Top 10 Best Women’s Down Jackets Reviewed In 2022

Perfect for use during spring and cold winter months, down jackets are chic apparels that keep women warm and comfortable. Most models are also durable and have versatile designs that come in handy in many ways. During camping and mountaineering trips, for instance, they are among the best apparel to use. The waterproof materials used to make them not only keep users warm but also keep water out. They are also perfect for work or school. Because of their lightweight and packable designs, you can store them easily without cluttering personal space.

Which is the best down jacket for day-to-day use? As the best women’s t-shirts, choosing the best down jacket requires a few calculated steps. You must know your size, for instance. You should also specify the colors that you prefer, visit a reputable store such as Amazon, and buy a product that satisfies your needs. This can be a tiring process for some people. If you are among this group, this article has done the legwork for you. With one of our recommended down jackets, for women, you get a durable and comfortable accessory in many sizes. They are also light, easy to clean and fit most body shapes and sizes comfortably. Here are their major features:

10. Columbia Sportswear Hexbreaker

Columbia Sportswear Hexbreaker

Home to some of the best jackets for women, Columbia is a top-of-the-line brand that most women like. If you are interested in down jackets, it is also one of the bestselling. Choose this Sportswear Hexbreaker, for instance, to get a comfortable model for day-to-day use. Made of 100% nylon, for instance, its cover is smooth and designed to keep water out. During rainy seasons, therefore, it will keep you dry and comfortable whenever you are commuting to school or work. You also get a smooth polyester lining (100%) that improves heat retention.

Some women’s jackets are heavy. Most also lack the charming outlook that most women want. This is not the case with this Columbia Sportswear Hexbreaker down jacket. Featuring a quilted down design, for instance, it has a sturdy design that will serve you well for long. It is also comfortable, durable, and has several impressive features including a removable hood and a collar. Finally, if you live in a cold area and struggling to keep warm every day, this jacket is for you. The washable 600 down fill it comes with retains the temperature of the body well.

Forget about the heavy jacket or sweater that you wear every day. With this jacket, you get a lightweight day-to-day accessory that you will enjoy using. It is also figure-flattering and relatively easy to clean.


  • Lightweight quilted design
  • Removable hood
  • Standing collar
  • Washable down fill (600)
  • Waterproof nylon fabric
  • Heat-retaining polyester lining
  • Figure flattering design


  • Questionable stitching

9. ZSHOW Outwear Down Coat

ZSHOW Outwear Down Coat

Down coats are among the must-have apparel for women, particularly in cold areas. They perform better than sweaters. They are also comfortable and have stylish figure-flattering designs that women like. If you are part of this group and want a new and quality coat, ZSHOW Outwear down coat is ideal. Liked for its lightweight design, forget about this coat weighing you down during your trips. It is also durable and has a warm interior that keeps users comfortable outdoors. During cold winter months, thus, you will appreciate having this coat around.

Featuring a stylish blue theme, this coat improves the overall outlook of wearers without costing a fortune. It is affordable on Amazon. The water-resistant nylon used to make its cover keeps both wind and water out, while its polyester lining is comfortable. It does not scratch people as wool and other similar fabrics often do. It is also warm, lightweight, and does not lose its structure after several washes. You will like this unique coat.

If you are conscious about your looks, this coat has a stylish slim-fitting design that complements most body shapes. It also has beautiful workmanship and two large pockets for keeping your hands warm.


  • Warm hand pockets (two)
  • Beautiful workmanship
  • Figure-hugging design
  • Comfortable polyester lining
  • Waterproof nylon fabric
  • Light and packable
  • Warm interior


  • Runs small

8. Calvin Klein Chevron Down Coat

Calvin Klein Chevron Down Coat

Endorsed by celebrities and everyday Joes alike, Calvin Klein is a reputable brand. It has manufactured quality belts and the best perfumes for women since its inception. In the jacket niche, it has also made a significant contribution with most of its down coats ranking among the bestsellers. Calvin Klein Chevron down Coat meets this threshold. Buy yours to get a comfortable medium length coat in black. It is eye-catching. It is also light and made of durable polyester (100%) that keeps both water and heat out. You will enjoy using an original.

