Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews

Tracing its origin to North American, turkey is cooked by way of deep frying and for a long time has been South America’s favorite dish. And due to the considerable amount of time a fryer saves you, the popularity of turkey fryers is on the rise. If you are turkey fan, you need to stop using an oven. Wouldn’t you be glad cutting your cooking time a little?

Aside from slashing your meal preparation time, turkey fryers also give you a yummy golden skin and delicious meat. Another trick to cut your meal preparation time is to use a mandoline slicer.

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Turkey Fryer

What makes a turkey fryer a great deal? First, it is the resulting flavor of the meat. Alluring would be an understatement. The best thing about turkey fryers is that it doesn’t have to sit idle all through. You can use for frying mushrooms, whole chickens, fish, mini meatballs for appetizers and more.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Safety: Safety is paramount, and it should not be a wonder why we have it as the first consideration. Turkey fryers can tend to be dangerous if mishandled. Make sure that you get the fryer that insists on safety when using. Consider a fryer whose exterior remains cool to touch. Also, a fryer that has your safety in mind comes with explicit instructions.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Ease of Use & Cleaning: Cleaning a turkey fryer isn’t always simple. However, the best are dishwasher safe. Others have detachable components for a simple hand wash. Be sure to confirm if it has a mechanism for draining oil. Some have a removable oil compartment rendering cleaning a breeze.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Type: You can choose propane and electric or air fryers. Cooking experts claim that electric fryers are safer to use because they have manual controls or have automatic shut-off mechanism whenever the oil temperature is too high. Propane fryers lack temperature control, and the temperatures of the oil can rise to dangerous levels.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Capacity: For you to cook the large-sized turkey, you’ll need to invest in a fryer with a large capacity. For example, an outdoor unit can have a capacity of 30 quarts. A large bird approximately 19 pounds and it can cook safely. What we mean is that there should be enough room to turn your bird.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Personal Needs: Not all turkey fryers are multipurpose. Some will work as steamers and boilers while others are limited to one use. A versatile turkey fryer may come with several baskets that allow you to prepare different meals. Less expensive turkey fryers have an oil filtration mechanism which is good for those whose aim is to reuse oil. Also, it is necessary to check that you have sufficient storage space for the unit in your kitchen.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Advanced Features: Apparently, a deep fryer with many automated features will tends to be costly. Figure a unit with temperature control, built-in thermostat, timer, oil-change smart function, breakaway power cord and auto shut-off mechanism. However, there are still cheap fryers that work equally well.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 1Warranty: You can identify a quality product by checking if it offers a warranty. On most occasions, a warranty on turkey fryers ranges between 1 and 5 years. Some will offer a 90 days warranty. Most of them cover defects from the manufacturer, but it would be much better if it includes certain damages from regular use.

Shopping for a turkey fryer might seem straight forward. A deep fryer can be dangerous if mishandled. As such, you will need to be careful when shopping for one. We care about you, and that’s why we assumed the trouble of researching and preparing our reviews on the best fryers on the market.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

There is not a better way to kick start a party than with crisp golden brown and juicy turkey or chicken. However, to achieve that, you may need to give your oven a break. A turkey fryer is in thing now. It is the newest way of cooking your bird, and other foods fast and safely for delicious meals. CHARD EDF-15 Electric Turkey Fryer could be an entrant in the frying business, but we believe with the properties it offers, there is no doubt it will a force to reckon with.

CHARD EDF-15 Electric Turkey Fryer comes with a timer that makes it possible to shut off the unit after a short duration. That way, the heat is neither excessive nor too low. What results is evenly cooked meat with a crisp skin and juicy inside. Besides, that is a good property judging from the glaring home fires statistics.

Also, it comes with a thermostat that comes in handy in regulating the temperature of the oil. It helps to cut the power automatically when the temperature of the oil gets to dangerous levels. Without it, the oil would reach very high temperature posing a danger in the event it splatters or boils over. The property renders the unit safe to use even if it is your fast time.

Even more, the unit comes with a basket that with perforations that allow the oil to circulate on all sides of the meat, so it cooks evenly. Besides, the strains play a role in ensuring that excess oil passes through when removing the basket, so you don’t get burned. That, further, makes the unit safe for use. With the basket, your steaming and fry needs are addressed.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

Also, the fryer features a bail handle and lifting hook that allow you to insert the basket inside or put it inside the cooking pot safely. The handle and the lift are designed in a manner that it will lift only the food leaving the oil in the pot.

