Top 10 Best Used Cars Under 1500 Dollars Reviews

I don’t know about you but I like cars. Actually, that’s an understatement; I love cars and it sometimes reaches a point where I feel like there are no words to describe my love for these insanely lovable pieces of technology. From super fast cars like Bugattis, Ferraris and McLarens to luxury cars like Rolls Royce and not forgetting the Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) like the Range Rovers everyone must have one car that they would like to own one day. The best used cars under 1500 dollars reviews is the best piece you need.

These cars, however, come at a price. A very a high price for that matter. This makes it hard for you to own one of these cars unless you have astronomical amounts of money. Furthermore, with V12 engines, high-end pistons, hybrid cars with manual and automatic systems to control it, unprecedented levels of performance, cutting-edge technology and increasingly fuel efficient engines, what did you expect? Yes, that’s right, very expensive machines.

There are those who work with low budgets and still want a good car. Ignore what I have just said as there is no cause for alarm. You can still get a very good car at a low price and I know it might be what you dreamed of owning but hey, everyone has to start somewhere right? I have compiled the best ten strong cheap selection of cars like hatchbacks, MPVs, crossovers, and all sorts of cars to prove to you that second-hand car market can provide you with any type of car at any price in our Top 10 Best Used Cars Under 1500 dollars.

10) Mazda RX-8



How awesome; you can actually buy a sporty Mazda car for $1200. One of the things that set Mazda apart from its competitors is the building sports cars with rotary engines and the Mazda RX-8 was one of these and the only with a four-door configuration.

The car has a high-revving 1.3-litre rotary engine and since it is small and compact it was placed back on its chassis giving the car a coveted 50-50 front-rear weight distribution. It has a balanced suspension tuning, sharp steering and a svelte 3,000-pound curb weight making it very easy to handle.
Produced from 2004-2011 this car was a four-seat sports coupe with a pair of rear-hinged doors and had roomy seats. With its 1.3 liters, twin-rotor Wankel engine, power output depended on transmission choice.

The six-speed manual produced 232 horsepower which in turn propelled the car to 60mph in about 7 seconds which is very impressive. The six-speed automatic made 212hp and had a redline of 7,500 rpm compared to the manual’s 9,000rpm. The car has automatic air con, racing sports seats, 19-inch alloy wheels with CD system with 6CD stacker and a radio CD with 6 speakers. It also has dual front airbag package, anti-lock braking, head airbags, and side front bags. In terms of security, it has central locking remote control and engine immobilizer. However, you will want to ask about its oil consumption and make sure it starts okay from cold.

9) Jaguar XJ8 3.2



Imagine getting a Jaguar for less than $1000! This particular Jaguar is a 4-door saloon (sedan) car type with its engine positioning at the front to power the rear wheels. The Jaguar is powered by a double overhead camshaft, 4 liters naturally aspirated 8 cylinder power plant, with 4 valves per cylinder which provide the car with power and torque figures of 290 bhp(294 PS/216 KW) at 6100 rpm and 393 Nm(290lb ft/40.1kgm) at 420 rpm respectively.

All this power is then transmitted to the wheels through a 5-speed automatic gearbox. The XJ8 is said it can reach a maximum speed of 241 km/h or 150 mph. it also can from 0-60 mph in 6.9 seconds and go 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. It is a four-door saloon car with 4 or 5 seats. This car however whether new or old, the running costs will still be the same but there is still some bargain Jag XJ8s. while the 3.2-litre V8 wasn’t the fastest of all, it as a smooth power delivery that befits a luxury car.

8) Volkswagen Passat



Of late, saloon cars have been falling out of favor and in turn, this affected their prices second-hand prices which started to fall. This car is classy and efficient with a 1.8-liter turbo engine which uses gas and is more than adequate. The VW Group’s car also has a five-valve-cylinder. This Sedan has a transmission of 5-speed shiftable automatic and its cylinders are in line 4. It has a fuel tank capacity of 16.4 gallons and it’s also recommended that you use the premium unleaded type of fuel for more efficiency. The 5-speed transmission engine is also complimented by a front four wheel drive which provides more power to the car. It uses a double overhead cam with a horsepower of 170hp at 5900rpm and a torque of 166ft-lbs at 1950rpm and contains 20 valves.

