Top 10 Best Video Projectors Reviewed In 2022

When you want to clearly display enlarged movies, images, as well as slideshows to kids, friends, or your family, buying a good quality performance and resolution video projector is the best idea to engage. On the market today, you will be amazed by the countless models from different brands available, which can be confusing when you are trying to choose the best one, especially if it is your first time to shop for this device. However, you need not fret, for this article provides for you a list of the top 10 best video projectors reviewed for 2022. Any of the featured models will improve your video watching experience to an awesome new level, at home or outdoors. Keep on reading.

10. Epson Home Cinema 5030UB


Using Epson Home Cinema 5030UB, you can bring the movie theater show to your home. It allows you experience pretty cinematic adventures with its 2D and 3D Full HD 1080p reliable performance. Movies, video games, and sporting events impressively jump off your screen with color brightness of 2400 lumens and 2400-lumen white brightness. Enjoy deep black levels with up to 600,000:1 contrast ratio. The device’s vertical and horizontal lens shift plus 2.1x zoom ratio provide for set up flexibility and ease in difficult installation settings. Thanks to its THX display certification—a performance benchmark praised by both professionals and consumers—offers viewer naturally textured, film-like video experience. Its 2 pairs of RF 3D glasses ensure you enjoy wonderful 3D video moments.

9. Optoma HD25-LV


Another great pick among the best video projectors, Optoma HD25-LV offers awesome HD 1080p video/graphics with unique color perfection and very clear detail. As such, you can dazzle your guests thanks to the image clarity. The 3,500 ANSI plus a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 offer the right brightness for an incredible home theater experience. It further provides complete 3D compatibility, ensuring uncompromised integration with both DLP Link and 3D RF glasses with your choice 3D content from Xbox, Blu-Ray player, or any gaming console. This device is designed for optimum reliability and performance, featuring market-leading power efficiency technology plus whisper-quiet functioning, helping you install the most rewarding home theater.

8. Crenova XPE600 BL20


Go a notch higher in your video/movie experience by using this wonderful LED projector. It comes complete with exciting features for your convenience and merry. It provides up to 2600-lumen LED light, therefore supporting any of its users’ video needs. The projector is compatible with any smart devices, among them smartphones, TV, iPad, laptop, plus many more. It is a great power efficient device yet one very efficient.

7. Epson VS230 SVGA


VS230 video projector by Epson is another leading choice. It provides great business features yet it is really affordable. It is portable, allows easy-fast setup, and versatility, getting you enjoying your videos in a very short time, in any setting. It offers 3x brighter colors compared to most of its competition, ensuring compelling shows. It also delivers wonderful image quality and 2800-lumen color brightness; 2800-lumen white brightness. It comes with Epson’s Simple Setup Suit along with HDMI connectivity, and among other convenient add-ons, an easy-slide keystone correction, ensuring an improved level of convenience and flexibility. You will be alright with this machine, regardless where you are presenting at.

6. ViewSonic PJD5155


The LightStream PJD5155 is a top performance model of video projector delivering 3,300 lumens, unique SVGA 800 by 600 resolutions, and a user-friendly intuitive design. The integrated exclusive SuperColor innovation provides even a wider range of color for real-life image projection, as its sound enhance technology ensures advanced sound quality. The unit further has extensive connectivity that includes 2 x VGA, HDMI, S-Video, Composite Video, 1 x VGA output, as well as Audio in/output. Its energy efficient DynamicEco feature eliminates power utility by nearly 70 percent, extending the lamp-life by about 10,000 hours. It also boasts enhanced audio-visual features, an affordable price-tag, and flexible connectivity options, all making it versatile for different setting applications.

5. iRulu BL20


Designed to be great for home cinema theater, iRulu BL20 is a great choice recommended for use in dark settings to get a greater video experience. It is compatible with MHL function enabled smartphones, whether through Wi-Fi or MHL cable, using HDMI as the input source. It has built-in speaker, yet you can connect with external speaker via RCA L/R jack or HDMI port for greater sound performance.

4. Optoma HD26


Another high ranking model from Optoma, this is a 1080p 3200-lumen 3D video projector perfect for home theater entertainment regularly. MHL-enabled, it further includes a functional HDMI port, swell-built sturdy body, plus top performance video processor for delivering stunning yet natural looking pictures with an approx. 25,000:1 contrast ratio. When installed, this device projects diagonal images up to 300 inches in size. It boasts of power efficiency, supports content streaming on tablets, laptops, and smartphones, as well as remote inter-operation, contrary to many traditional models. You then load your movies on demand.

3. ViewSonic PJD5134


Ranking among the bestseller products in the niche, ViewSonic PJD5134 is an excellent video projector with lots of great high-rated reviews backing its wonderful performance. It offers 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness, leaving you with no regrets about buying it. It also integrates unique yet dynamic ECO innovation for helping you capture your audience’s focus level with ease.

2. Optoma HD141X


Designed with regard to the video gaming and movie enthusiasts, the Optoma HD141X is a powerful and also durable projector with capacity to display Full 1080p 3D images. Affordably priced, it provides quite reliable, all-digital seamless connectivity through MHL port and two HDMI ports, and it integrates a 10-watt speaker system for generating immersive audio as you watch your favorite movie or play choice video games. It is simple setting up and using. It is efficient, and it displays on a diagonal 3[00-inch axis.

1. BenQ W1070


Top on the list is BenQ W1070. It offers you 1080p Full-HD excellent image projection to s far as 200 inches, giving you real comfort during the entertainment session. Its brilliant yet clear image performance will amaze you, with the special 1080p DarkChip3 DLP Innovation, 2000-lumen brightness, and 10,000:1 ratio of contrast. It comes with built-in speakers plus allows simple setup, making it all users friendly.

There you go. Gear up for a real-life movie and video experience by using a top-performance video projector. And for the best deal, choose from the top 10 best video projectors reviewed for 2022 above. Enjoy your entertainment moment.

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