We still continue to insist on the need to exercise vigilance when using a turkey fryer. That is because it can get really dangerous when mishandled. CHARD EDF-15 Electric Turkey Fryer cares about your safety. It comes with a break-away magnetic cord. The mechanism works in a way that once an accidental force is applied to the cord, it detaches easily. That keeps the fryer from tipping over when you stumble on the cord accidentally. As such, it guarantees additional safety as no oil will splash or splatter.

The unit is not designed for one application. Measuring 15L, it has a basket that can stand above the oil level so you can steam your vegetables and more. This multipurpose fryer will let you deep fry turkey, fish, chicken and fries in a convenient way and on demand. Cut your meal preparation time in the kitchen by transforming your favorite foods into mouthwatering meals from a single unit with CHARD EDF-15 Electric Turkey Fryer.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

From outdoor smokers, fryers, grilling and BBQ utensils, seasonings, to camp kitchen equipment, Cajun Injector should be your go-to manufacturer. With an excellent understanding of the cooking needs, they have provided the hobbyists and starters alike, products that guarantee an outstanding experience when cooking indoors or outdoors. They present you Cajun Injector Gas Turkey Fryer.

If you were looking for a better way of enjoying fried turkey during your holidays, then Cajun Injector Gas Turkey Fryer should be your choice.

A cooking utensil that is exposed to high temperatures needs to be solidly built so as to withstand the high amount of heat and to support the weight. It lets you assemble the whole unit leaving it operational. It comes with a robust black stainless steel stand of 15 inches rendering the unit highly durable. The fryer feels solid when placed on the metal frame guaranteeing your safety.

It comes with a tall 30-quart aluminum pot large enough to deep fry a full-sized turkey. Also, the tall design makes it possible to use less oil compared to the large units and still allows the oil to circulate all over leaving the bird cooked evenly.

What’s more, you will be glad that it comes with all the components needed to get it operational. There is a lid that used to cover the pot as the turkey cooks which ensures that heat does not escape the unit for faster cooking. Besides, it keeps the unit secure from oil overflows which may be tragic.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

It comes with a 12-inch thermometer which comes in handy in regulating the temperature of the oil. That way, you can maintain a consistent temperature for evenly cooked crisps and juicy meat. Also, the temperature lets you know when the bird is ready. Also, there is a wide angle lifting hook that allows you to place your meat into or out of the pot safely.

Your security when using this fryer has been placed at the forefront. The unit features an automatic shut-off mechanism that shuts off the flow of the gas to the burner after 12 minutes for security reasons. That means it would need the patience to get the oil heated. To beat it, you will need to rewind the timer before it shut-off to for fast heat-up. A person who has no time to keep watching the fryer will need to look for an alternative. However, that feature has elicited mixed opinions. Some users term it as a complete waste of time while others think it’s a good security measure.

Well, we would recommend this product for everyone especially because of the safety measures thanks to the timer. But it seems to be timer waster for many. As such, Cajun Injector Gas Turkey Fryer is ideal for only those do not mind waiting or to keep resetting the timer.


  • Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 12Safety shut off timer
  • Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 12Robust assembly frame
  • Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 12Includes all components


  • Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 15Takes time to heat

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

Waring Pro is a renowned brand when it comes to a wide of array of kitchen & dining products including waffle irons, vacuum sealers, deep fryers and more. Probably the term pro should tell you something; that they are good at what they do. It is no wonder their products have high ratings and positive reviews. Our focus, for now, is on the deep fryer. They present you Waring TF 250 Electric Digital Rotisserie Turkey Fryer. The turkey fryer exhibits a few remarkable features worth our attention.

Waring TF 250 Electric Digital Rotisserie is not your average turkey fryer. It is designed with care and to give nothing but the best cooking experience. It is all in one machine implying that it can serve you multiple purposes. You can use it as a fryer and a steamer as a single unit without the need to invest in both of them.

We’ve all experienced or witnessed cases where food cooks unevenly. In fact, sometimes an oven can ruin your food. However, you have no time to engage in trial and errors. This rotisserie is designed with a mechanism to alternate the food so it can be cooked evenly. You will be impressed by the results. It gives crisp and juicy meat to your satisfaction.

Waring TF 250 Electric Digital Rotisserie is a complete workhorse that leaves nothing to chance. The rotisserie is removable a property that allows you to deep fry or steam a large array foods from a single unit. Get almost all of your foods ranging from French fries, wings to onion rings cook fried from this rotisserie. The turkey fryer is even more useful in that it’s possible to transform into a steamer. What you need to do is only fill the rotisserie with water instead of oil. That way, you can enjoy an indoor clambake from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

Even before you have put your turkey in the oil for frying, there is an indicator light that notifies you when the oil is ready for frying. The quick notification makes possible do other things as you watch from a distance.