It has bucket front seats and an adjustable driver seat and passenger seat and both also have a manually adjustable lumbar support. The rear seats have rear ventilation ducts and split-folding rear seatback. Its power features include heated mirrors and power windows and remote keyless power door locks. Other features include 8 total speakers, speed sensitive volume control, front and rear reading lights, air conditioning, traction control, all season tires, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, cruise control, front and rear airbags with seat belt pretensions, remote anti-theft alarm system and a rear door child safety locks among many others.

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7) Toyota Celica



We are talking about the 2000 Toyota Celica 1.8 VV-Ti which used to go for about $22,000 if its new but now you can get a second-hand version of it for less than $1500! The car’s engine uses petrol and it is a 1.8-litre engine with 4 cylinders which, measures about 1794cm cubic in line with a 16 valve injection. It has a maximum power output of 143PS (105kW/141hp) at 6400rpm (maximum RPM 7000rpm) and has a torque of 170Nm (17.3 mkg/125 lb-ft) at 4200 rpm. It has a transmission of front wheel drive and a gearbox which is a 6 speed and it is manual. Its front breaks have ventilated discs while the rear ones have solid discs. It can go from 0-60 kph in 4.0 seconds and 0-100 kph in 8.6 seconds which is pretty impressive and has a top speed of 205 km/h or 127 Mph.

The Toyota Celica with a 1.8-litre engine and a naturally aspirated or cylinders in line transverse front engine with the given torque and horsepower which is transmitted to the 16’’ front wheel by a manual 6 speeds gearbox are also made better with its shape. The car is wedge-shaped which were designed to attract younger customers and it has straight edges which helped it o stand out. The car’s weight was also cut to improve its handling and what’s more is that this potential future classic also promises near-bulletproof reliability.

6) Nisan X-Trail 2.2 dCi Sport



One of the things that appeal about this car is the fact that it feels strong and solid in steering, gear change, minor controls and so forth. It has a 2.2litre dCi engine with a horsepower net of 134hp. It also produces a torque of 231l/ft at 2000rpm. The engine also uses diesel and with the torquey 2.2-litre engine makes the car bit thirsty and in turn makes the car a good tow car.
Its charge system is a turbocharger and it also contains 4 valves per cylinder and an additional feature of the intercooler and a double overhead cam (DOHC) and the engine’s displacement is 2184cm cubic. It has a manual transition type which also has 6 gears. It has a top speed of 180 km/h or 112 mph and can go from 0-62 mph in 11.5 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds.

The X-Trail has traction control, ESP, satellite navigation using the familiar Nissan Birdview system, and neatly styled roof rails. It is also a 5-door sports utility wagon body style and on top of that, it is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a 4×4 car.
All the seats are leather and the front one heated, quite supportive and electronically adjustable and a hunky-to-hold steering wheel rim. Rotary is the design for the air-conditioning controls with ample space for knees, legs, and ankles for backseat passengers.

5) Ford Mondeo



This is and will always be a sensible car for those working on a low budget. The lower part of the car’s tailgate is body-coloured plastic ‘sacrificial panel’, to improve resistance when it comes to dents and cheaper repairs if needed. It also has an EasyFuel capless tank orifice which prevents misfuelling of petrol or diesel by only allowing entry of correct fuel nozzle. There is no longer a 4-door saloon in the Mondeo range but only a saloon-lookalike 5-door hatchback and a cavernous 5-door estate.

The interior is spacious with a lot of legroom in the back and a well shaped 60/40 split rear seat, huge boot, comfortable front chairs, B-pillar-mounted air vents. The rear seats fold to form a flat floor. It has an entry level of the range-topping 237bhp Ecoboost petrol engine together with Ford’s double clutch Powershift gearbox. It is also quick powering the Mondeo from 0-62 in 7.5 seconds and on to a top whack of 153mph. This car also comes in the 114bhp, 161bhp and 197bhp versions which provide different feels.
With all these versions available you get to choose the erect Mondeo for yourself and also the type of speed you want to experience.

Otherwise, generally, the Mondeo is good, it has sophisticated road manners when it comes to handling and riding and a very quality car. On the negative, it has unprogressive brakes and bad rear visibility.

4) Vauxhall Zafira



This car first went up on sale in 2005 and if you need a seven-seater car to deliver maximum space for less than $1500 then this is the car for you. On top of that, it still makes you stand out in the crowd. It has an MPG of 38 and a tank range of 484 miles and 5 doors.
It has a 1.6-litre petrol engine which has a horsepower of 105bhp and an engine torque of 111 lbs/ft or 150Nm. With this type of engine, it can attain a maximum speed of 109 km/h and a CO2 emission of 175g/km. It has a manual transmission with 5-speed gears and its fuel delivery type is by injection, and also has a double overhead cam with 4 cylinders in an in-line layout.

