Top 10 Best Zombie Games for XBox 360 in 2022

You can have your real life experience being experimented or even tested by just the use of a game. That is why we are bringing you a various types of games that are made with the utmost unique experience.

They will take you from your world and put you into the real world that they exist and then start trimming your fears up from level one to the worst of them all. In short, your emotions will be joked with. Buy the game and let us start having the best experience ever.

01. Left 4 Dead 2

1. Left 4 Dead 2

This is a game that was made roughly around the time of release of the main movie, after an outbreak that almost turned out the entire population into the various zombie mutants. Players that have been used on the game assume the role of four new survivors that come with their personality. It is a game that will take your movie experience into the perfect gaming.

02. The Last of Us

2. The Last of Us

It is a game that has been developed the lovely and best-selling uncharted series. This is rated as a third party survival game that features a unique character action that is perfectly driven by the pairing up of a young girl and a scavenger that is hardened enough to face the world. The different game mechanics that have been used in the game gives you a perfect gaming experience.

03. Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition

3. Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition

A mysterious epidemic is what comes up and draws the player into the world of the dead. That was not expected by anybody. Being a guest, the stay of the player was supposed to be a dream on having a holiday at the best place ever, which never was the reason or the outcome. If you want to go to paradise, then you need to visit the land of Baranoi.

04. Dead Rising – Xbox 360

4. Dead Rising - Xbox 360

This is a dynamic game series and what you are needed to do when you are playing is to become one person that is tricky and record all the zombies that will come at you. Remember that each of them is different as they will react to each environment that they are found in. you will get different stores and that is what is going to give you weapons for your use.

05. The Walking Dead Game

5. The Walking Dead Game

This is a game that has the best collection of all the series episodes of season one. There is also an inclusion of a 400 days, which is a special episode for you to use. I have to promise you that you are going to play the game endlessly and with the five episodes that the game has been designed and made with, then you are going to have sleepless nights cracking them all.

06. Left 4 Dead 2

6. Left 4 Dead 2

This is a first person shooter game that will take players over many hordes of zombies which are treated like enemies. You need to have a plenty of help like the very moment that you will be in problems surrounded by many other zombies. The help that you will have is all rated to start from the use of weapons from the word go. That is why the game will have all the players covered up.

07. Call of Duty: World at War Platinum Hits

7. Call of Duty: World at War Platinum Hits

This is a game that has been designed in a perfect way that will have all its players go through exiting places and moments so that they are able to unveil the many things that is troubling the world. For you to be a winner, you need to go through a battle of the feared Japanese and German soldiers by using an infantry. Use all the various types of weapons that will be at your disposal to emerge victorious.

08. The Walking Dead

8. The Walking Dead

This is a winning series that has been written by Robert Kirkman who is famously known for his comic book series. If you have never experience any horror, then you need to play the game and have that experience unlike any other that you have come across before. Be a survivor that escapes the undead apocalypse in this zombie game.

09. Dead Island – Xbox 360

9. Dead Island - Xbox 360

A mysterious epidemic comes and suddenly attacks people on the island without giving them any warning at all. The player’s stay is always expected to be one that was expected be luxurious in the dream island. But di that happen at all? You will find that out as you go out to play in the most amazing environs ever out there. By the game and play it and you will be able to have a clear view of how you will come face to face with heaven on earth and how it will look like.

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops

This is a game that comes with a variety of modes that you can use to play starting from single players, local players vs online multiplayers. It is a game that is based on live fire conflicts that always occurred on the world war era and that is why you will always be the one that is expected to lead your troop to victory. Use the new weapons that you are provided with vehicles and tankers to be the one that is superior on the block.

Get your adrenaline moved up so that you have that chance of having an experience of real heaven and hell here on earth without leaving any behind. Don’t get astonished because people will only say that it is just a game but that game will always be in you as your emotions will be reacting to whatever you come across. Zombies will be after you, what will you do? Buy out any game above and find out.

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