Waring TF 250 Electric Digital Rotisserie prides itself in being unique in its way. And aside from having a convenient digital interface for temperature control, it comes with a large capacity capable of holding an 18lb turkey. It cuts turkey cooking time slightly above an hour.

The unit features a digital control timer with a 99-min countdown timer that allows you to know the amount of time to cook your turkey for every pound. It lets you find out when the bird has completed cooking. Also, it comes with a thermometer which lets you know the current temperature so you can adjust accordingly from 175F-375F. Maintaining a consistent temperature implies cooking your meat to the best standards.

Also, some complain that it takes an eternity to heat up, you will be glad to find out that it maintains that temperature long enough. The best part is that it saves time when heating and cooking. Besides, cooking shouldn’t be a major problem. Since it is easy to drain the oil, you can be sure cleaning will not be a tough exercise. And because the unit has a mechanism to rotate your turkey in the oil, it does not need as much oil as the traditional fryers. In fact, it will use a third less oil and still leave your meat cooked evenly. At the same time, it saves on oil.


No doubt, Boyau has a reputation for kitchen dining and outdoor cooking products. So let it not come as a surprise that it has made grabbed several slots in the list of the best turkey fryers on the market. They present you with Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer. The fryer has attracted positive reviews and a high rating promising you nothing but the best experience when deep frying your turkey. It exhibits a few unique features that anyone on the market for a turkey fryer would give it a second thought.

You should not settle for less. Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer has a capacity of 32 quarts enough to deep fry a whole turkey of up to 18 pounds. And while doing so, it leaves enough space for the oil to boil ensuring there are no spillages from boil over. A full-sized turkey takes 45 minutes to cook completely.

Aside from turkey frying, the unit allows more applications. It comes with a skewer set that makes it possible to fry 3 chickens at a go. You can have ready in as little as 20 minutes. What’s more, it comes with a perforated basket that you can raise 1.75 inches from the bottom. That action makes it possible to steam and boil seafood, corns crawfish, vegetables and more.

We noted a complained about the unit taking long to heat up meaning you’ll need to be patient before it boils. Fortunately, it comes with a 200,000 BTU burner designed for outdoor use but makes the unit heat fast. That way, you can have it ready to deep fry in minutes.


Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer is an upgrade from the traditional fryer and is refined with stainless steel. It heats much faster, and the material can hold heat better when compared to the traditional fryers.

The fryer generates a good amount of heat for cooking your turkey. And the best part is that the unit comes with a regulator valve which allows you to set it to the optimum temperature for uniform cooking of the food. What results is crisp skin and delicious meat that you will enjoy.

You can be sure this fryer will be a lifetime purchase. The unit is made from robust stainless steel material rendering it highly durable. Besides, the material keeps it free from corrosion giving you the service you need.

It comes with a perforated rack with a grab hook. Those two properties have major contributions in the functioning of this fryer. The rack and the basket are perforated to ensure that there is uniform circulation of the oil in the stockpot. That ensures your meat cooks evenly. Besides, the perforation also makes it possible to drain any excess oils when removing from the basket. That way, you don’t sustain any injuries. The grab hook is designed to ensure your safety when inserting or removing your bird from the unit.

Bayou Classic 1195 Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer is designed for outdoor use. It comes with an outdoor gas BTU burner and one welded stainless steel frame. If your intent is to have premium outdoor cooking items, then this should be your best bet.


Bayou Classic is a global dealer in top qualities items in the kitchen & dining, partial lawn & garden and more. In the latter, the manufacturer brings you outdoor fryers & accessories and outdoor cooking products. Featuring among the list of the top fryers is Bayou Classic 3024 Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot. It has been designed to so you can prepare crisp and juicy turkey and even other delicacies. Why makes it a good choice?

The fryer comes with a 30-Quart pot that with enough capacity to hold a full-sized turkey. It works by rotating the oil throughout the pot to allow for even temperatures making the meat cook evenly. Deep frying a whole turkey will take just 45 minutes making it possible to prepare on demand. What results is tender and juicy meat that you can enjoy with family and friends.