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It can go from 0-63mph in 13.4 seconds and has 16-inch alloy wheels. The Vauxhall Flex 7 seating arrangement was so good that it was carried over unchanged to the Zafira Tourer. It’s entertainment features include 6 speakers, Remote audio display, and steering wheel mounted audio controls. Its other features include air circulation system, emergency brake assist, rear passenger heating ducts, twin sun visors, passenger airbag, trip computer, folding rear sets and electric door mirrors. This is the perfect car for a family day out for the low budgets. However, make sure the features work in the car you want before you give away cash-the seats should fold utterly to leave a completely flat floor.

3) Ford SportKa SE



If you love and follow car trends then you should know that Ford has a special dexterity when it comes to producing small sweet-handling cars and the Ka is no different. The flagship of the SportKa has small 94 bhp with a 1.6-liter petrol engine with 4 cylinders. It has a front wheel drive which is mated with a manual 5-speed gearbox. This is further complimented by its lightweight construction to ensure that this is more than enough power, and the lively handling is a guarantee that it will make you smile. It has a power of 70kW at 5500rpm and a torque of 100 lb/ft at 4250 rpm (135Nm at 4250 rpm) with an electronic injection fuel system.

The SportKa’s top speed is 108.1 mph or 174 km/h with a CO2 emission of 182 g/km. Its acceleration is about 9.7 seconds from 0-62 mph or 0-100 kph and has a fuel consumption rate of 22.6 MPG. Its front brakes have ventilated discs while the rear ones have drums. It has a new body kit and 16-inch alloy wheels and also includes fog lights embedded in the front bumper. This car also loves to rust just like it predecessor give the sills a good prod and don’t dismiss any bubbling as ‘light surface rust’, especially around the fuel filler.

2) Vauxhall Astra Convertible



This car has a 1.8-litre petrol engine with 4 cylinders with and in-line cylinder layout and it’s a convertible! How cool is that! It has a performance of 125 bhp and an MPG of 36. Besides, it has a fuel tank capacity of 52 liters whose range is 411 miles and has only two seats and two doors, after all, it’s a convertible, and you could expect nothing less. Its 5-speed gears with manual transmission with a fuel delivery system of multi-point fuel injection. It uses the double overhead camshaft system and has a CO2 emission of 184 g/km.
When it comes to performance the car can go from 0-62 mph in 9.5 seconds and has an engine power of 125 bhp with an engine torque of 125.4 lbs/ft (129 Nm). Its top speed is 129 mph which is arrived at using the 17-inch wheels.

Some of the equipment that it has is also numerous. It has air blend heater and air conditioning, cashmere mondial leather seats, chrome interior door handles, heated glass rear screen, outside temperature display with ice warning and multi-function display. In terms of entertainment, it has 6 speakers and remote audio controls on steering wheel. In styling, it has halogen headlights, remote security alarm system, side airbags, electronic engine immobilizer and side impact protection beams.

1) 2007 Chevrolet Lacetti



A friend of mine once told me that he likes this car for two reasons: Top Gear used it to give an example of a reasonably priced car so you can about bragging with it and secondly, it is so bland no one else will even consider it. After this, I decided to check it out.
It has a smart exterior and a neat cabin which makes it a contender in this demanding section. The car has a 1.4-liter engine together with 4 cylinders. The car has a power of 93bhp which is produced by a five-speed manual transmission. In terms of economy, it has an MPG of 39.0 which gives out a CO2 emission of about 171g/km which is considered to be very high for the 1.4-litre engine which can make the car pretty expensive to run. Its top speed is 109mph and goes from 0-62mph in 11.6 seconds.

Its boot space is 275 liters and with rear seats folded it has a boot space of 1,225 liters and a kerb weight of 1,220kg. Some of its standard equipment include adjustable steering wheel, remote control locking, and electric windows.
The cabin is spacious and has colour-coded body parts. It is a good drive with an impressive exterior but a lacking interior. In summary, this car surprises and disappoints at the same time in equal measure.


These cars prove that low budget doesn’t have to mean low quality. From here henceforth, it’s all about preferences when choosing the best car from this list. However, be careful when dealing with second-hand cars and be sure to be very perceptive and check out every detail.

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