Top 10 Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviewed In 2022

Transporting heavy truck tools is frustrating, particularly among long distanced travelers and mechanic. Instead of dumping tools in your trucks and compromising their value over time, buy a spacious toolbox instead. Made of durable rustproof materials such as aluminum, for instance, they withstand the elements well over the years. Their spacious designs accommodate most types of tools, while their secure lockable designs keep personals safe outdoors. Depending on your truck, several horizontal and side-mounted toolboxes are available online. If you are looked at your available options but have a challenge choosing the best, this article is for you. After careful comparison of premium products in this niche, we have narrowed on and reviewed the 10 best to purchase in 2022.

10. Dee Zee DZ70


This special series of the acclaimed Dee Zee DZ70 line of truck toolboxes is a lockable box with an innovative top slider design. Designed to mount conveniently on top rails of most truck beds, its setup is simple. Storage space is approximately 5.33 cubic feet, while its bulb sealed C-channel design keeps water out. When left in the rain for days, therefore, your tools and other personals will stay dry and functional over the years. Dee Zee DZ70 is rust-resistant. Its advanced T-Handle latch secures personals well, while its drop down door is wide and fitted with chains for support. This way, access to stored tools is not only easy but also safe in all environments.

9. Giantex Truck Pickup Tool Box


Measuring 49 x 15-inches, Giantex is a spacious tote toolbox that fits and works well on most pickup and truck beds. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, its dent-proof design lasts long. It is also stylish and has a chip-proof matte finish that resists corrosion and rust over the years. Lockable, this toolbox is a perfect travel accessory. Once you have stored up your tools and other personals and locked it system, forget about thieves ripping you off. Giantex is also space-efficient and has a wide opening door with a fool-proof heavy-duty hinge.



Perfect for storing small parts, tools, and most portable vehicle accessories, UWS TBSM36 is a versatile side-mount toolbox that works well. Measuring 36-inches, its spacious design fits most trucks without cluttering space. Made in the USA using high-density aluminum, its build quality is exceptional. It resists rust and dents well, for instance. It also supports heavy tools and materials without losing its shape and has powerful gas struts that open and support its wide lid for easy access. Unlike some models that require manual support, you can use both hands to dig through stored treasures without sacrificing safety. You also get two standoff brackets that improve safety.

7. TMS 24


Popular among truck owners, TMS 24 is a spacious 23-7/8 x 15-3/4 x 17-3/4-inch toolbox that works well on vehicles and in garages. Made of aluminum, its spacious design is durable. It resists dents, for instance. Corrosion and rust resistance is also admirable when used both indoors and outdoors. The heavy-duty locking mechanism offered improves safety. Paired with the correct lock, your valuable tools will stay safe on the street. Even though cheap, this toolbox comes fully welded and ready to use. Setup and maintenance are easy, while its free-standing space efficient design does not clutter personal space.

6. Better Built 73210285


Do you want a spacious low-height toolbox for your truck that you can travel with effortlessly? Better Built 73210285 is a recommended day-to-day model with a solid aluminum body that resists both physical and environmental abuse. Unlike steel models that rust, for instance, it does not rust nor corrode come rain or shine. Its solid latching system is safe for outdoor use, while its pre-drilled system is easy to install. With the help of a few bolts and a ratchet, you can tie in down easily without the help of a professional. Apart from tools, you can use this box to transport your gym bag, camping equipment, or groceries with positive results.

5. ARKSEN 30-inch Toolbox


With this 30-inch ARKSEN toolbox, you get a spacious lockable toolbox at a pocket-friendly rate. Made of aluminum, it is portable. Its space saving design mounts easily on trucks, while its unique five bar threat pattern maximizes its strength. When dropped accidentally, you do not have to worry about its breaking apart as some models. Its stability and ability to support numerous tools at full capacity are admirable. This toolbox is affordable and fitted with a sturdy fold-up door that grants users full access to their personals on demand.

4. TMS Aluminum Tool Box


Do not compromise the safety of your tool with one of the poor storage options in stores. Instead, buy a solid and well-constructed toolbox such as this aluminum model from TMS to better your experience. Even though expensive than traditional plastic boxes, it is durable. Weight capacity is higher, while its lockable 49 x 15-inch design is both safe and spacious. This toolbox installs conveniently on the beds of pickups and tracks. Styling (bright finish) is eye-catching while the fully wedged handles on its body ease transportation.

3. International TB-20D


Popular among farmers, contractors, and regular handymen, International TB-20D is a 31-inch utility box with a durable metallic design. Fully welded, all joints and seams are long lasting. Its lightweight body (18.7 pounds) is portable, while its sturdy welded handles (side mounted) ease its transportation. With the help of a friend, you can move it effortlessly between your truck and garage without impairing its value. People also like its aesthetic steel diamond plate design, reinforced top lid, and soft bottom pads that do not scratch trucks.

2. Weather Guard 127502


In top 10 best truck tool boxes reviewed in 2022, Weather Guard 127502 is a popular black-themed saddle box for everyday use. Its lockable design offers extreme protection against the elements and break-ins. Attachment points are convenient, while its adjustable metal tray accommodates different-sized (both small and large) accessories comfortably. This box has a removable parts bin, a weather seal (full), and a one touch rotary latch that smooths opening and closing.

1. Contico 37 Portable Tool Box


With this portable 37-inch toolbox from Contico storage and transportation of tools is no longer a chore. Lightweight, for instance, you can carry it from place to place effortlessly. Weight capacity is approximately 250 pounds, while its lockable cylinder boosts safety in storage or on the road. Made of structural foam, Contico is 100% waterproof and do not scratch tools as some metallic models.

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    I am using a TMS Aluminum Tool Box for my truck. It is exactly what I was looking for. Well packaged, no dents, a very nice product.

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