When deep-frying meat, you need to keep the temperature in control. Otherwise, you may find that you’ve hurried the cooking by putting on too much heat. In the same vein, it makes no sense to have it working at low-temperature levels it would consume much of your time. So you can regulate the temperature to ensure it remains consistent, the fryer comes with a 12-inch stainless steel thermometer designed solely for that purpose.

Also, when checking the temperature, you don’t need to risk oil splattering when opening the lid all the time. It features a convenient hole where you can fit your thermometer so as to keep track of the progress when cooking.


Your safety is almost a guarantee when using Bayou Classic 3024 Aluminum Turkey Fryer. It comes with poultry rack bearing small vents which give room for the cooking oil to circulate evenly throughout your meat for uniform cooking. Also, the perforations make it possible to drain excess oil on the meat further ensuring that you don’t get burned. The rack has a grab hook that allows you to insert and remove the poultry rack from the cooking oil.

The unit is not one of those cheaply constructed turkey fryers out there. Bayou Classic 3024 Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot has a solid Aluminum construction making it highly durable. Besides, the material renders the fryer highly lightweight for ease of transportation.

What’s more, it features a tall yet narrow design which ensures that it doesn’t consume much oil like the traditional fryers. And the design does not compromise on the space of the uniformity of cooking your turkey.

Also, Bayou Classic 3024 Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot does not limit you to frying turkey only. It has a variety of other applications including boiling seafood, crawfish, and veggies. You will not come across a better of cutting your meal prep time. This turkey fryer is ideal for outdoor use. When camping, RVs, Thanksgiving, backyard cooking, Bayou Classic 3024 Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot will give you the company you deserve.

Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

In the kitchen & dining category, Butterball offers you top quality dry fryers and spatulas. They present you Butterball XL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer. This electric powered fryer will serve all your frying, steaming and boiling needs of your best foods. The dry fryer offers a few fantastic features will grab your attention. Probably the time has come to explore a better alternative to that overworked oven.

When deep frying, you need enough space for turning and displacement of the bird. Otherwise, you will end up sustaining serious burns from hot oil spillage. Fortunately, Butterball XL turkey fryer comes in offers an extra large capacity allowing you to fry birds weighing up to 20lbs. And while at it, it needs less oil by almost 1/3 when compared to the traditional deep fryers.

Besides, this unit has been designed with your safety in mind. It comes with an analog control from where you can control the temperature. If that is not enough, it features a digital timer with a thermostat and basket drain clips. Once the temperature of the oil hits a certain degree, it shuts off automatically to give time for the oil to cool. Also, you will not deal with any frame making the best alternative to propane fryers.

Even more, you don’t need to spend all your time in the kitchen. In any case, a deep fryer should cut your cooking time. Butterball XL turkey fryer features a 1650 watts electric heating elements that take a short moment to heat the oil for fast frying. There is no more wasting time using the oven. Deep frying will take about half an hour while roasting will require your patience for a quarter hour.
Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers In 2022 Reviews 8

Your safety is paramount and based on how dangerous deep fryers can be, and due care is needed when handling the unit. However, the manufacturer has a role to play in ensuring that your safety is a priority. Think of a situation whereby you stump on the cables you use to connect the fryer to the power. It would be an ugly occurrence if the whole unit trips and the oil splash over you. Now, to prevent that, Butterball XL turkey fryer comes with a magnetic breakaway power cord that plays a crucial in ensuring your safety in the kitchen.

Well, a turkey fryer will cut your cooking time. But one of the main annoyances in deep frying is cleaning the unit. Luckily, this fryer addresses that intimidating challenge. It comes with an oil drain valve that ensures that drains the oil conveniently. Besides, you will be glad to find that it has components, pot, basket, lid, and valve are all dishwasher safe. Clean-up becomes simple with a dishwasher.

There can be no better way frying your turkey. Butterball XL turkey fryer has been tested to meet the safety standards for use in the kitchen. As such, you can have the peace of mind using it. You may not live to find a better way of enjoying fried turkey and other foods right from the comfort of your home. Butterball XL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer is intent on saving your meal prep time while guaranteeing you safety in the kitchen.


A deep fryer needs to be of the highest quality if you want to escape the trouble that comes with ignoring simple things. You already know that a turkey fryer can end up posing as a risk and that is why the choice that you make matters a lot. Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer is designed for those who value premium items that will leave nothing to chance. Let’s focus on some of the features that this turkey fryer exhibits.

Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer has a relatively large capacity of 32 Quarts capable of frying an average sized turkey. It slashes your cooking time significant allowing you to fry a full turkey in 45 minutes only. And it is not limited to frying turkey alone; it comes in handy when you want to fry your chicken. It features a stockpot that transits into a chicken fryer. With it, it is possible to fry 3 chickens simultaneously using this single unit and in as little as 20 minutes.

