Top 10 Best Ways To Make Your Cats Happy And Healthy 2022

People are fond of adopting cats, but being a cat owner is no child’s play. Cats tend to be very moody and thus, it is important to make sure that you do everything to make her happy and healthy. Since the Happy Cat Month is around the corner, let’s find out some ways that you can use to make your cat happy and healthy.



1. Visit the Veterinarian Regularly

Even before you make efforts to make your cat happy, it is important to make sure that your cat feels internally healthy and fit. In order to ensure that your cat is in good health, it is advised to take her for a health check up every 4-5 month. If you see any kind of unusual signs and symptoms, take her immediately for medical help to prevent further damage. It is better to take her to a cat-friendly doctor who specializes in cats. Get your cat spayed or neutered prevent aggression and risk of cancer.

You must have already got you cat a collar and an identification tag. How about getting your cat microchipped now? You should ask your veterinarian about microchipping the pet. This is make sure that if every your car gets lost or escapes, having this kind of permanent identification will make possibility of reunion much higher. There’s no better home for your cat than yours. So make sure you keep her as close as possible.

3. Go Outside and Play Around

Yes! It is absolutely safe to take your cats out to play. The best thing would be to indulge yourself in activities that interest your cat as well. You can walk the cat out on a leash or confine her in special outdoor arrangement. Play around with her with things that fascinate her. Such activities are necessary to give her some time to experience the world outside the windows.

4. Scratch The Surface

Just like any other pet, cats love to get their surface scratched. Run your fingers into her fur as often as possible. Give her ample of space to stretch her body and relax. Providing a long and sturdy scratching in a horizontal, vertical, or angled position is a good way to keep you’re her happy.

5. Provide Preventive Medications

No one likes to have mites, ticks, fleas or heartworms on their body and so do your cat.

Even if you own an indoor cat, it is important to make sure that a standard hygiene procedure is maintained. Keep her away and free of all kinds of creepy creatures. Talk to your veterinarians about most effective preventive plan for cat parasites. A parasite-free cat is definitely a happy cat.

6. Train together

Cats can be easily trained with fun tricks like dogs. The mental and physical stimulation works great to maintain friendly behavior in cats. Teach your cat to sit, stand and shake on voice commands. Training sessions will also strengthen the bonds between you and your cat.

7. Work For Food

Obesity in cats is one of the major causes of concerns for cat owners. The only way to combat this problem is to make their cats work for food. Make your cat hunt for her food every time she feels hungry. There are number of food toys that will help you make the task easier. Another option is to hide your cat’s food in different places. It is a great physical and mental exercise that will also prevent obesity.

8. Works On Your Cat’s Carrier

Most cat owners simply hate taking their cats anywhere in the carrier. There can be many reasons for this resentment, but the fact is that cat carriers are the only way to take your cat on an outing. Work to make your cat’s carrier a safe, comfortable and inviting place to be. If you are able achieve the standards, your cat will be more than happy in riding the carrier and go off on an adventure.

9. Provide Prey Toys

We all have a favorite toy, and so your cat. The basic nature of a cat is to hunt her prey and it makes her happy. Keeping in mind her basic need, it is advised to get her a set of prey toys. Let her hunt, swat, punch, pounce and stalk her prey. It will keep her happy and healthy naturally.

10. Consider Another Cat

Your cat would love to have a companion to play, fight, chase and stalk. Keeping another cat or calling your neighbor’s cat to play is a good idea to keep your pet happy. She’ll be happy to have a playmate who understands her language and actions. However, you can also get a dog as it has been proved that cats and dogs are best pals ever, when it comes to living in the same territory.

So keep all these tips in mind and make your cat feel special and loved. It is important to have a happy and health pet at home if you want everything in your home at ease.

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