Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouses in 2019

For those who love gaming, the right gaming mouse allows you to play any game, at top levels. With these wireless mice, not only will you have full mobility and control, but you are not limited to stay in one position either, due to the fact that you are not tied down by wires when playing your favorite games. So here are the top 10 best wireless gaming mouses in 2017.

10.SHARKK® 16400 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse

With FPS game play, 14 programmable buttons, 9800 sensors, and macro reading, you can easily play at top levels, and fast paces with this mouse. You can store up to five gaming profiles, and the built in LED light is also going to allow for night time play in the dark with this mouse.


9. SHARKK® Compact High-Precision Wireless Optical Mouse

With high precision optical tracking, several DPI modes for you to choose from, and a pre-programmable forward and back button design, playing with this mouse is going to make any gaming experience enhanced. A lightweight design also allows for fast play with this system.


8. Logitech 910-002974 M325 Wireless Mouse

The micro precise scrolling system, side button controls, and ergonomic contour design, will make this one of the most comfortable wireless systems you can buy. A long battery life, and compatibility with Mac, PC, and other systems, allows you to play several styles of games with the mouse.


7. Lenovo Wireless Mouse N50

With 2.4 Ghz wireless streaming, you can play from varying distances away from the wireless connector with this mouse. A mid sized design makes it comfortable for most players, and with a 10 meter operation range, you have optimal mobility, regardless of the games you are playing.


6. Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

Contoured grip design and micro design scrolling, along with up to 18 months of battery life, give you more mobility and a longer life span from this gaming mouse. It can be used with Windows, Linux, or with Mac, so you can play several styles of games with the wireless mouse.


5. We have removed our review of product #5. We are currently reviewing other Wireless Gaming Mouses and we will post a new review soon.


4. Redragon 2.4GHz Wireless mouse M610

With 2000 DPI, four unique sensor buttons, a 2.4 GHz range, and the LED light system, you can play further away from the system, and you can play during any time of the day, or under any light conditions. With a smart power saving mode, you can also extend the battery life.


3. Redragon 2.4ghz Wireless Mouse M651

An ergonomic design, 2.4 GHz range, contoured grip design, and USB connection, you can use the mouse with various gaming systems and styles. A teflon foot pad is fully mobile, and a energy saving mode will help to extend the life span of the mouse if you play games often with it.


2. AmazonBasics Wireless Mouse

The smooth and precise, nano receiver mouse, is perfect for any type of gaming. It has a 2.4 GHz range, three button control system, and nano receiver, allows for use with Windows, with Mac, as well as with Linux gaming systems. With an extended battery life and range, the affordable mouse will allow for hours of gaming.


1. We have removed our review of product #1. We are currently reviewing other Wireless Gaming Mouses and we will post a new review soon.


With the right gaming mouse, not only do you have more freedom and mobility, you are also going to receive the extended battery life, so you won’t have to replace the mouse as often. Due to the fact that there are many options to choose when purchasing a new gaming mouse. These will provide you with the extended battery life, the range you wish to have, and the built in features such as the LED lighting, so you can play in to the day, as well as during the evening or darker conditions with the gaming mice.

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