In terms of style, this coat does not lag behind. Most women appreciate its titanium themed, for instance. It is fade proof. It also goes well with most types of clothing that women wear to school or work. With one, you also get a stylish zip front design (quilted) and several zippered pockets that improve both its charm and functionality.

Calvin Klein Chevron down Coat is easy to maintain. Because of its machine washable design, for instance, you do not have to spend a lot of effort cleaning it by hand. Simply toss it into a washing machine and let it do the heavy lifting for you.


  • Machine washable (fully)
  • Stylish quilted design
  • Functional zippered pockets
  • Compliments most clothes
  • 100% polyester
  • Light, warm, and comfortable


  • Oversized hood

7. Cloudy Arch Hooded Down Jacket

Cloudy Arch Hooded Down Jacket

Cloudy Arch is a classy hooded jacket with a durable and feature-rich design that benefits most women. If you are shopping for a new down jacket for protection, for instance, this product is ideal. Its polyester shell (100%) is durable. Its water resistance is impressive, while the 90% duck fill used keeps wearers warm in the coldest of environments. Finally, forget about this jacket scratching you or lowering your experience in any way. Apart from its lightweight and flexible design, you get a smooth polyester lining (100%) that cradles the skin comfortably.

Traveling with jackets is often a chore, considering the bulky designs that some women have. Users of Cloudy Arch Hooded down Jacket do not have this problem. Because this jacket is light, you can travel with it easily to and from your destination. It also has a packable design that improves the overall experience of users further.

With a new Cloudy Arch Hooded down Jacket, you do not sacrifice style in any way. Its fitting design, for instance, complements most body shapes without creating an eyesore. It also has a breathable and flexible design that does not restrain users as some comparable models. Finally, the tight-sealing zipper closure (two-way) that it comes with not only eases use but also improves insulation.


  • Comfortable hooded design
  • Two-way closure
  • Breathable and flexible body
  • 100% polyester lining
  • Packable design
  • Waterproof polyester shell (100%)
  • 90% duck filling


  • Inaccurate sizing

6. Kenneth Cole New York

Kenneth Cole New York

If you have used some of the best women’s tees, you most probably appreciate the value of the Kenneth Cole brand. It has replicated the same quality in its line of down jackets with this New York edition ranked among the best for 2022. Featuring a 100% polyester shell, it is light, flexible, and water resistant. The faux fur trims on its edges improve its outlook. Finally, because Kenneth Cole New York is machine washable, you do not struggle with maintenance.

Forget about the large and or ill-fitting jacket that you wear to school or work occasionally. To stay comfortable and look good at the same time, buy a new Kenneth Cole New York down coat. Its body-hugging quilt-down design fits most body shapes comfortably. It also has a flattering outlook, a removable hood, and a funnel collar that improves its performance. Finally, to keep your hands warm and comfortable, you get two side pockets (zippered).


  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Body flattering cut
  • Durable quilt-down design
  • 100% polyester shell
  • Waterproof design
  • Machine washable
  • Removable hood
  • Stylish faux fur trim


  • Low-grade zipper

5. Wantdo Hooded Short Down Jacket

Wantdo Hooded Short Down Jacket

Wantdo is a good-quality down jacket with a warm and hooded design that improves the experience of users. Perfect for most women, its short down design is light and comfortable. Its comfortable hood fits most head shapes and sizes, while its lined interior is warm and non-irritant. You will enjoy wearing it on a day-to-day basis.

As most of the best women’s blouses found in stores, you do not compromise looks nor fit with an original Wantdo jacket. Made of a 3D nylon (100%), for instance, it has a durable and good looking design that resists the cold and water. Its fully-lined interior is smooth and comfortable, while the deep internal pockets that it comes with are ideal for storing personals. These include keys and phones to name a few.


