Top 10 Best Underground Sprinkler Systems Reviewed In 2021

Considered among the most efficient irrigation systems for home use, underground sprinkler systems remain sought-after for several reasons. Water-efficiency, for instance, is admirable. Most models are also durable, while the array of systems currently available in stores diversifies the options of individuals looking to maintain lush green lawns and or gardens. For those looking to setup functional underground sprinkler systems in homes, here are 10 vital underground accessories that will come in handy:

10. Orbit WaterMaster Underground 38931 Flex Pipe

Orbit WaterMaster Underground 38931 1 per 2-Inch Pro-Blend Flex Pipe, 100-Feet

When setting up an underground irrigation system, one of the most essential accessories that you will need is quality piping. While most models work well, this Underground 38931 Flex Pipe from Orbit WaterMaster is a specially designed model that works best. Measuring approximately 100 feet, it is long and designed to cover a large area whilst in use. Its 12-inch design works well with most types of faucets and irrigation equipment, while the flexible polyethylene used to manufacture it is not only easy to setup underground but also lasts long. Whether you are looking to create customized swivel joints or connect sprinkler heads, this cold-water hose will not disappoint you.

9. Orbit WaterMaster 57035

Orbit WaterMaster Underground 57035 1-Inch Brass Automatic Converter Valve

Made of a solid one-inch brass, this automated converter valve from Orbit WaterMaster is among the best for converting several types of valves into automated ones. Featuring a novel manual on and off system, it is perfect for flushing and testing sprinkler systems. The flow control adjustment feature offered reduces the risk of overspray and fogging, while its compatibility with most manual brass valves (both anti-siphon and angles ones) appeals to homeowners of all cadres. This converter valve is affordable and works excellently underground without rusting or clogging over the years.

8. Coleman Cable 09638

Coleman Cable 09638 18 per 4 Solid Underground Sprinkler System Wire, 18-Gauge 4-Conductor 50-Feet

Perfect for wiring underground sprinkler systems, Coleman Cable 09638 is a solid 18/4 cable that measures approximately 50 feet. It is durable, has an advanced 4-conductor system that works well underground and has a universal design that works well with most underground sprinkling and irrigation systems in the market. Unlike comparable wires that rust or break easily underground, you will not have to worry about replacing it over the years. You also get a kink-proof insulation for optimal safety.

7. Quick-Snap QSK-741

Quick-Snap In-Ground 5-Inch Pop-Up Adjustable Sprinkler With Quick Hose Connector, Q

Perfect for watering lawns of all sizes, Quick-Snap QSK-741 is a versatile in-ground pop-up sprinkler with an adjustable design that works well for years. Featuring a unique quick snap design, installation is simple. Its powerful system works well outdoors, while its automated design drops down below ground level to ease mowing of lawns. Installation is also simple (in minutes) while its ability to water areas measuring up to 5000 square feet benefits individuals with large lawns. Buy from Amazon to get a five-year warranty.

6. Orbit 57876

Orbit 57876 Indoor Dual 6-Station Timer for Sprinkler Control for Outdoor Underground Sprinkler System

Specially designed for use with underground sprinkler systems, Orbit 57876 is a premium indoor timer with an advanced dual 6-station system that enables you to control several sprinklers from one spot. Programmable anywhere, this multifunctional home and commercial accessory benefits individuals of all cadres. The rain sensor offered saves water consumption significantly during rainy months, while the large LCD display and easy to use dial it comes with not only ease setup but also its operation. Orbit 57876 Indoor Dual 6-Station Timer is durable, clutter-free, and designed to control up to six sprinkler valves without compromising their performance or output.

5. Toro 53708

Toro 53708 1-Inch Jar Top Underground Sprinkler System Valve

With this underground sprinkler system valve, you get a high-performance jar top accessory with an encapsulated solenoid that works well. Installation is fast and easy. Servicing is also simple, while its solid design withstands abuse outdoors without breaking and or clogging over the years. Designed to work well with most brands of irrigation systems, most individuals appreciate its versatility, high flow system (0.25-30.0GPM and 10-150PSI), and is wear resistant full stainless steel metering system that lasts long.

4. Toro 53763

Toro 53763 3 per 4-Inch Anti-Siphon Jar Top Underground Sprinkler System Valve with Flow Control

Perfect for controlling water flow of underground sprinkler systems, Toro 53763 is a 3/4-inch anti-siphon sprinkler valve with a convenient jar top design that works excellently. The encapsulated solenoid it comes with is durable. Flow (0.25-20GPM) is impressive, while its versatile system works well with most brands of irrigation systems in homes and commercial establishments. Toro 53763 has an operating pressure 10-150PSI (adjustable), an aspheric backflow preventer that betters its efficiency, and a sturdy design that will never let you down over the years.

3. Toro 53709

Toro 53709 1-Inch Jar Top Underground Sprinkler System Valve With Flow Control

As Toro 53763 listed, Toro 53709 is a flow control sprinkler system that works well with most underground sprinkler systems. Featuring a convenient one-inch design, this valve is easy to install. Its durability is admirable, while its compatibility with conduit, pipe, and rough plumbing makes it an ideal all-around accessory or home use. If you have a tight budget, this value is durable. It is also easy to maintain and has a special ability to streamline water flow, which leads to less wastage over the years.

2. Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional

Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional 4-Inch Adjustable Pop-Up Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler Spray Head, 40° to 360° Pattern, 25' - 52' Spray Distance

As its name suggests, Orbit 55662 Voyager II is a professional grade pop-up underground sprinkler with adjustable spray patterns (40-360 degrees) that most individuals appreciate. Measuring four inches, it is compact and designed to install out of sight on lawns. The 25-52 foot spray distance buyers get waters large lawns well, while the advanced gear drive rotors that it comes with are durable and rust proof. With each purchase, you get an easy to use adjustment key and eight nozzles as a bonus.

1. Rain Bird 32ETI

Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System Kit

Rain Bird 32ETI is an easy to install in-ground sprinkler kit (automatic) that takes lawn and garden watering to the next level. Designed to work well with most outdoor faucets, its versatility is an essential attribute that most homeowners appreciate. Setup is simple, while the retractable sprinkler it comes with does not clutter lawns, as most above ground ones often do. At full capacity, this covers between 1000 and 3000 feet. Its low-pressure system works well in residential settings, while the convenient timer settings buyers get enable you to schedule watering by day of the week. With an original, you get one of the top 10 best underground sprinkler systems in 2021 reviewed.

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