Top 10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouses Reviewed In 2021

Wireless gaming mice are novel gaming accessories that have eliminated the need for gaming pads and keyboards for several reasons. For those with limited space and or are tired of wire clutter associated with traditional keyboards and mice, these accessories have convenient wireless systems that connect reliably when in use. Most models are also ergonomic, retail cheap in stores, and have programmable system that guarantee a custom and more productive gaming experience whether you like racing, first action shooters, and intricate sporting titles such as football. If you are shopping for an original model and want value for money, the 10 best to buy include:

10. DLAND ZELOTES Professional


Recommended for personal and competitive gameplay, DLAND ZELOTES is a professional-grade wireless gaming mouse with a dependable and universal design that works well with personal computers, laptops, and even notebooks. The high-grade plastic used to manufacture it is durable, ergonomic, and has a well-finished surface that fits comfortably in the hand when in use. When in use gamers can choose its connectivity by choosing one of the four DPI levels (600, 1000, 1600, and 2400) offered. It also has an intelligent system that never drops connections when in use, seven programmable buttons that you can use to customize gameplay, and a compact USB receiver that does not need software and of skill to install.

9. ShhhMouse Wireless Silent Mouse


Are you tired of the uncomfortable and super loud mouse that you use for gaming on an everyday basis? To get a super-quiet yet high-performance wireless mouse that you can use on a daily basis, ShhhMouse Wireless Silent Mouse is one of the best around. It is ergonomic, has adjustable DPI (100, 1200, and 1600) that you can use to customize its performance, and has a well-designed battery-powered system that cuts down noise by up to 90%. It is also affordable, has an aesthetic white theme with three standard buttons (left, right, and scroll) that last long, and has a powerful wireless technology that is responsive up to 39 feet. This way, you no longer have to sit close to your computer to play. You get a 1-year warranty for it.

8. ZhiZhu Wireless Mouse


Featuring an upgraded chip that works better than its predecessors’ and an adjustable 2000 DPI system for customizing gameplay, ZhiZhu is a versatile wireless gaming mouse with an ergonomic black and white body that fits comfortably in the hand. It is professional-grade, works well with both computers and laptops, and has an impressive 5 million switch life cycle, which reflects its overall value. Even though designed for connecting to USB 2.0 ports, its backwards compatible design works well with USB 1.1 ports without compromising quality. The 2.4GHz wireless technology offered improves game play, while its battery-powered design is convenient

7. EagleTec MG010


EagleTec MG010 is a powerful 2.4GHz wireless gaming mouse with many innovative features that rank it among the best. The seven programmable buttons that it comes with, for instance, are comfortable to use and have heavy-duty switches that work quietly without losing their functionality over the years. The adjustable DPI (800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400) levels that buyers get is innovative. Its light and ergonomic design is perfect for prolonged gameplay, while the long battery life offered enables you to play your favorite titles without worrying about your mouse malfunctioning. EagleTec MG010 is fast, clutter free, and has a one-year limited warranty.

6. Razer Naga Epic


Unlike most AA battery-powered wireless mice that often malfunction without warning, Razer Naga Epic is a rechargeable and dependable model with a gaming-grade wireless technology that makes gaming fun. It is compact, works clutter-free, and has 17MMO-optimised buttons (including a Razer Naga thumb grid) that you can remap and or assign to macros for a custom and more productive gameplay. Button switches are quiet and durable. Its interchangeable side panels guarantee optimal comfort and an ergonomic fit, while its PC compatible design is aesthetic and lasts long.

5. E-Blue Mazer II


Popular in top 10 best wireless gaming mouses reviews 2021, the Mazer II by E-Blue is an innovative 2500 DPI gaming mouse with a gaming-grade wireless technology that connects reliably via a receiver and does not drop connections in-game. If budget is a challenge, this mouse is affordable. The black plastic used to make it is durable, while its LED illuminated build creates a stunning light show when gaming at night. With an original model, you also get an upgraded right-handed design with a rubberized scroll wheel, a high performance optimal gaming Avago 5090 chipset, and a 2.4G wireless transmission technology that generates stable signals at 30 feet.

4. TeckNet Delteck


A perfect wireless mouse for competitive gaming, TeckNet Delteck is a 500 Hz nine-button accessory with a dependable battery-powered design that lasts long. The compact and ergonomic plastic used to manufacture its body fits snug and comfortably in hands. The 2.4GH nano wireless system buyers get has three adjustable DPI levels (up to 2400), while its ease of use and months-worth of uninterrupted gameplay that its battery pack offers has made it a sought after product by thousands globally. When in use, TeckNet Delteck is responsive for up to 10 meters. The Tru-Wave technology offered guarantees smart and precise cursor control, while its advanced Co-Link Technology has a memory function that remembers your device(s) automatically in the event of a shutdown and or signal loss.

3. Sentey GS-3521


By far one of the most advanced wireless mice, Sentey GS-3521 is a 7-button and 12,000 FPS wireless gaming mouse with a powerful 3400 DPI system that streamlined gameplay independent of title. It is affordable, has an integrated 3D wheel optimized for zooming and shifting weapons, and has an advanced Pixart 3606 Chipset that not only lasts long, but also stays functional over the years. It also has 4 configurable DPI levels, low friction PTFE feet that boost its functionality further, and has a matter-finished plastic body that fits comfortably in the hand even when used for hours.

2. Logitech G602


Designed to offer up to 250 hours of uninterrupted gaming per charge, Logitech G602 is a high performance accessory with a well-built plastic body that fits conveniently in the hand. The long life buttons offered support up to 20 million clicks. The Delta Zero technology is uses guarantees a fast and lag-free gaming performance, while its two working modes (endurance and performance) operate well in all environments. Logitech G602 has 11 programmable buttons, has a battery life indicator, and connects to a universal nano receiver that works well with Windows and Mac computers.

1. Redragon M650


For the best wireless gaming experience, Redragon M650 is our pick of the best wireless gaming mouse to use. It is affordable, has a comfortable and ergonomic design that minimizes hand fatigue, and has adjustable DPI settings (1000, 1500, and 2000) that you can choose with the click of a button. The 2.4GHz wireless technology it uses is user fast, while its small nano-receiver that works conveniently with several Windows operating system. Redragon M650 has 6 function buttons and smooth TEFLON pads.

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