While you’ll find fryers designed for use inside the house, Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer is ideal for outdoor use. That ensures that you remain safe meaning that you’ll be exposed to fewer dangers compared to indoor units.

Kitchen equipment need to meet the healthy standards to quality for use in handling foods. The turkey fryer has stainless steel construction which renders it durable. Besides, the solid construction ensures that unit is rustproof and makes cleaning simple. With hot water and detergent, it should be clean within a short moment. Need I mention that it will not retain the odors from seafood and any other foods that you cook after washing?


The fryer is even more versatile since apart from just frying, it serves more purposes too. Its pot is indented in such a way that it can raise the basket above the base of the cooker by up to 1.75 inches to make it possible to steam vegetables, seafood, and clams. It comes with a robust and perforated basket that ensures your steaming is uniform.

Since the unit is designed for outdoor use, the need to transport arises. This turkey fryer features strongly built handles enhancing the portability of the unit. Also, it features a vented lid whose purpose is to ensure it does not get forced out by the steam. Besides, it ensures that you remain safe as no oil will boil over the unit to the outside.

You will love the fact that Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer comes with all the components need to ensure that you start preparing your meals right away. They include lid, three skewers, thermometer, injector, hook, basket, hook plate and more. Bayou Classic 1118 Turkey Fryer is designed and must be used outdoor. So, you will find it useful when preparing turkey and chicken for your Thanksgiving.


A report by CDC shows that over 36.5% of adults in the US are obese. We all know the conditions related to obesity including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. As such, eating healthy remains the only way to lead a disease-free life. Masterbuilt 20100809 Butter Oil-Free Turkey Fryer is here to boost your efforts of eating health. With it, you will enjoy your turkey and other foods without the harmful oils.

Masterbuilt 20100809 Butter Oil-Free Turkey Fryer is designed for outdoor use only. It does not require propane or oil to cook your food. The fryer is powered by 1650- watt electric element that with a large capacity to cook turkeys as large as 18 pounds.

This fryer is designed with your safety in mind. It does not get hot on the outside, and so you can be sure you’ll not get accidental burns. It comes with a double-wall construction that relies on radiant heat ensuring that it does not move outside the turkey. Besides, that helps in boosting the speed at which your food cooks.

It does not have a single application only. It is designed to cook most of your foods in the kitchen. The unit comes with a cooking basket and stand that let fry as well as roast many more foods aside from turkey.


Great things about the unit do not end there. You can use it as a smokehouse to help add the flavor to your meals thanks to the built-in wood chip box.

Also, it comes with a strong glass that helps you to watch as your food cooks without the need to lift it. The glass is shatter-proof and is designed to withstand high cooking temperature. Please note that opening will let heat escape and it might require even more time to cook your bird. Besides, that guarantees you more safety when using this fryer.

Even if it’s your first time, you need no skill to operate it. Masterbuilt 20100809 Butter Oil-Free Turkey Fryer is simple to use. It features an easy-dial analog control from where you optimize your settings when using the fryer.

What’s more, you need not worry about cleaning this fryer. First, because it does not use oil and so you have no oil to drain or dispose of. Secondly, because it comes with a drip pan that catches any juices from your foods making cleaning simple

Raising the basket from the cooker is still simple. The turkey fryer features a lid clip that moves away from the lid when either lowering the basket or removing it after cooking. That makes sure that prevents any accidents.

Healthy lifestyle begins by eating healthy meals, and that is what Masterbuilt 20100809 Butter Oil-Free Turkey Fryer promises. Make it your companion in your quest to leading a healthy lifestyle while at the same time cutting your meal preparation time.


Masterbuilt has a history spanning over 40 years in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor cooking products. Their products are inspired by the need to bring the family and friends together. The result of their passion is evident. Coming second is Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer.

Cheaply made units can end up very useless after a few days of use. What with the breakages and rusting? The turkey fryer is built to last many years of use. It has a sturdy stainless steels construction which renders it highly durable. You can be sure you’ll be making a lifetime purchase.

House fires resulting from the kitchen are commonplace. And Masterbuilt does not deny the fact that turkey dryers cannot be dangerous especially if they do not meet the safety standards or are not used as specified. Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer has your safety in the kitchen as a priority. It’s been tested and even certified for use in the kitchen.