  • Affordable Jacket
  • Fully lined interior
  • 3D nylon (100%) shell
  • Warm and comfortable hood
  • Deep internal pockets
  • Flatters most body shapes


  • Long sleeves

4. Calvin Klein Chevron-Quilted Down Coat

Calvin Klein Chevron-Quilted Down Coat

Many people like Calvin Klein for its stylish and celebrity-grade products. Some of the best perfumes for men, for instance, are from this brand. Its down coats are also impressive with this Chevron-quilted model ranked among the bestsellers for 2022. It has an appealing modern outlook that women appreciate. Its quilt down design is durable while its long thigh high design offers better protection from the cold outdoors. This is desirable.

Manufactured using machine-washable nylon (100%), Calvin Klein Chevron-quilted down coat is a comfortable day-to-day apparel. Its lightweight design, for instance, is good for traveling. Its side entry pockets are warm and comfortable, while its lined interior improves the experience of users further. Do not buy any other brand.


  • Lined interior
  • Machine washable nylon (100%)
  • Reputable brand
  • Modern outlook
  • Warm side entry pockets
  • Sturdy quilted design


  • Uncomfortable zipper

3. Tommy Hilfiger Long Chevron-Quilted Down Coat

Tommy Hilfiger Long Chevron-Quilted Down Coat

Designed to maximize coverage and warmth this quilted down coat from Tommy Hilfiger is a quality product. Featured in most top 10 best down & down alternative for women in 2022, for instance, most women like its durability. The nylon (7%) and polyester (93%) used to make it does not rip nor tear easily. The material is also machine-washable and has tear-proof seams that improve its value further. Expect good results with one.

If styling is a concern, this down coat will not let you down. Featuring a puffy chevron quilted design, it looks good on most types of clothing. Its 36-inch center back length maximizes coverage, while its detachable hood is comfortable. Lined using faux fur, its hood also has a charming outlook that most individuals appreciate. Finally, each jacket has easy to use pull tabs (adjustable) and comfortable snap flap pockets.


  • Snap flap hand pockets
  • Adjustable pull tabs
  • Tear and rip-proof fabric
  • Tear proof seams
  • Stylish outlook
  • Warm quilt down design
  • Removable hood


  • No internal pocket
  • Not very warm

2. Valuker Down Coat with Hood

Valuker Down Coat with Hood

Are you looking for a comfortable down coat for keeping warm during winter? Even though many comfortable jackets for women are available on Amazon, Valuker down Coat with Hood stands out. Hooded, for instance, the level of coverage buyers enjoy is desirable. It is also long and has stylish faux fur accents that boost its charm.

Featuring a light and packable designs, you can travel with this down coat easily without cluttering personal space. Maintenance is also easy (machine washable), while the premium fill used to make it (90% down and 10% feature) keeps users warm. The fill withstands several washes without lumping or losing its insulation.

Valuker down Coat with Hood is splash and wind resistant. Quilting is sturdy while the fine-depth pockets that it comes with insulate the hands well to maximize comfort. You will enjoy using this well-made down coat.


  • Sturdy quilting
  • Machine washable
  • Fine-depth pockets
  • Quality down fill
  • Faux fur accents
  • Comfortable hood
  • Splash and windproof


  • Runs small
  • Fur comes off easily

1. Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

Orolay Thickened Down Jacket

With this thickened down jacket from Orolay, you will look good and feel great on route to work or school. It has a perfectly stitched body that lasts long. It also has a stylish crumpled design that insulates the body well.

The quality of the polyester used to manufacture this jacket is waterproof. During rainy months, therefore, it will help to keep you dry and comfortable without unnecessary bulk. Its cut, on the other hand, is accurate and designed to flatter most body shapes and sizes. This Orolay thickened jacket is our pick for the best down jacket in 2022.


  • Durable thickened design
  • Non-bulky
  • Stylish crumpled look
  • Flattering cut
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Waterproof polyester shell


  • Zipper sticks often


Keeping warm during cold weather not only keeps people warm but also lowers the incidence of diseases such as pneumonia. To do so comfortably without compromising style, consider one of our recommended down jackets for women. They are durable. They also have eye-catching designs, premium shells, and quality down fill that work well.

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