Top 10 Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas 2022

When decorating for the Chinese New Year, there are a number of decorations that you can choose from. You can either take an all in approach, and simply follow the superstitions and ideas that say you have to have these items in the home, or you can choose the route to make your own theme to follow. Either way, there are certain things you have to add to any party, when you are going to host a Chinese New Year celebration, and these are some of the items you need to include as part of the decor shopping you will do.


Dragon Gong

Top 10 Chinese New Year Decorations Ideas 2022 1

Dragons are symbols of good things in china, not bad things. Keep the celebration going year round with a cute little dragon gong.

10. Dragon Table Runner

Whether you go with a red runner with black dragons on it, made out of paper, or choose something that is hand made and sewn, you can use these as a central piece for the dinner table. Not only will it include the symbolic dragon, it is also the perfect table runner for you to decorate around, when you are selecting the rest of the table settings.

9. Go Gold

When it comes to food and dishes you will serve, you can purchase gold, round plates and trays, and go with plastic gold colored cups for beverages. You can purchase these at a party supply store, or you can make your own cups. You can even find gold plated forks, knives, and spoons, to add to the entire tables setting you will include.

8. Add Chopsticks

Chinese chopsticks are a fun touch you can add to the table setting, or to different areas of the room you are decorating as well. You can hang them on the walls, you can set them up with each place setting, or you can simply use them when guests sit down to eat, if you are going to do a sit down style meal for your guests who are present.

7. Best Wishes Envelopes

At each table setting, you can also add the red best wishes envelope, with the gold Chinese writing symbol on the front. You can either add your own message, or you can use a custom saying or traditional phrase, so you can wish the best on your guests for the coming year, and give them a keepsake for them to keep, and to remember the party that you are hosting for the Chinese New Year.

6. Gold Luck Coins

Chinese good luck coins can also be placed on the table that you are setting. You can purchase gold coins from any decor store, or you can make your own, and create your own unique and custom designs on each of the coins. You can spread them around the tables, or you can put them inside the glasses and on plates, to add and to create a more festive table for your guests to sit down at.

5.  A Centerpiece

At the center of the table, you can add a Chinese Gong centerpiece, or you can use one of the snake cut outs, dragons, or other Chinese symbols, which can be purchased at any craft or party supply shop. Not only will this bring the entire table together, it will also add to the depth that you are using, when decorating your home.

4. Take Out Boxes

You can set up a table full of Chinese favors; these can either be placed on a table for guests to pick up, or you can place them directly inside of the take out boxes that you set up on the table. Either way, it adds to the festivities, and it also gives the guests the items they want to take home with them, at the party’s end.

3. Lanterns

The red hanging lanterns are possibly one of the most well known pieces of decor that have been used in parties and in Chinese new year celebrations. You can use them outside to add light to the exterior of the home, or add them to the rooms which guests will visit, to create a unique scene inside of the home as well.

2. Mix the Setting

Instead of going with only one color for the table settings, mix it up. Reg, gold, black, can all be intertwined to create a unique looking table setting, and will also add to the depth and style that you want to create in the room. You can use a red table cloth, gold colored runner, gold plates, red cups, or any other combinations which you like best. You can even find party packs, sold at party supply stores, that will have all of these items so you can create your own unique table setting for the party you are going to host.

1. Oranges & Tangerines

The Chinese New Year is meant to celebrate luck and wealth; these fruits also symbolize these two sentiments as well. This means you can add them to the table, you can use the color orange as a part of the decor you are going to set up, or you can simply hand out oranges or tangerines to your guest, when they arrive or as a piece they will take home with them, when they leave the party that you are going to be hosting in the home. You can also use them as one of the centerpieces that you will place on the table, which you will add the additional decor around.

Regardless of the theme you decide to go with for your party, there are a number of traditional items that are commonly found, with any Chinese New Year celebration. Any of these ideas, or a combination of a few of them, is a simple way for you to create your own distinct style, and to create your own table setting for the party you are going to host. No matter which ones you choose to incorporate in to the mix, or what you decide to do for the festivities that you are going to be hosting, these are some of the many ideas you can work with, when you are going to decorate the home for the party.

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