Cases of oil spillage and splatter will be unheard of with this handy fryer thanks to the porcelain coated inner pot that keeps the oil safely contained. You will also note that it uses 33 percent less oil compared to the traditional fryers meaning that you can boil large turkeys and no oil will boil over the sides.

It features a thermostat temperature control that makes it possible to control the temperature ensuring that it does not cross a certain degree for your safety. The built-in timer will help you to track the time. Besides, it will provide a go ahead when your bird is ready.


If your worry was on the oil mess that you have to clean after using oil turkey fryers, then you have something to smile about. It comes with a drain valve for convenient drainage of the oil. That makes your cleaning simple.

You don’t need to settle for less. A need arises when you have to fry a large sized turkey or chuck of meat. Spacing should be your shortcoming. That is why we recommend this extra-large fryer enough space for 20lbs turkey.

Versatility is a major consideration when it comes to kitchen equipment. You want something that you can use to achieve many things. And that is where Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer comes in. Despite being designed majorly for frying turkey, it has multiple applications. Use it to boil seafood or to steam vegetables in minutes.

What’s more, you’ll love the fact that it the unit comes with injection marinades and other rubbing spices and other cooking accessories. That makes it possible to enjoy the tastiest turkey ever. Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer has been certified for indoor use. You’ll enjoy nothing but crisps and juicy meat either as a family or a social gathering with friends.


High-calorie intake has exposed you even more glaring risks than just weight gain one of them being developing obesity. If you’re watching your oil intake, then here is a solution for you. You will enjoy your delicious turkey without ingesting more calories. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Turkey Fryer, should be your companion in leading a healthy lifestyle. No doubt, this turkey fryer tops the list. It exhibits a few remarkable features that you cannot afford to miss.

As already pointed out, this fryer is oil-less. It employs a licensed and unique infrared cooking technology. Oil and fat are main cause of flare-ups, and it becomes scary when it combines with water. You can be sure you have no flames to deal with thanks to the cooking mechanism this turkey fryer brings you. Besides, the cooking unit remains safe to touch. That way, you enjoy healthy and juicy foods anytime.

Cleaning oil from a turkey fryer can be a major headache, and it gets even tough in the event the unit is not dishwasher safe. You don’t need to go through all that. Since Char-Broil Infrared Fryer is oil-less, you will have no big messes to clean. What’s more, it comes with a drip tray that traps any runaway juices making your cleaning even simpler.

Let’s get a little more technical and see how the unit works. It features 1600 BTU Propane burners located inside the double-walled cylindrical cooking chamber. They generate infrared heat which fills the cooker, penetrates the meat and leaving it evenly cooked. And all that happens without the hassles involved in cooking with oil or fat giving you crisp yet juicy meat.

This turkey fryer has an average capacity that that can hold a turkey of maximum weight, 16 lbs. It works fast and allows you to cook your food for 8-10 minutes for every pound. Don’t be made to think that this turkey fryer is just for cooking a turkey. Being oil-free, it will come in handy in the preparation of other foods in your kitchen. Roasting chicken, beef, and pork are all possible with the fryer.


And it does not end there. You’ll not need to wait for the oils to heat like in the traditional fryers. As such, you can get your bird or meat ready with injectable marinades or season rubbings for mouthwatering dishes.

It is pretty simple to operate v Char-Broil Infrared Fryer. The unit features only two knobs to control the whole. One knob will allow you to turn on and the other knob to light the burner. It doesn’t get any easier. It is also compact for ease of storage.

Aside from keeping you safe from hot oil spillages and splatter, Char-Broil Infrared Fryer is also economical. You don’t need to buy oil that you will need to dispose of after use. Even if the oil is reusable, you cannot use it forever. It will help you in your goal to living healthy.

Char-Broil Infrared Fryer comes with most of the components to get it operational. They include a cooker, basket, thermometer, and lifter. However, you will need to acquire a propane tank on your own.

The unit has a height of 24.5″ and a diameter of 21.1″, offering enough space for safe displacement of your foods. It weighs 30lbs which lightweight enough to transport. If your goal is to eat healthily, then you’ll find Char-Broil Infrared Fryer a useful tool for realizing that dream. You will not meet a better way of enjoying delicious, crisp, juicy and healthy foods than using this turkey fryer.


Although an oven will still fry your turkey, it cannot beat the versatility of a turkey fryer. With a turkey fryer, you will deep fry, boil and even steam all kinds of food. And while at it, it slashes the amount of time significantly. As such, you should be convinced enough to invest in a good turkey fryer for fast, crisp and delicious meals.

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