Top 10 Best Volleyball Shoes in 2022

Getting the right volleyball shoes to use on the court can be hectic due to the numerous brands available in the market. We have given you a list of the top ten best volleyball shoe that you can get on the market. These shoes will guarantee you quality, durability, comfort, affordability as well as satisfaction. They come highly recommended, and you can even find them on various review sites.

10. ASICS Women’s GEL-Rocket 6 Volleyball Shoe

10. ASICS Women's GEL-Rocket 6 Volleyball Shoe

Rocket 6 is very lightweight and provides comfort to the user when playing or during practice. The mesh helps in keeping the shoe breathable throughout. The sole is sticky to ensure the shoe has grip and it also increases the ability of the player to maneuver while on the court. You do not have any excuse why you should not get yourself a pair. The will give you a whole new and excellent experience while on the court.

09. ASICS Women’s GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

9. ASICS Women's GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

From the look of this shoe, one can easily tell that is comfortable and is made of quality material. This shoe will serve you for a very long time, and you do not have to worry about purchasing a pair now and then. It is made with a rubber sole that prevents it from wearing out easily. The Nc rubber outsole contains natural rubber that helps in enhanced traction while on the court.

08. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

8. Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

This shoe will give you a whole new experience in the courtyard. It is classy, has an elegant look, and it guarantees the user with maximum service. The shoe is very lightweight as most volleyball players want and it also provides the user with comfort throughout. It can be used for practices as well as games. The sole is made of rubber, and it does not leave any markings on the floor. This is a must have shoe for any player who wants quality.

07. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe

7. Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe

One fantastic feature that this shoe brings to the table is the parallel wave technology which makes sure that shock is uniformly distributed on the sole. This makes sure that the players’ stability is enhanced as well as cushioning. It also has a grade rubber that provides high traction grip on the floor. The sole does not leave any marking on the floor and is non-slip in nature. Dynamotion Groove helps in increasing flexibility as well as agility while reducing instability of the forefoot.

06. ASICS Women’s Gel Up court Volleyball Shoe

6. ASICS Women's Gel Up court Volleyball Shoe

This shoe is perfect for both amateurs as well as for professionals. The shoe comes with a full-length gum rubber outsole great for traction on the court. The gel cushioning provides the user with enhanced cushioning, while the synthetic leather and mesh make sure that the shoe is breathable and comfortable for the user. The shoe will serve you for an extended period as compared to other volleyball shoes that only help that players for months.

05. ASICS Women’s Gel-Net burner Ballistic Volleyball Shoe

5. ASICS Women's Gel-Net burner Ballistic Volleyball Shoe

This model comes with amazing features such as fluid ride, trusstic system, and Nc rubber outsole. The fluid system provides bounce back, durability and helps in reducing the weight of the shoe. With the trusstic system, the user is guaranteed of the structural integrity of the shoe as well as weight reduction of the entire sole. The cushioning system provided by the forefoot and the rear foot helps in absorbing shock upon impact. This shoe is among the high-quality athletic shoes that you can find on the market.

04. ASICS Women’s Gel 1150V Volley Ball Shoe

4. ASICS Women's Gel 1150V Volley Ball Shoe

This series is ideal for a player who wants stability, comfort and style. They are very breathable and come with synthetic leather and air mesh upper. They also have a protective toe guard to guarantee that they can serve a player for a long time. The midsole is not only durable, but it improves that player’s bounce back. The have lace entry, a padded collar, and rubber sole. The shoe is very comfortable if you get the right size.

03. Nike Women’s Volley Zoom Hyperspike Volleyball Shoes

3. Nike Women's Volley Zoom Hyperspike Volleyball Shoes

Nike is one of the best brands that has given us fantastic volleyball shoes that are made with synthetic and rubber sole. The synthetic upper comes with Flywire 3.0 technology that ensures the shoe is very lightweight and that it gives the user support when they are worn. The outsole has a modified pattern to enable it to give the user a durable grip. These shoes are some of the best in the market and come highly recommended.

02. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 Volley Ball Shoe

2. Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX3 Volley Ball Shoe

The design of this shoe gives it a unique look, and it is a perfect fit for a player who wants to stand out in the field. They come with a seamless upper which is lighter and gives the user an excellent fit. The shoes are made in such a way they uniformly disperse shock to the entire sole, therefore, giving the player more stability and lightweight cushioning. The midsole provides that shoe with more durability while at the same time enhancing the lightweight nature of the shoe. It also helps to improve the ventilation system that reduces heat inside the shoe giving more comfort to the user.

01. ASICS Women’s GEL-Flashpoint 2 Volleyball Shoe

1. ASICS Women's GEL-Flashpoint 2 Volleyball Shoe

The shoes come in pop color accents and have a padded tongue or collar. They are lace-up volleyball shoes that have a rubber sole that provides comfort to the user. The rear foot is shock absorbing while the forefoot comes with a gel cushioning system to provide superior cushioning. The material used for the midsole gives the shore durability thus guaranteeing the user is comfortable in the shoes. The synthetic leather used for the upper part together with the mesh provide breathability for the user.

Before you spend your money on low-quality volleyball shoes, kindly go through the shoes we have listed for you. They are all from different brands, but they will certainly give you value for your money. They have different features which give them varying prices. Select the shoe that best fits your taste, preference and your budget.

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