Top 10 Best Women’s Sports Bras In 2022 Reviews

Unlike in the past when women wore unsightly t-shirts while working out in homes and commercial gyms, the development of sports bras has improved their experience significantly. Even though cheap, for instance, sports bras are stylish accessories that help women to highlight a style statement whilst working out. They are also form fitting, super comfortable, and enable users to do simple and or demanding workout routines without inducing wardrobe malfunctions. For best results, the 10 best bras to purchase include:

10. Encounter Women’s High Impact Yoga Sports Bra

Encounter Womens High Impact Strech Racerback Strap Workout Yoga Sports Bra

Designed for yoga enthusiasts, Encounter for women is a well-made racerback strap brassiere made of a comfortable and stretchy fabric that lasts long. It is super-supportive, made of a quality polyamide material, and has a soft and comfortable design that not only keeps the body cool, but also and soaks sweat well. Whether you are engaging in low impact activities such as Pilates of Yoga or engaging in a weight-training escapade, this one of a kind sports bra will serve you well. You also get a bonus waistband as a gift.

9. Champion Women’s Med Support Bras

Champion Women's Med Support Curvy with Sewn In Cup

A top-rated brand in the apparel niche, Champion is a dominant player in the sports bra category with this med support bra ranking among the best in 2022. It is durable, has a curvy design that flaunts the shape of wearers, and has a sewn in cup for better bust support and comfort whilst in use. It is affordable, made of a high quality stretchy material (87% polyester and 13% spandex), and has an elastic closure system that prevents it from slipping when running or engaging in other rigorous workouts. You also get a feminine V-neck pullover, a machine washable construction, and breathable power-mesh panels that keep users cool and as comfortable as possible.

8. Nike 375833 Pro Bra

Nike 375833 Pro Bra

Nike 375833 is a professional-grade white and black themed women’s sports bra made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The material is durable. It is also comfortable, super stretchy, and has an advanced Schnürung closure system for support. You also get dri-fi fabric inserts that keeps the body cool and dry, a mesh-panned chest are that boost its breathability further, and low profile bonded seams and straps that do not dig into the skin whilst working out.

7. Glamorise Women’s No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra

Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra

As its name suggests, Glamorise for women is a no-bounce sports bra that offers full and multi-directional support for a comfortable workout experience indoors and outdoors. It has a striking pink and black theme, is made of a stretchy 70% polyester, 25% nylon, and 5% elastane fabric, and has a durable machine-washable design that does not lose its shape and or functionality over time. This sports bra is affordable. It has a light, breathable, and moisture wicking mesh front panel, and adjustable straps with hook and eye closures.

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6. Champion Women’s Shaped T-Back Sports Bra

Champion Women's Shaped T-Back Sports Bra

Made of 82% nylon and 18% spandex, Champion Women’s is a comfortable sports bra with a striking black theme that most women like. It has a plush polyester lining that does not irritate the skin, an elastic closure system for a custom and comfortable fit, and a shaped T-Back design that lines and complements the body well to allow for fluid and uninterrupted movements. You also get a fully constructed inner bra with seamed shaping cups for support and a machine washable design that never loses its shape over time.

5. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Built-Up Sports Bra


Sought after in stores worldwide, Fruit of the Loom is a pack of three Built-Up sports bras for women made of a breathable 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric. Each bra is durable, hand washable, and has a comfortable scooped neckline that does not irritate users. They also have supportive elastic bands, durable tank-styled designs that offer full body coverage, and bonded non-irritant flat seams.

4. Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Glamorise Women's Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Designed for doing heavy-duty workouts, Glamorise Women’s sports bra is a durable double-layered accessory made of 56% polyester, 37% nylon, and 7% elastane. The material is comfortable, machine washable, and has wire-free inner cups with quick drying flat seams that do not dig into the body whist in use. It is also breathable, wicks heat well to prevent chaffing, and has broad, non-slip, and adjustable straps with three to five hooks and eyes. Even though professional-grade, this sport bra is cheap and best for everyday use.

3. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra

Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra(Pack of 3)

This cotton and pullover edition of the renowned Fruit of the Loom line of sports bras is a well-made pack of three sports brassieres, attainable in black, grey heather, and white hues. Each brassier is form-fitting, manufactured using 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and has a unique hand washable design that is easy to clean after each workout escapade. They also offer full coverage, have non-irritant spaghetti straps that do not dig into the skin, and have tagless labels

2. Champion Women’s Freedom Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

Champion Women's Freedom Seamless Racerback Sports Bra

Champion Women’s Freedom is an odyssey-themed seamless racerback sports bra with a comfortable pull-on closure system that boosts its functionality and comfort. The 95% polyester and 5% spandex material used to make it is durable. It is machine washable, has ventilated mesh with a unique moisture management technology that works well, and has a knit-in inner bra for support. Other notable attributes are its aesthetics, durability, and comfort.

1. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Women's Underwire Sports Bra

Top on our list, this pink and geo-themed underwire sports bra by Panache is an essential budget workout accessory that works as well as most high-end models. It is form fitting, made of a supportive 49% polyamide, 36% polyester, and 15% elastane material, and has an easy to maintain hand washable design with flat seams that do not dig into the body. It also has breast encapsulations for better support, a racerback option that smooths movement, and adjustable straps with padded eyes and hooks for added support.

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