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