Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Headsets in 2021

What is “Headset”? If you are a 1990 kid, then you would probably visualize an image of 2 ear buds with a wire connecting to a mobile phone. if you ask now in 2021, people will probably think of not only hands-free but also virtual reality headsets. By observing the word “Virtual”, you could quickly remember a 3D visual, and yes, that’s the latest technology to please your ears along with your eyes and senses. VR headsets are often referred as HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).

Unlike headsets, these are designed for smart phones in which the smart phone can be inserted into. The contents are viewed through lenses acting as a stereoscope rather than internal displays. Initially, it allows the wearer to only view the surroundings with the perspective of head moves; later, it focused on “room scale” in which the user can navigate within and interact. Alike mobile companies, others have also released VR headsets with various kinds of virtual reality experience and features. It is used in the Medicine field for training purposes.

Virtual Reality Headset

VR headset is a device which you wear like a pair of goggles. It blocks out all the external lights and shows you an image on high-definition displays and offers a benefit of greater portability.

There are mainly three types of VR headsets available in the market:

  • High-end systems: It involves headset that plugs into PC for content and gives full immersion experience.
  • Less complex systems: These devices are designed to hold the smart phone.
  • Entry level systems: These devices are made of cardboards or rugged materials such as plastic and aluminum.

Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality generally takes a word “Total immersion” which means, you experience so real that you forget the phone and accessories and act exactly as you are in the real world. You will become an active participant in an environment completely detached from the reality. It gives widely a different experience in watching a movie or playing a video game. It just actually takes our senses for a ride and immerses us wholly in experience. You will be completely drawn into another world, where you can interact in a way that just isn’t possible in any other medium. Most of the time, people uses these kinds of gadgets in travelling, boating moreover walking and running. It engaged you in different environment regardless to the live scenario. You can select your favorite station or file from concerned list and enjoy that flavor of music. Now next questions are what are the factor that needs to cater while shopping these gadgets? What are the top 10 best virtual reality headsets in 2021 that should be followed?

Answer yourself before buying a Virtual Reality Headset

Purpose of VR headset

You need it for commercial purpose to experience virtual reality or only for video games.

Field of View: You need a narrow field of view like 90-100 degrees or you want to experience a 360-degree view.

Type of VR headset

Tethered headset (a device like Oculus or Vive which connects to a PC or gaming console) or Mobile headset (a device like Gear VR where you insert your smart phone in it).

Headset over glasses

If you happen to wear glasses, many products have been released to satisfy your needs as well. You just need to check the size and comfort level before buying.

Augmented reality       

Augmented reality deals with the world around you. In case of Tethered headset, you will be having a camera outside to avoid obstacles in the real world and giving a virtual environment. In mobile headsets, you can’t expect this feature.


Pricing differs with camera resolution, better graphics and experience.

Important things to expect in a Virtual Reality Tethered Headset

  1. High powered headsets
  2. Hardware requirements
  3. New breed of Games
  4. Better Camera Options
  5. Beyond living room

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Important things to expect in a Virtual Reality Mobile Headset

  1. Straps
  2. Comfort
  3. Adjustable lenses
  4. Audio Jack
  5. Easy phone fitting

Top Sectors which use Virtual Reality Headsets

  1. Video Games
  2. Educations
  3. Medicine
  4. Armed forces
  5. Air force
  6. Construction
  7. Business

Advantages of using Virtual Reality Headsets

  1. Little or no risk by practicing in a virtual environment
  2. Safe and controlled surrounding area
  3. Realistic scenarios
  4. Save money and time
  5. Innovation & Entertaining

Here are the Top 10 best virtual reality headsets that have been ruling markets in 2021. We will quickly round up the best headsets that have won the hearts and offered better results in a virtual reality experience.

Oculus Rift



  • The Oculus Rift is the product of Oculus where we begin to move into “Real” virtual reality on a larger scale.
  • The Rift plugs into your PC and tracks your head movements to provide 3D imagery on its stereo screens.
  • Unlike others, Rift gives an immersive experience in watching movie or playing games, jumping to the destination of another world where you feel like you are there.
  • The consumer edition Rift uses 2160 X 1200 resolutions, working at 233 million pixels per second, with 90Hz refresh rate.
  • Oculus and Microsoft work closely to offer plug-and-play support in Windows 10.
  • The headset comes with built-in headphones, where you can remove if you prefer.

HTC Vive



  • HTC Vive is a product of HTC and Valve. It comes with the ability to read the position of your hands and body out of the box.
  • You can get phone calls and text messages where you are in a bubble.
  • The pack comes with a headset and two Lighthouse base stations, some ear buds and Job simulator.
  • It is impressive with two motion controllers with additional camera to see the world around you.
  • It packs in 70 sensors to offer 360-degree head-tracking with 90 Hz refresh rate and contains two 1080 pixel screens for crisp images.
  • You can walk around the room with two wireless motion-tracking controllers, interacting with the virtual environment.
  • It allows you to use the headset with eye glasses.
  • The Cost is the most expensive in the market.

