Top 10 Cheap Cars for Sale Under 2000 Dollars 2021

Buying a car and indeed any automobile is a huge financial undertaking that needs a lot of planning and sacrifice. This is especially difficult if you have to buy a new car the reason being that they new cars are usually very expensive. Because of this, it is not wise to buy a new car before you are financially stable.

However if the need for a car is unavoidable, a better choice is to buy a used car that is still in good condition. Used cars that cost between $1000 and $ 2000 are generally good and can perform just as well as some new cars. Here is a list of the top 10 cheap cars for sale under 2000 dollars (used cars under 2000 dollars) you may consider buying.

1998 dodge Dakota Xtra Cab

The 1990’s saw a Renaissance in the Dodge line of trucks. This was the company that turned trucks from being for hunters or construction workers but for every day people. Now you can own this little piece of automotive history for under $2000. Great value for the newest Cars for Sale Under 2000 Dollars !


This car is a great performer both on-road and off-road. With a 6-cylinder engine running on gasoline this car can handle even the toughest terrains in the countryside. The car has a number of features that make driving it as nice and as seamless as possible. It has 4-wheel drive, automatic transmission, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, front airbags as well as a variety of other features. You can get this car at just about $1,970.

9. 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer

You will love this car. The 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer is a top of the range car that maintains its performance even though it is used. The car has an 8-cylinder engine powered by gasoline and automatic transmission. It features 4-wheel disc brakes, adjustable power steering wheel, air conditioning, anti-lock brakes, cruise control, power seats and mirrors, front airbags and other vital features for safety and performance. You will only pay approximately $ 1,980.

8. 2004 Chevrolet Venture

Elegantly built for performance and featuring some of the best controls a car needs to have, the 2004 Chevrolet Venture is a nice used car for sale under 2000 dollars you may consider purchasing. The car has powerful gasoline 6-cylinder engine with automatic transmission, adjustable power steering wheel, anti-lock brakes, front airbags (driver), front side airbags (dual) and independent suspensions among other important features. This vehicle goes for a resale price of just $1994.

7. 1997 ****** S-Series Sc Sc1

Are you single or a young couple who loves adventure and travelling? Well if this is the case then their there is a suitable car for you. The 1997 ****** S-Series Sc Sc1 is designed for performance and speed for just two because it is two doors. Its engine is a 4-cylinder powered by gasoline and features a manual transmission. The car has 4-wheel independent suspension, adjustable power steering wheel, front airbags, tachometer and other features. To own this car you will need approximately $1,993.

6. 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

If you see this car, you will confuse it for a new one because it maintains that very same quality it had when it was released. It is also a powerful car for both on-road and off-road drives. It features a 6-cylinder engine powered by gasoline, automatic transmission, cruise control, power steering, adjustable steering wheel, anti-lock brakes, tachometer, air-conditioning as well as a variety of all-important features. Even with all these features, it still costs just $ 1,999.

5. 1999 Mercedes-Benz C230

Mercedes-Benz is one of the best motor vehicles brands in the market due to their strength, durability, stability and performance. A used 1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 will serve you better than most new car brands. This car features 4-disc wheel brakes, all season tires, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control, braking assistant, engine immobilizer and other numberless features. It costs just $1,991.

For those looking for a family car, this 1999 Dodge model is a perfect choice. It is characterized by some unique features such as bench seats, dual front airbags, power steering, spoiler and intermittent wipers besides other great features. It suffices to say that this is the best choice for those looking for private passenger vans. You will have to spend $2,000 for this.

3. 1999 Ford F-150

This affordable car for sale under 500 dollars is another important choice for those with limited cash but in need of automobiles. It is an 8 cylinder gasoline powered vehicle with power to perform well on both in-road and off-road settings. Like other vehicles in this list, the 1999 Ford F-150 has features that make it easy to control, perform well and safe. You will need $1,800 to own this car.

2. 2001 Dodge Durango

This car will completely blow you off your feet because of its superior design, performance and controls. Its engine is 8-cylinder gasoline powered with automatic transmission. It features anti-lock brakes, cruise control, alloy wheels, independent suspension, off-road package, split/folding seats and many more. This car costs a paltry $1,275.

1. 2000 Volvo S80

To finalize our list of the top 10 cheap cars for sale under 2000 dollars (used cars under 2000 dollars). This car although used, is as good as new in both performance and the body. Its engine is 6-cylinder powered by gasoline and featuring automatic transmission. The car has numberless features making it one of the safest, best performing cars in the world. You can get this car from $1,950. One of the best Cars for Sale Under 2000 Dollars!

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