Top 10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice Quickly

Problem with mice in the house? Hopefully they’re not immortal genius mice. A reasonable educated adult can easily be thwarted by a tiny creature ounces in size.

These top 10 tips on how to get rid of mice will surely do the trick in mouse-proofing your home permanently.


10. Consider the Effectiveness of Rodenticides

You may have used insecticides for creepy crawlies in your home such roaches, ants, and a few bugs. However, with mice, you need to use something more powerful and will provide excellent results in a snap. Rodenticides are products that can be used to eliminate these mice, although some animal cruelty defenders believe that killing these creatures in such a way can be harsh. Basically, rodenticides work by causing mice to suffer from internal bleeding the moment they ingest these pellets. Eventually, they just die when the chemicals take maximum effect. So, it is still up to you if this is something that you may want to use to get rid of mice, particularly when you have tried everything and failed to get great results.

9. Use Sophisticated Mice-Repelling Devices

Can you believe that there are actually mice-repellents using sound waves to ward them off? Well, it is not quite surprising since in this modern world, anything is possible. The best thing about this ultrasonic repellent for mice is that it produces beeps that can cause mice to scamper quickly. Most importantly, there are no chemicals used in these products since they only rely on the use of sounds. The downside – mice might get used to the sound and become immune to it afterwards. However, most people claim to discover great results from this device, so it may be worth a try.

8. Block any Holes or Cracks Where Mice Might Enter

If you live in a place where mice is a huge problem, then one way to solve this issue is by taking the time to observe any possible entryways of these rodents aside from the obvious. Look for cracks on walls, gaps in between divisions in your house, and any possible areas where these rodents attempt to use in order to get inside your home. Once you have found these places, simply use a piece of wood or metal to seal these areas well. When there are no places to enter, these rats may as well look for other homes to invade and not mouse-proofed.

7. Clean Up after Eating

This is a practical advice that all homeowners should consider applying to obtain best results from their goal of eliminating mice. Just like any pests, mice only go to places where there are food since they also have the need to survive. So, if you want to save money on rodenticides or mousetraps, all you need to do is to keep your kitchen counters, floor, dinner table, and other sections of the house squeaky clean. No mouse would ever think of going to a place that is completely of no use to them.

6. Adopt a Cat

What else can have the patience and determination to chase after mice than an active cat? These felines are set to get these rodents in their paws, so you can count on these animals to get rid of mouse in an instant. Not only will you appreciate the fact that this technique does not involve the use of chemicals, but you only need to invest a bit in terms of buying cat food, cat litter, and other items that go with having a feline for a pet. It’s fine, though, since they only deserve to have the best any pet can have because they help you keep your home mouse-free.

You have probably watched those cartoons where people use old-fashioned snap traps to capture mice. In most cases, these traps can actually work quickly since these rodents stay stuck in the trap once they step on it. Just make sure you set these traps in places where mice usually pass by, and use a bait that will entice these creatures to grab it and get stuck in the trap.

4. Discover the Benefits of Peppermint Oil

You probably think that peppermint oil is only for baking minty cookies or preparing holiday drinks. However, there is more to peppermint oil than as an add-on ingredient to your pastries to make them taste even better than they are. Peppermint oil emits a strong scent that mice absolutely hate, so this is one natural way to get rid of these pests quickly.

3. Go for Artificial Odorants to Keep Mice Away

If you prefer a much stronger odorant that will repel mice, then other options may work other than peppermint oil. For instance, you may scatter some pieces of hot pepper on areas that are frequented by mice. Not only will this work on rodents, but you can also prevent a few roaches from getting inside your precious home.

2. Keep your Home and Yard Free from Trash

This may seem impossible since no matter what happens, there will always be trash. However, you can at least keep your garbage sealed inside a reliable trash bin that does not open easily (or is not overflowing with trash). Invest in a good quality trash can that stays sealed, so mice will have no way of getting in it or entering your home because they smell garbage in your property.

1. Leave it to the Experts

When everything else fails, it is about time to contact the experts. You may consult a pest specialist who can help you get rid of mice immediately. Make sure you ask about the products or techniques that they intend to use, so you have no worries about chemicals affecting the life of your household members.

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