Samsung Gear VR



  • Samsung Gear is a product of Samsung’s smart phone and Oculus’s technology.
  • It runs off a smart phone rather than an expensive gaming console or a PC.
  • The Gear VR headsets which is a wireless technology, handles the head tracking and gives some high-quality screens depending the smart phone you use.
  • The best pixel density 577ppi is offered by Galaxy S7 with 360-degree view.
  • Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smart phones using Micro USB connection.
  • The Headset also features with external port, to which you can attach further accessories.
  • If you are looking a budget option, then this is the one.

Sony Play Station VR



  • Play Station VR is a product of Sony developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • It is one of the most comfortable virtual reality headsets and easier to use with the glasses.
  • It comes with a single hardware PlayStation 4.
  • Features include a 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080, refresh rate of 120Hz, 90 Hz, 120 fps and 360-degree view.
  • Chat to your online friends; discuss in-game tactics in the virtual world with the help of built in Microphone.
  • This lets you to project your experience to a TV screen with Mirror mode.

Google Card Board



  • A Google Card Board, a product of Google, which is the least expensive way to dip your toe in virtual reality.
  • It just involves inserting your smart phone in a cardboard container and a strapping around your head.
  • The features and experience depends on the smart phone you use, whereas all the smart phone contains necessary gyroscopic sensors and positioning systems to adjust your head movements.
  • There are plenty of viewer types available and you can choose one that fits right.
  • It includes a biconvex lens which offers 45 mm focal lengths for better visuals.
  • It costs is affordable for everyone to experience virtual reality.

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Razer’s OSVR



  • Razer is a part of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem, a new standard in Virtual Reality gaming and open-source software that enables programmers to develop VR applications.
  • This headset supports third party accessories and can run steam VR games.
  • You can play games with a keyboard and mouse or a game controller.
  • It comes with dual display of 2160 X 1200 with 441ppi running at 90fps, camera operating at 100Hz and provides 360-degree tracking for responsive, multi directional input.
  • The Headset also includes external USB connection for additional functionalities.
  • The cost would be the cheapest PC based headset for user experience.

Zeiss VR 1+



  • Zeiss VR is the product of Carl Zeiss, an optic manufacturing Company’s Virtual Reality headset.
  • Innovative optics and precision eye glass lens from Zeiss ensures an ultimate immersive experience.
  • It comes with a range of 53-77mm interpapillary distance, display up to 5.5 inches and 100-degree field view.
  • The pack includes a headset, universal tray, head strap and over-the-head strap.
  • Air vents ensures problem free ventilation and prevents fogging up and it also allows user to wear regular eye glasses under the headset.
  • It is the best platforms available mainly because of its compatibility with any smart phone.

Google Daydream View


  • Daydream is Google’s latest attempt to bring Virtual Reality to Mobile devices, next to Google cardboard.
  • Daydream is made with lightweight fabric paired with a handheld controller, which is designed to be easy and intuitive.
  • It not only run applications and games downloaded from Play store but also has its own applications compatible with Daydream.
  • Like other mobile VRs, it takes the display resolution from the phone and supports both 5 and 5.5-inch pixel smart phones.
  • As of now, it supports only Google’s Pixel and expected to support other mobiles in future.

Fove VR



  • Fove takes the pride of first virtual reality headset that utilizes infrared for just eye tracking.
  • The sensor with the device tracks the user’s pupils, allows targeting and interacting with objects with accuracy and low latency.
  • Every kind of lens is equipped with Infrared LEDs either it is from top, right, left or bottom that eliminates your eyes allowing the camera to orient each.
  • The Fove setup is a 2560 X 1440 display, 5.7 inch, 1440p display, 100+ degree field views, 90 Hz and eye tracking at 120 fps.
  • It is more impressive, innovative and hardware friendly device.

Pasonomi VR



  • Pasonomi Virtual Reality Headset, a product of Pasonomi is one of the goofiest looking headsets around by its black and white recyclable ABS plastic case.
  • Though it weighs 295g, it gives a solid feel and non-magnetic clasp shuts with a Bluetooth controller.
  • It comfortably fits Android, iPhone and Windows phones that is equipped with screen size of 4-6 inches.
  • You can adjust the focal distance at a range of 55-75mm and has field view of 70-80 degree.
  • The cost is affordable and claims to be the best VR head set in this range.

Although Virtual Reality might be marching into the main stream of technology advancements and brings out a different world of experience, scientist says use of such devices affects eyesight, brain and behavior of humans. Hence it is advisable to be cautious and sensible. Use these devices as and when necessary and take breaks if you are using it for long period.

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